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Modern Energy Tapping & The Inevitable Discovery In Modern Energy

Modern Energy Tapping & The Inevitable Discovery In Modern Energy

GoE President Silvia Hartmann discusses the role of Modern Energy Tapping as a first step to the inevitable discovery in Modern Energy.

 Modern Energy Tapping

& The Inevitable Discovery In Modern Energy

Silvia Hartmann

As far as I am concerned, tapping on energy points to improve the flow of energy through major body meridians is and has always been energy work. The energy hands are touching the energy body, creating changes in the energy body which produces changed emotions as the result.

In other/older forms of tapping this basic truth has been obfuscated, sidelined or denied altogether; for Modern Energy Tapping, it is the starting point to a true paradigm shift in Modern Energy work.

I see Modern Energy Tapping as a first introduction to the reality of energy in the same way as the alphabet song is an introduction to reading and writing.

Modern Energy Tapping uses a limited number of points that are easily learned and easily remembered.

Modern Energy Tapping Diagram with tapping points

However, we have to realise that the potential tapping points on the body are something like this.

All the tapping points - meet Mr Tappy!

And let's not forget those ..

Mr tappy showing the tapping points on the back

At some point, there comes a time when it is logical to connect the dots. When you do, you have EMO Energy In Motion - and then the energy FLOW techniques, including Modern Energy Healing, Reiki etc. all make sense.

If you fail to connect the dots, you end up with an unwieldy, essentially unteachable and incredibly over complicated system and that would be acupuncture.

And lest we forget, the human energy system doesn't end at the skin barrier. To "reach the parts" that are outside the basic meridian type layer, where do you tap ..?

The real energy body

So there is a progression here, starting with ...

  1. simple energy tapping on a few points that are easy to remember,
  2. moving on to spontaneously discovering other points that "work,"
  3. understanding that there are "points" absolutely everywhere,
  4. connecting the dots to understand the concept of energy FLOW,

... and from there, we are really beginning to understand the energy body as a living structure in its own right, and we can do wonderful things.


The Inevitable Discovery In Modern Energy

This is or really should be a process of "inevitable discovery." So we may wonder why it is that some people get stuck on tapping and don't move forward from there. I am talking in the context of personal development here; teaching newbies how to tap (right) is of course, a totally different matter.

So why do people get stuck on tapping? I've thought about this much over the last 20 years and the following main reasons emerged. The first is and was that there is way too much tapping with way too little high positive results.

This is due to the very nature of negative tapping. "I'm an idiot." "I feel awful." "Everything is terrible." "My head hurts."

People shave off a point or two on the Energy Chart and are satisfied with that, get on with their drudgery, and the tapping session ends unfinished, doesn't actually accomplish anything, doesn't create any major changes.

Negative tapping leads to being trapped behind the great wall at zero

So they tap thousands and thousands of rounds and the tapping becomes ever more energy less, ever more routine, like counting rosary beads, without thought, but most of all, WITHOUT ENERGY.

This is not their fault as such. Tapping on negatives reverses the energy system and it isn't fun. It's not ... positive.

The negative tapping also made tapping itself a hard sell. People don't naturally want to talk or think about their problems - they only do that if they've been entrained to use trauma in the past as the reason for anything at all.

Endlessly tapping on negatives in self help doesn't get a person anywhere. 20 years of experience shows this clearly.

So I started experimenting with Positives instead - what energy do you want? NEED?

And here we have people gladly starting to tap - and having HIGH energy experiences from the get go.

This sets up an expectation of having a real WOW - an ENERGY WOW! - from the start, and that's the correct expectation to be having.

That's energy work, rather than some form of self-psychosurgery.

Now, we can use energy tapping to raise energy any time we want. We don't even have to have a headache first before we can have a WOW! high energy experience!

This creates a completely different approach to and usage of energy tapping. It also creates much higher energy states. And I realise with hindsight that you need to be in those higher energy states to become curious about the effects of energy tapping on the emotions, what else you can do with it, where else you might want to try tapping, if you can tap on your toes instead of your fingers, what would happen if you used a crystal to touch the points ...

Inevitable discovery doesn't happen in chronically low energy states.

There, all you can do is count rosary beads over and over.

And that's not what energy tapping is for, or what it is about.

Be Positive!

Which is why I have finally decided to make Modern Energy Tapping work with the Power of the Positives.

So no more negative tapping.

Gary Craig said, "If you are not tapping on negatives, it's not EFT."

I'm saying, "If you're not tapping on POSITIVES, it's not Modern Energy Tapping!"

To use Positives for problem solving, for healing, for past, present and future resolutions, for Modern Stress Management and for everything else beside is logical, makes sense, and takes the personal development progression FORWARD.

And then we have what should have happened all along - the inevitable discovery, how energy is real, how we experience it through our 6th sense, the emotions, how it works, how it flows, where it goes and all the rest of it.

Inevitable discovery at the personal level. Personal experience VS studying ancient charts for 35 YEARS first.

And THAT is Modern Energy!


Silvia Hartmann

President, The Guild of Energists

Author, Modern Energy Tapping - Engaging The Power Of The Positives For Health, Wealth & Happiness

 Modern Energy Tapping Book By Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Tapping: Engaging The Power Of The Positives For Health, Wealth & Happiness

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