The Energist - June 2013

The Energist - June 2013

Welcome to the June 2013 edition of The Energist newsletter!

There's a definite theme of moving forward positively in this month's Energist, including Suheyla Pinar Alper's case story on EFT resolving a 13 year long grief blockage that had caused all manner of symptoms, and the first wave of exciting new Presenters at AMT13 announced. We also have some important information about future changes to GoE membership, which all Practitioners past and present should read. Not to mention all the positive feedback for Positive EFT! So, read on and enjoy...

- Josh Alliston, Editor

In this issue:

Welcome to The Energist

AMT13 Conference โ€“ Presenters Announced

AMT13 Presenters

We are delighted to announce the first wave of stellar Presenters who will be appearing at the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference on the 9th & 10th November.

The full-list includes a range of presentations from Picture Tapping Technique to Hypnotherapy for Energists, from Energy in the NHS to Drum Circle Tapping, and so much more.

Over the next few weeks we'll be announcing full details on each of these presentations, and we've started the ball rolling with keynote presenter Silvia Hartmann, who will be talking about Positive Energies - Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Healthier - But Most Of All, HAPPIER.

Until the end of June, tickets to this wonderful Energy event are only ยฃ129.99 for the two days. If you don't book before the prices go up, don't panic, tickets are only increasing by ยฃ40.00.


World's First Positive EFT Training Feedback

Positive EFT

Earlier this month, GoE Chair Silvia Hartmann presented a special Training of Positive EFT, the newest and most exciting in EFT since the introduction of Energy EFT in 2011.

We're delighted with the fantastic response the course received, and we've put some of the feedback on the website.


EFT Case Story: Chronic Back Pain & Morphine Addiction by Dr Carole Gordon

Chronic Back Pain Dr Carole Gordon, a student currently studying the EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, presents an interesting case story with a client that not only had severe pain and addiction, but also strong negative beliefs regarding the possibility of EFT helping.

Thankfully, a little tapping goes a long way...

Carole writes:The client was a woman, aged around forty. She had two young children, a working husband, and she worked part-time herself and was undertaking a training course at a university. Her pain came to light when she kept missing appointments, or mistaking times. One day she explained that she lived constantly with chronic back pain. She had completed the medical investigations some years ago, and tests and scans had failed to positively identify the cause of the pain. She became a constant user of morphine patches, which she expected to be using for the rest of her life. She monitored the level of morphine herself, and at high levels, she was aware that she became a little 'spaced out', and it was at these times that she might become forgetful of other commitments in her life. This distressed her since she regarded herself as a reliable sort of person.

Using EFT with this client was a challenge, since her negative beliefs about anything working were quite strong. On the other hand, she was willing to 'give it a try'.


The Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine: An Introduction


The GoE is proud of its diverse membership, with Practitioners and Trainers practicing all around the world. However, sometimes local knowledge is important for professional Energists, which is why joining an Association in your own country, in addition to your international GoE membership, is a good idea.

Here is an introduction to the Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine (SUTEDM), who are dedicated to the research and promotion of energy healing in all its forms.


EMO Case Story: The Energy of Food by Tony Leake

Tony Leake

AMT Trainer Tony Leake has written a case story which details one clients battle with weight issues, and how using EMO to adjust her energetic relationship to food has made some big changes in her life.

Tony writes: Ellie came to me as she has been struggling with weight loss for several years.

When she arrived she was very tense, visibly, she sat with her legs crossed and her arms folded.

I explained very briefly that we deal with emotions but we take all of the labels off them, and then we call it energy instead.

She said that she didn't know what to expect and was feeling a little nervous. Perfect, I asked her where she felt that nervousness in her body and began to show her EMO...


EFT Case Story: Dissolving Thirteen Years of Grief Blockages by Suheyla Pinar Alper

Grief Blockages

In this Case Story, EFT Master Practitioner Suheyla Pinar Alper from Turkey shows how a single blockage in the Energy system can have a variety of surprising symptoms, and that the cause isn't always obvious.

Suheyla writes: Cem, 39, mathematician, came to see me, hoping to resolve his chronic fatigue and lack of energy, he also complained of a longtime stuffed nose, loss of sense of smell and chronic sinusitis.

As he told me his story, he mentioned, casually, the loss of his mother 13 years ago. His mom, he said, was his one and only hero in life.

Normally, after listening to their story I let my clients decide which issue we will tap on first. However, after our initial tapping to de-stress, just as I was going to ask her what he would like to tap on first, I heard myself saying: Let us first tap about your mother...


Membership Renewal and Expiration Policy

AMT Membership

Over the last couple of years, The GoE has seen considerable growth as people migrate their way to our first-class and next-generation training programs. Energy EFT and the EFT Master Practitioner qualification have encouraged members to join us from all over the world and our practitioner, trainer and events listings have never been busier.

Weโ€™ll be announcing some developments in the next couple of months which will get us ready for the next-step in our evolution. For now, Iโ€™d like to give members advance warning of:

  • Practitioner level membership and certification seals will be increasing in price from ยฃ35.00 / year (current price) to ยฃ40.00 / year (from 1st Jan 2014) to ยฃ45.00 / year (from 1st Jan 2015) to ยฃ50.00 / year (from 1st Jan 2016). If you currently pay your ยฃ35.00/year by PayPal Subscriptions or by standing-order then this will not affect you. This will be the first time membership prices have increased in over 15 years!
  • Trainer level membership will presently remain at the current price of ยฃ100.00 per year.
  • From 1st September 2013, weโ€™ll be introducing a 9 month time limit for renewing after membership has lapsed. After which, you must take an GoE certified training course to regain full-membership. This closes a loophole allowing ex-members to renew potentially several years after attending a training course.


A big thank you to everyone that has contributed to this month's Energist newsletter. We love receiving your case stories and news items, so do send them in to us on

Wishing you the best for the rest of June,


Josh Alliston

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