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The Energist - June 2014








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Welcome to the June 2014 edition of The Energist eJournal

Silvia Hartmann

Dear fellow energists!

ย I hope this midsummer finds you well and happy - and my, we've been busy.

We have been preparing the first ever print journal of The Energist - Volume 1, Number 1. As you can imagine, that's a real space time event for all of us, and to see us energists finally represented in the hard in that way is more than exciting!

If you are keen to see your name in print for the autumn edition, or if you would like to place an advertisement at special GoE Member's rates, please contact stephen@theamt.com - the beauty of a real, materially manifest print magazine is that you never know who will pick it up and where it might go.

Personally, I would like to see a copy in every waiting room around the world ... :-) We'll get there, and it won't take as long as once we might have thought. What we do is way too useful for it not to be "out there" in the next five years on a whole new level. So fasten your seatbelts, put those trays up and get ready to go :-)

I have been ... not exactly "hard" but definitely at work with the "Marketing For Energists" program, codenamed M4E. Marketing - getting our message across to the right people in the right way - is now the most important next step. We have the groundbreaking methods and systems to change stress to success and alleviate so much suffering in place; these methods are tried and tested, have now over a decade of experience with so many thousands of people from all around the world behind them, now it's just time to let more people know about this.

Marketing For Energists is a whole new approach and we have been happy and relieved, most of all, to free ourselves from the old ideas that never worked for magical people at all. We are about to move into the new marketing strategies phase of the project, so send us your best energy too. What we are doing right now lays the foundation of a better way to talk to our clients, our users, and people in general who have been waiting for so long for something to help them with their emotions and experiences.

I am happy to report that although our annual Conference is still five months away, it is nearly sold out. Please don't think you can decide nearer to the time; with less than 30 seats left now, the venue is going to be at full capacity and there's nothing we can do to fit in anyone else once they're gone.

In this issue you will find further information about Pre- and Post-Conference Trainings.

I am going to present for the first time the new MASTER ENERGIST certification training. Originally it was my plan to teach Project Sanctuary, but during project work in M4E it became clear that "the energy mind" connection which Project Sanctuary brings is what catalyses everything else you know about energy and represents exactly that step, namely to become a Master Energist.

Unlike the other training programs I have written for The GoE, I will be the only one to teach this training at this time and the new Master Energist is the highest certification level available.

Applicants need to have either the EFT-M or the EMO-M title to apply, preferrably both, and that gives us a starting point that is exponentially higher than probably any energist's training that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

Exciting! I look forward to not "working" with likeminded people, but to have an amazing time, finding out about the logic of the energy mind, and the absolutely amazing skills and abilities that become unlocked when you start to communicate properly with it.

Now that we have a very nice path all the way from a ten minute Positive EFT introduction for newbies to the Master Energist at the top end, I am happy that the truly revolutionary skills and knowledge held by the members of the GOE, The Guild of Energists, will bring about evolution on an unprecedented scale.

It's about time the people of the world experienced less pain, less heartache, less misery and found solace, peace, hope, and then joy through energy.

On this happy note, I wish you all a wonderful summer and send my personal blessings and support to each one of you in all you do. We really are changing the world. It's a wonderful and amazing thing!

With my best wishes,

- Silvia Hartmann, GoE Chair

Introducing The Energist Print Journal

The Energist

The Energist eJournal, previously the GoE Newsletter, has been a mainstay of The GoE for many years now. Now, though, we're ready to take the next step. That's why we're delighted to announce the brand new Energist Print Journal, the first issue of which will be winging it's way to all our lovely Members next month.

Printed quarterly, The Energist Journal will include all the best case stories, news items and articles from the eJournal, along with exclusive content such as interviews and special offers. AMT Members receive a 20% discount on advertising space in all future issues, so it's a great way to promote your services, trainings, books or other related products.


Full Schedule Plus Pre- & Post-Conference Trainings Announced

AMT 2014

Last month we were delighted to announce the full line up of presenters for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference. Back then we said it was the best line up of Presenters ever, and a month on we still think so! But now the fantastic line-up is complimented by an awesome selection of pre- and post-Conference trainings.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Introduction to EFT โ€“ Positive EFT with Alex Kent - 31st October
  • EFT Master Practitioner with TBA โ€“ 29th, 30th & 31st October
  • Energy-In-Motion Master Practitioner with Sandra Hillawi โ€“ 29th, 30th & 31st October
  • Master Energist with Silvia Hartmann โ€“ 29th, 30th & 31st October
  • AMT Energist Trainer with TBA โ€“ 3rd & 4th November
  • BSFF 1 Day Self-Help Workshop with Alfred Heath โ€“ 3rd November
  • BSFF 2 Day Self-Help & Practitioner Training with Alfred Heath โ€“ 3rd & 4th November

Whichever trainings you choose to attend, I know you'll discover something wonderful. All our Trainers are highly experienced experts in the field and all include Membership with The GoE (with the exception of the Introduction to EFT course).


An Interview with GoE Trainer Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard

Recently GoE Global Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden had the pleasure of heading to sunny Hastings and to the home of AMT Trainer Susan Kennard. Zoe had been asked to write an article on Susan's brand new training "Getting to the Heart and Soul of Relationships". What resulted was an in-depth video interview which covers a little more than just her new course.

You can watch the video now on the website, where you'll discover more about her background, her 'team upstairs' and her thoughts on EFT. Susan then details how she came to develop her revolutionary new course, how she incorporated her own recent trainings and who she feels the course is targeted at and what she hopes attendees will gain. She also looks to the future and gives details of ever more courses to come!


Forthcoming Live Trainings โ€“ June & July 2014

Forthcoming Trainings

Have you been thinking about becoming a practitioner, or taking that extra course? Are your skills in need of a little polish or you want to learn what's new? Don't wait, book your place at an event in June or July today!


Over the next month we have events all around the world, including EFT Master Practitioner courses, Positive EFT trainings, Energist Trainer trainings and more. And remember, if you can't make it to a live training, we also list online courses from our Trainers!


Welcome New GoE Members โ€“ May 2014

Welcome New Members

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. Great to see so many this month, and a special well done to Cumasiye Ozgur on completing three courses in one month!

Please welcome:

Seden Tozon Akcan (EFT Master Practitioner), Petek Feriha Arioglu (EFT Master Practitioner), Catherine Baker (EFT Master Practitioner), Nicola Bashford (EFT Master Practitioner), Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte (EFT Master Practitioner), Daniela Beer (EFT Master Practitioner), Marian Bell (EFT Master Practitioner), Tonny Biilgreen (EFT Master Practitioner), Kornelia Boros (EFT Master Practitioner), Zerrin ร‡akmakรงฤฑoglu (EFT Master Practitioner), Orla Chambers (EFT Master Practitioner), Yvonne Claffey (EFT Master Practitioner), Tricia Cochrane (Positive EFT Practitioner), Antoinette Coleman-Kelly (MET Practitioner), Karen Colley (EFT Master Practitioner), Katharina Connolly (EFT Master Practitioner), Grace Dasilva-Hill (Trainer & EFT Master Practitioner), Kathryn Dombrowicz (EFT Master Practitioner), Amanda Donaldson (EFT Master Practitioner), Suzanne Dunne (EFT Master Practitioner), Ceyda Durak (EFT Master Practitioner), Fatmanur Enec Can (EFT Master Practitioner), Saliha Eroglu (EFT Master Practitioner), Sibel Ersoy (EFT Master Practitioner), Susan Evans (EFT Master Practitioner), Lynne Falla (EFT Master Practitioner), Sarah Finn (EFT Master Practitioner), Mary Flanagan (EFT Master Practitioner), Anna Garcia (MET Advanced Practitioner), Franรงoise Gins (Positive EFT Practitioner), Paul Grant (EFT Master Practitioner), Gary Halpin (EFT Master Practitioner), Belgin Harzadin (EFT Master Practitioner), Ellen Hastings (EFT Master Practitioner), Leah Hislop (EFT Master Practitioner), Surayyo Eshonrhodjaeva Hodjimuratovna (EFT Master Practitioner), Joan Howard (EFT Master Practitioner), Sengul Konak Isik (EFT Master Practitioner), Michelle Juretic (EFT Master Practitioner), Juli Kaiss (EFT Master Practitioner), ฤฐnci Kavi (EFT Master Practitioner), Niamh Kelly (EFT Master Practitioner), Camilla Kelters (EFT Master Practitioner), Sonia Le Hecho (EFT Master Practitioner), Alex Leong (EMO Practitioner), Nicola Lofting (EFT Master Practitioner), Patricia Loughlin (EFT Master Practitioner), Jackie Mannell (EFT Master Practitioner), Sema Marali (EFT Master Practitioner), Ann McElholm (EFT Master Practitioner), Anne Marie McGarry (EFT Master Practitioner), Zoe Newman (EFT Master Practitioner), Scholasticah Nganda (EFT Master Practitioner), Audrey O Reilly (EFT Master Practitioner), Muriel O'Gorman (EFT Master Practitioner), Cumasiye Ozgur (EMO Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Nurgul Ozturk (EFT Master Practitioner), Stephanie Parisot (EFT Master Practitioner), Kathryn Pearson (MET Practitioner), Muhammed Esat Perek (EFT Master Practitioner), Sema Ramazanoglu (EFT Master Practitioner), Marian Scullion (EFT Master Practitioner), Mary Simmons (Positive EFT Practitioner), Tugce Acilan Sofulu (EFT Master Practitioner), Michaela Starrs (EFT Master Practitioner), Alannah Thorp (EFT Master Practitioner), Sheila Walshe (EFT Master Practitioner), Elizabeth Wells (Positive EFT Practitioner), Deborah Wiggins-Hay (EFT Master Practitioner) and Sule Zeynep (EFT Master Practitioner).


EFT Case Story: Bite the Positives! by Nell Mezir

Nail Biting

When using EFT with children, a different way of working is often required. In this mini case story, Nell Mezir details a case were she used EFT to help a 9 year old boy who was biting his nails. After using a gentle approach, a little laughter and being mindful of the language used, a traumatic event is revealed.

Nell writes: Recently I did some work with a 9 year old boy, who had issue with biting his nails.

Since he was only 9 my choice of wording needed to take this into account. What is most important with this age group is to listen to their language, they cannot understand the word stress or EFT. Having that in mind I noticed that he is very nervous. I understood this was most likely because firstly he did not know what to expect from session and secondly my Russian accent! So I made a joke about my accent and asked him to sit in my recliner, which he liked a lot.


New Book: The Principles of EFT by Lawrence Pagett

Principles of EFT

EFT Master Practitioner Lawrence Pagett has just released an exciting new book on the best of all subjects, Energy EFT! The book, called Principles of EFT: What It Is, How It Works And What It Can Do For You, is a comprehensive introduction and even includes a foreword by Silvia Hartmann.

The Principles of EFT by Lawrence Pagett is published by Singing Dragon (no relation to our friends, DragonRising!) and will be available on July 21st July from Amazon, the Book Depository, the Publisher's website and all good bookshops.


EFT Case Story: Shouldering the Past by Carol Gordon

EFT Shouldering the Past

An intimate tale of how EFT Master Practitioner Carol Gordon helped her husband deal with head, neck and shoulder pain. It turns out that the pain had grown from sadness and Carol needed to use her skills and empathy to get to the root of the cause. ย 

Carol writes: Obviously being my husband, I had the advantage of feeling connected to him and his family, but nonetheless, I felt that this was a beautiful example of how feeling empathy for our clients can really help get results.

My husband had been sitting next to me on the sofa when he turned to look at me and felt something 'ping' in his left shoulder.ย  He felt that it would probably be better in the morning but two days later he was completely locked up.

We decided to use some EFT as he was now in considerable pain in his head, neck and shoulder.

He focussed in on the pain and after we had reduced the intensity a little, he said that he felt that the emotion behind the pain was sadness. He was unable to figure out what he felt sad about until I asked him to think back to before the pain had started.


TAT Case Story: A Case of Racist Trauma by Louanne Lachman

Racist Trauma TAT

This case story comes from Louanne Lachman. Here she describes a case of helping to help racist trauma using Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT).

Louanne writes: I worked with a man who was recovering from racist trauma. He had received racist abuse from a young age. He had moved into a mostly white area on the outskirts of a large city when he was 5 years old. All his black friends were in the area he left and there was nowhere that felt familiar or safe. He felt so alone, so different, and worse than the grief he felt at missing his friends and the familiar area he had left, he started to be attacked on his way home from school and in the locker rooms at school. He also felt that the teacher saw him differently than the ones he had worked with before. He was scared, lonely and angry that he had done nothing wrong and no one supported him. His mother had more than she could handle just trying to feed him and his siblings living in this new place.


SUE Scale Pop-up Banners Now in the GoE Store

SUE Scale Banner

We're always keen to offer new ways for our Members to make their Trainings and clinics better and more professional. To that end, we've now made the SUE Scale pop-up banner โ€“ which many of you will recognise from the AMT Conference and Sponsored GoE Events โ€“ available to purchase in the GoE Store.

This high quality pop-up banner stands at about 6 & a half feet tall and its vibrant colours are sure to brighten up any room or venue, with the added bonus of being practical when demonstrating EFT. It's the perfect accompaniment to the AMT Welcome banner.


EFT Case Story: A Euphoric Experience by Fay Lochore

Euphoric Experience

This is tough tale from Fay Lochore. Here she details a horrific case of childhood abuse and a big challenge for a first time case. Well done to Fay for taking on such a case and helping this person go for a dark place to one he describes as "euphoric".

Fay writes: I qualified in Energy EFT with Peter Delves in Kenilworth on 26th January this year.

I had my first booking in February - this was a 55 year old male who had been having psychotherapy for 17 years to deal with trauma for past abuse issues from his father.

I was nervous about trying to deal with his issues as I am newly qualified and didn't feel I could charge for my services.

This man had one session with me that lasted an hour and half and with the use of metaphors to describe how he was feeling -he told me of his childhood and how his father used to beat him with sticks - while he was undressed - he would always be punished in the bathroom, just before bedtime - and be beaten with sticks that would make him bleed. His mother knew what was going on but was to frightened to do anything about it.


EFT Case Story: Anxiety & Relationships by Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Anxiety and Relationships

This case story comes from Dolores Andrew-Gavin, here she details a session with a client who was experiencing anxiety after a relationship break-up. After some regression and EFT, a more positive outlook on life for achieved!

Dolores writes: I recently saw a 36-year-old woman named Lauren (not her real name) who came to me as she was suffering anxiety because of a serious of relationships that had broken up. She felt there was a part of herself that self sabotaged each relationship. She could almost see a pattern that every time a relationship seemed to be going well she would push a partner away and another relationship would end. She really wanted to settle down, get married and start a family but felt stuck and was quite upset.


AMT Practice Partners

Practice Partners Group

Facebook is a great resource for everyone, but especially GoE Members. We've got a Facebook Group which is specifically for GoE Members and students on our courses who want to find practice partners, whether in their local area or around the world wide the magic of the internet. Rather aptly, this group is called the AMT Practice Partners group. Come say hello and meet a new practice partner today!

Sometimes, though, people don't want to join Facebook. If that describe you, please do get in touch and tell us where you are and how you'd like to communicate with a practice partner, whether online or in person, and we'll let you know if there's anyone that fits the bill. Right now, we have an EFT Master Practitioner in East Kent that is looking for another EFT Master Practitioner or student to connect with in her local area. Please get in touch if you would like to contact her for some tapping.


Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this month's newsletter. It's great to see that summer has finally arrived here in the UK, and we hope you are enjoying the energy that only comes from the sun's warmth.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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