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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 77 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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The Energist - October 2013








The Energist

My dear fellow energists!

It's time to pack up the cloaks and head for the World's largest gathering of energists - our wonderful AMT EFT & Energy Conference Nov. 9th and 10th near London.

The longer I work with energy in mind, the more I am convinced that Facebook is all very well and good, but a simple handshake with a fellow energist is worth a million "Likes"!

And of course, we are always talking about our new and emerging "field" - well what is that made up of? It's our energy systems, yours and mine, our friends from around the world actually coming together in physicality, exchanging information, learning new things and evolving through interaction.

If you've never been to an GoE conference, please know that we are NOT in the mood for the old academic model of people in silent rows whilst someone drones on from a lectern!

We are energists, and we are actively looking for EXCITING presentations in the true sense of the word - people who have fire and enthusiasm, NEW ideas, something fresh and bright that will inspire us all and get us ready for the next year of our endeavours out there.

On top of that, we now have the SUE scale. This tells us that we seriously need to learn to play more and worry less! Indeed, real experience learning doesn't even start until you're at least a +3, so to have a good time, laughs, nourishing energy and making new friends is actually a critical factor in the equation

I am going to be presenting Project Sanctuary for the first time at any conference; I can tell you I am excited. It's a shift to the next level for me personally - we all have those, and the energy of the conference behind us can provide exactly that extra energy that is sometimes needed to let go of the old, and step into the new.

Exciting times are ahead for all of us!

I look forward to seeing you there, and if you can't make it this year, make sure to plan to attend next year when you're ready. The more of us come together, the more powerful our new field will become in turn - and the more shiny, and attractive.

There are over 100 people already booked in; we have room for 30 more. Book your place now if it is meant to be and add the gift that only you would have to give.

With best wishes for a glorious autumn,

- Silvia Hartmann, GoE Chair

Latest EFT & Energy Conference News โ€“ New Presentations Announced!

AMT Conference

The 2013 EFT & Energy Conference, the biggest event on any Energist's calendar, is now just weeks away. To celebrate this fact, we are delighted to announce 4 new Presentations!

You can click through for full details on EFT for Activists, Help for Soldiers and Creativity for Kids, and we'll be announcing full details for the other presentation shortly.

We're also pleased to be giving away free โ€œI Love Energyโ€ tshirts to Conference attendees. If you've booked your place, just drop us an email by 9am Tuesday 22nd October telling us what size you would like.

As always, you can keep up to date with Conference news by visiting the Conference Homepage and by Liking the AMT's official Facebook Page.


News: Welcome New GoE Members โ€“ September 2013

Welcome New Members

We are delighted to welcome and congratulate all our new members and newly qualified Practitioners, who joined The GoE in September 2013.


Christof Arnold, Perm Bassi, Charlaine-Thรฉrรฉsa Beaudoin, Evelyn Beaulay, Annemarie Bentz, Sylvia Bentz, Christine Berke, Nathalie Blanchet, Ann Bowditch, Jules Brown, Isla Bruce, Lizzie Burt, Manuela Buschack, Hรฉlรจne Bussiรจres, Stephen Carter, Suzanne Cassell, Maria Chappell, Julie Cheshire, Malcolm Cooper, Andrew Davies, David De Clive-Lowe, Aneesh de Vos, Cindy Dupree, Jemima Eames, Elaine Evans, Eleanor Ferris, Stephen Ferris, Lorna Firth, Inge Fischer, Wendy Fry, Franรงoise Gins, Carol Gordon, Robert Halliday, Mary Hardy, Deanna Hewett, Katerina Kalchenko, Susan Kennard, Katrin Kremer, Ceri Kruger, Francine Lacasse, Kym Lawn, Alan Levi, Victoria Little, Teresa Lynch, Yvonne Maclean, Mike Maguire, Tamara Mills, Komal Missra, Bhavna Patel, Patti Payne, Robin Poliwoda, Sue Pottinger, Philip Robin, Tansy Rock, Lauren Rosenberg, Natalia Sanchidrian Polo, Conny Sennhauser, Jamie Streett, Evgenia Sverbikhina, Ryszard Szalkiewicz,ย  Kerstin Warkentin, Louise Weston, Cheryl White, Jondalyn Whitis, Regina Winkler, Denise Wirth, Donna Wirth and Grace Yong.


EFT Case Story: Healing Oneself with Positive EFT by Lorna Firth

Healing Oneself with Positive EFT

Lorna Firth, a Positive EFT Practitioner and the GOE's only licensed Trainer in Cyprus, has written an affecting and interesting case story about the power of healing oneself and overcoming personal health issues.

Lorna writes: After being diagnosed with various gynaecological problems, the decision was made that a full hysterectomy was advisable as soon as possible โ€“ it was impossible to know whether the lesions were benign or malignant.

The emotions I experienced, on first receiving the news, were fear, worry and shock. Having just completed the Positive EFT course, my first instinct was to use the positive EFT skill. My first question was "What + energy form do I need right now to feel better?"


News: Energy Body Stress Chart โ€“ Available Online for the First Time

Energy Body Stress Chart

Earlier this month The GoE and Silvia Hartmann helped to celebrate World Mental Health Day by releasing the Energy Body Stress Chart for free online.

The Chart, first featured Silvia's book Positive EFT, is a great tool to help overcome stress, which is a major cause of mental health around the world. Simply use Energy EFT tapping to work your way down the chart and into the positives!


EFT Case Story: An Afternoon Walk with Positive EFT by Guillermo Pena Acuna

An Afternoon Walk with Positive EFT

Guillermo Pena Acuna, an GoE Trainer from Alicante, Spain, has written a lovely case story about his experiences with Positive EFT walking in the wilds, connecting with nature.

Guillermo writes: Yesterday at the end of the afternoon I was walking in the countryside, I started doing a few rounds of Energy EFT to dissolve the stress accumulated throughout the day...


News: Celebrating 2 Years of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

2 Years of the EFT MP Course

In November 2011, Silvia Hartmann presented the very first EFT Master Practitioner course in London, England. Since then, nearly 500 professional Energists have gone through the most advanced EFT course on the planet and chosen to be certified as EFT Master Practitioners.

Silvia Hartmann said, โ€œWow, two years! I spent near enough a year of my life writing that ... Excellent to know there's now 500 more people who know abut Guiding Stars, the 6th sense, the aspects model, the stress chart, the autogenic and entity protocols, the SUE scale with its positive wing and all the rest of it. And all their clients and trainees... it's getting there!โ€


Events: The GoE Appearing at Mind Body Spirit Festivals โ€“ Brighton, England & Melbourne, Australia

MBS Festivals

The GoE are delighted to announce that we will be well represented at the Brighton Mind Body Spirit Festival on 1st โ€“ 3rd November 2013, and the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival on 15th โ€“ 17 November 2013.

If you'll be attending either of these great events, please do come say hello and learn a bit more about what we offer and the wonderful people who make up our professional membership.


News: New GoE Course Page

AMT Course Module

For the last few months, The GoE's IT team have been working hard on a brand new Courses page for the website. We are pleased to say that this page is now live online.

When clicking through to each course, you will now see tabs with titles including: About, which features an overview of the course such as modules, required reading and the qualification; Reviews, which features reviews from students of both the distance learning (if there is one) and the live versions; Live Trainings, which is an up-to-date listing of all GoE approved trainings, as well as a list of licensed Trainers; Distance Learning, which has details on the home-study course, if there is one; and Alumni, which is an up-to-date list of everyone that has completed the course.

We're really pleased with this new courses page, and would love to hear your feedback on it. Get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments on the courses page.


Thank you for your contributions to this month's edition of The Energist.

As the leaves turn brown here on the windy South Coast of England, we wish you a wonderful rest of your October,


Josh Alliston

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