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The Energist - December 2013









The Energist

Dear fellow energists!

What an amazing year it has been!

There have been lots of challenges of one kind or the other, but one thing is certainly for sure - we have made a significant contribution on many levels, helped many people lead happier lives, and "the word" about modern energy work is spreading.

Our world wide conference in November was the best one so far, and with the sad news of the death of Dr Roger Callahan breaking as we were assembled right here, it really felt as though that step forward into what we all have been working towards has now become reality.

Especially with the introduction of Positive EFT which allows people to experience the benefits of working with the energy system to remove stress and literally make you feel better, more and more doors are opening.

In the old days, we were banging against them and they remained firmly shut; now, people are actually starting to invite us in, call us in, because we have a key answer to so much misery, unhappiness and lack of performance.

EFT, EMO and all our new energy modalities are a godsend in therapy; but they are far more reaching than that. I am especially delighted about the efforts being made by our members to teach EFT to children as young as three years old.

Imagine we had had something to help us with our emotions from such an early age - how different would our lives have been?

I am extremely excited about 2014; absolutely delighted with the results of the road tests we did for public introductions to Positive EFT and Energy EFT, and even more excited about what new discoveries and breakthroughs the new year will hold for us.

What I am probably the happiest about overall is though that we're not just "changing the world for the better for all those other people out there," but that each one of us who is involved in modern energy work can sit down this New Year's eve and marvel at the experiences we've had, the things we've learned, and the obstacles and challenges we have overcome.

If every moment of happiness this past year was like a bright star of light, how many did you collect? And when you look down your timeline, can you notice how it's getting brighter and brighter?

To me, that's what life is about. To collect those star experiences which are what literally grow us up, make us stronger and make our lives amazing.

In this spirit, I wish you all and each one, a most tremendous winter festival of lights; keep the stress down and the heart singing, and together, we will do MARVELLOUS THINGS.

With my best wishes and starlight to all,

- Silvia Hartmann, GoE Chair

Competition: The 2013 GoE Christmas Competition - Great Prizes to be Won!

2013 Christmas Competition

The annual Christmas Competition is our way of saying thanks to our members, supporters and everyone interested in the work we do. This year's prize fund is filled to the brim with products and events encompassing the latest developments for both professional and personal use, and to enter we want you to be a little creative.

To enter, please submit a Photograph or piece of Art that encompasses "The Joy of Energy!"

Submit your entry via our Facebook Page, Google+ Page or Twitter account. The entry deadline is Midnight (GMT) 23rd December 2013 and is open to all.

The GoE Team will be selecting 11 winners next week and will then open to a public vote on Facebook to decide the overall winner.

2013 GoE Christmas Competition Prize Fund:

First Prize:

Runner Up Prizes:

Please read the competition Terms & Conditions before entering.

Good luck!


News: Petition for New Wikipedia Policies that Allow for True Scientific Discourse about Holistic Approaches to Healing

Wikipedia Petitionhttps://goe.ac/wikipedia_petition_eft_and_holistic_approaches.htm

Our American friends, ACEP, have just launched a very interesting and relevant new petition titled "Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: Create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing."

As the title suggests, the aim of the petition is to make Wikipedia more receptive to holistic healing techniques. At the moment, many Wikipedia articles about healing approaches are deleted or only allowed to remain in place if mostly based on criticisms of the techniques.


EFT Case Story: An Autogenic Christmas Memory by Helena Buche

Autogenic Christmas Memory

EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Helena Buche has agreed to let us publish her fantastic case story taken from a course assignment about Autogenic memories. This particular case story has a distinctive Christmassy theme! Enjoy.

Helena writes: I chose to do this Assignment with this particular practice partner as she always says that she has no childhood memories and prefers to concentrate on the "here and now". My objective in doing this was that since this was supposed to be a "happy childhood memory from a young age," my practice partner would be more inclined to make the effort to remember or at least try to recall one happy memory.

I called her a day in advance to tell her to pick a happy childhood memory that we could use, just so she'd have enough time to find one.

Her response was "I really don't have any childhood memories." I told her to just play with the idea that she'd perhaps have one for us to observe the next day and left it at that.

I was pleasantly surprised when we met the next day and she said: "I have a pleasant memory of a Christmas when I was 9 years old." After a few initial difficulties, she was able to observe the aspect and relate what was going on in the aspect some 50 years ago!


News: Welcome New Members – November 2013

Welcome New Members

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new qualifications last month.

Please welcome:

Andrea Albrecht, Layla Alshamsan, Aynur Apaydin, Tahira Aziz, Alan Balfour, Martina Barrett, Sevgi Belen Bayir, Sevinc Belen Beskaya, Elizabeth Bennett, Cigdem Bumin, Perry Calwell, Nilufer Cengiz Esen, Reana Danielle, Dilek Demir, Kate Elliott, Elif Ayça Erdem, Lesley Erskine, Noirin Fogarty Otighearnaigh, Frank Franklyn, Hulya Guven, Patty Hemingway, Anita Hughes O'brien, Susan Kennard, Aisling Killoran, Arzu KiŞlalioĞlu, Christine Knes, Lenka Kopecka, Pauline Lague, Ray Manning, Peter Marsland, Nicole Martinot, David McAllister, Niall Morton, Guillermo Peña Acuña, Rosette Poletti, Michael Quinn, Patricia Quinn, David Rees, Gulriz Sarikaya, Clair Savage, Rune Schelde Nilson, Petra Schmidinger, Henry Schwab, Sevim Sanem Selametoglu Ozcan, Sonja Seydel, Sandra Smith, Sandy Sommer, Eithna Synnott, Vanessa Tallon, Nathalie Thorez Dens, Deirdre Toohey, Diana Van Haaften, Rob Van Overbruggen, Linda Walker, Karen Bell, Rachel Berry and Sharon King.


Article: Psychopharmaca, EMO & A Truly Holistic Alliance by Silvia Hartmann

Psychopharmaca & EMO

On a Facebook group someone asked if they could do EFT with a person who is clearly drunk.

I wrote about this some years ago here:

The person came back with:

“Great article Silvia. I was very moved by my clients insistence and energy she was pouring out. She was quite drunk but had genuine broken heart energy. I tapped with her and even though she got mixed up with every point this made joy appear from her despair as we giggled at how she tried to focus. I realised there was plenty of energy between both of us and it was my job to focus where it went. I also promised we would work on her grief another day because we were both exhausted. It was fun”

A very important topic and a USP for Energists over all other types of therapy or counselling.

Silvia Hartmann


News: French Language EMO Book – Now Available

EMO French Book

In September we told you about a brand-new French language EMO book by Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp that had been written. We are delighted to announce that the book is now available to purchase!

Gisèle and Caroline held a very successful launch party for the book, and you can see some photos from the launch on the website.


EFT Case Story: The Disappearance Vertigo! by Joseph Cheser

Disappearance of Vertigo

An interesting case story from Joseph Cheser, an EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student, who treated their own 46 year long fear of heights...with amazing results!

Joseph writes: After this I went to the 4th floor railing again, and felt a bit of a rush as I approached because I wasn't sure what I would feel. Happy to report, no fear! I even leaned over the rail and looked straight down to the sidewalk below and was fine. Amazing. No way I would have been able to do that before. 46 years...


News: Art & Magic Facebook Group – Join in the Conversation

Art & Magic

A new Facebook group has recently been set up by GoE Chair Silvia Hartmann, called the Art & Magic group. Here's the group's manifesto, which sums up nicely what it is all about:

“Art makes no sense without energy, and indeed you can't do art correctly at all without energy. Art is reality creation of the first and most personal order and the original, first and most primal form of magic. All human creations come through art. As such, it is a HUGE topic for energists - and for artists, ENERGY is probably *the* topic. Even if they don't know that ... yet ...”

The group is open to all, so go join in the conversation and show off your own Energy art!


News: EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Social Website

Matrix Reimprinting Social Media

Author and GoE Member Karl Dawson has recently launched a new social networking website for anyone interested in Energy healing which is completely free to join. Once you're logged in there's plenty to do, with a buzzing forum, new videos uploaded all the time, and over 900 other members to network with, develop ideas with and be inspired by.

It's a really interesting mix, all brought together neatly in an easy to-read, personalised news-feed, featuring your friends posts and the very latest news from the Energy healing community.


EFT Case Story: Using EFT to Help Release Stress and Fight Symptoms of Disease by Rune Schelde Nilson

Release Stress

EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Rune Schelde Nilsson highlights how EFT can be used to help people cope with stress, pain and the symptoms of disease.

Rune writes: Ellen is a middle-aged woman, who had always led an active and outgoing life. That all changed about a year ago, when she suddenly started suffering from flu like symptoms, weight gain and joint pains that would come and go inexplicably. Doctors diagnosed her with a staf infection and put her on a heavy dose of antibiotics, which really floored her digestion, but symptoms persisted and worsened.

She was now unable to go to work, and had to go on sick leave. The doctors eventually diagnosed her with Lyme's disease, a strange affliction with a long list of symptoms, which come and go, often by the minute. When Ellen came to me for pain relief, she was in recovery, but still too weak to go to work.


News: Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT Becomes DragonRising Publishing's 2nd-Best Selling Book of All Time!

Energy EFT

Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann is recommended reading for anyone wanting to learn the latest developments in Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping, and is required reading for anyone taking the GoE EFT Master Practitioner course.

DragonRising Publishing have just announced that it is now the 2nd best-selling book they've ever published! Congratulations to Silvia, that's a great achievement for a book that's only been in print for 2 years.


EFT Case Story: Tapping on Psychological Pain by Joseph Cheser

Psychological Pain

Another great case story from Distance Learning student Jospeh Cheser. Here he describes how EFT helped to relieve the symptoms of psychosomatic pain caused by a worrying situation. Not content with just relief, he pushed further into the Positives using a heart warming image!


Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this bumper Christmas issue of The Energist newsletter. We'll see you in the New Year!

Happy Holidays,


Josh Alliston

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