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A Message To Our Members from GoE Chairperson Silvia Hartmann

Message from Silvia

Dear all,

With the hardcore Energist's event, the annual EMO conference behind us, I am now looking forward to my Spring Trip. I am going to be travelling around the United Kingdom and meeting with local Energists along the way, starting with Brighton on the 12th of May.

I am looking forward to finding out in person what the various projects our members are undertaking and what we can do to support these. The spring trip meetings are informal, meaning I just want to have a chat in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know the local Energists better. The itinerary will be posted to and the GOE's Facebook Page so do come along to a meeting near you.

Wishing you all a blessed spring,


Silvia Hartmann
GoE Chair


EFT & Energy Conference 2013 โ€“ Discounts Ending Soon

EFT Conference

With spring only just beginning to edge away the cold here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is easy to think that November is far off in the distance, but in truth it will come around quickly. That's why we're recommending you book your place at the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference now to avoid disappointment.

As well as getting in before tickets sell out, if you book your place today you can save ยฃยฃยฃs on the full retail price. The current Early Bird discount, which saves you ยฃ149.01 on the full retail price, flies away at the end of April, so hurry.


Silvia Hartmann Appearing at the Healing Highrise, Brussels

Healing Highrise

On the 6th & 7th May, Silvia Hartmann will be travelling to Brussels, Belgium, to take part in the Healing Highrise, a unique event bringing together some of the biggest names in Energy.

Silvia will be presenting EMO at the event, alongside top-name presenters including Sandi Radomski, Tapas Fleming, Fred Gallo, Willem Lammers, Larry Nims and many more.


EFT Case Story: The Mother Of All Aspects by Denise Jacques

Denise Jacques

AMT Trainer and new EFT Master Practitioner Denise Jacques has written a case story involving a client with mother issues, whom Denise helps by using aspects.

Denise writes: Sonia was a regular client of mine and we had worked very successfully together. A lot of her issues related to her mother and there was one very damaging event that had come to her that had happened 20 years when she was 35 which she wanted to deal with. I explained to Sonia about working with aspects and she was very keen to try this out and rescue her 35 year old aspect. She appreciated the important of not using the first person to describe her experiences and was happy to use the term 'the aspect'. I checked Sonia's stress level and she was fine so I asked her to begin outlining the event and she started her story...


The 11th Annual Emotional Transformation Conference โ€“ In Pictures!

EMO Conference

At the beginning of this month we were joined in Gatwick, UK by scores of passionate and energetic EMO Practitioners for the 11th annual Emotional Transformation Conference, and we are pleased to say that it was a phenomenal success.

The weekend started early with a two-day Practitioner Training led by Silvia Hartmann. This was an extra special course, as it was not only brand new material, but it filmed ready to be made into a full DVD set, a la the EFT Master Practitioner.

Then the Conference proper kicked off on the Saturday and Sunday, with an exciting new โ€œenergy labโ€ format that took away the boundaries between presenter and audience, making for a dynamic event that was a huge success.

Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page. Don't worry, you don't need a Facebook account to view them.


EFT Case Story: Time Travel with EFT by Suheyla Pinar Alper

Time Travel EFT

Suheyla Pinar Alper, an EFT Master Practitioner from Istanbul, Turkey, has written a fantastic EFT case story titled "Time Travel with EFT, or: Resolving 21 Years of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection!

Suheyla writes: This is Eylem's story, a 34 year-old young woman. She came in 5 months ago complaining of urinary tract infections she has been suffering from ever since she was 13 years old. As a result of recurring UTI's she has been on and off antibiotics since the age of 13 and for the last two years, she has been having bouts of UTI every month. She has had to go to emergency rooms a few times with high temperature, as the infection spread to her kidneys.


Back Hope Telesummit - 29th April to 8th May 2013

Back Hope Telesummit

If someone you know suffers from back pain then please do pass on this link to a free telesummit coming up featuring The GoE's Karl Dawson & Dr Teresa Lynch, as well as other leading experts in the field.

Main website is here:

It's organised by Mike Broadwell & Fiona Truman who I'm sure many of you already know in the EFT community.

Mike is also after affiliates, so if you'd like to take part see here:

Having used Energy EFT with my own back pain, I know how powerful our energy techniques can be. This telesummit looks at the issue from a holistic Mind, Body and Energy standpoint so will help a lot of people.


EFT Case Story: Overcoming Pain & Shame with EFT by Romy Schlierf

Overcoming Pain with EFT

EFT Master Practitioner student Romy Schlierf writes: My client Max said that he has this pain in his neck and he feels his body is crooked. He said it is very uncomfortable and painful. He said: I am looking like my mother โ€“ the left part of the body turning backwards. He said he is also very ashamed of walking like this. People seem to think, that he is always turning away from them.

We started with a -8. So we took as a agreed set-up: pain in the neck. It went down to a โ€“ 7, - 4 and then he said if we could tap on this shame walking like this. We did and it went right down and he said, he feels as if something is changing in his backbone. Then we tapped until a 0 and then I said, how would you like to feel now. He said: straight so we tapped that and went up to a +3. Then Matthias said, that we wants to feel proud of himself. So tap, tap and soon we were at a + 5. He said: something is definitely changed and I want to feel happy and free. That sounded great and we tapped up to +8. He said it feels so different and he will observe closely if it really changed.

I was quite astonished to see once again how fast this energy tapping works.

Happy client โ€“ happy me.

Regards from Rosenheim โ€“ Germany,



Woman's Weekly Recommends EFT for Weight Loss

Woman's Weekly EFT

It seems that every month we are bringing news of EFT breaking into the mainstream consciousness, and April is no exception. We're pleased to report that EFT has recently been featured in Woman's Weekly, a best-selling magazine in the UK.

Woman's Weekly recommends EFT for weight-loss, which is an area that many GoE EFT Practitioners around the world specialise in.


EFT Case Story: An Energy Vacuum by Tanya Lyons

Energy Vacuum

In this case story, new GoE EFT Master Practitioner Tanya Lyons tells of a client that came to her suffering from a variety of symptoms that had left them emaciated, both physically and emotionally. As they begin to work together Tanya begins to feel an energetic vacuum that seems to be draining all his energy and strength.

Tanya writes: Before I met my client I wanted to feel that I was in a good and positive state to work with him, so I tapped on 'positive energy, open awareness, love and acceptance' I felt really motivated and ready to work with my client (high on the SUE scale).

My client entered the room, I was quite taken aback by how undernourished and emaciated that he looked, his cheekbones protruded on his face and he looked like he had been starved. His skin was ghostly pale and his eyes were sunk into his face...


Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this month's packed edition of The Energist.

With best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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