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From Subtle Energy To Hands Of Power - The Path To Modern Energy Healing

From  Subtle Energy To Hands Of Power - The Path To Modern Energy Healing

Silvia Hartmann, President of The GoE, shares her path from old fashioned "spiritual healing" to the new Modern Energy Healing we have today. 

From "Subtle Energy" To Hands Of Power:

The Path To Modern Energy Healing

In 1993, a past aspect had an experience that revealed the existence of the energy worlds in a flash and the world was never the same.

From a frightening and completely confusing place to be, through some form of amazing grace, I had stepped into a veritable wonderworld where everything made sense, which was beautiful and literally dancing with possibilities and potential.

Of course, my young self wanted to connect with others who had had the same experience; talk about energy, learn more about energy and so she went on a quest that lasted some years.

One of the first things young Silvia did was to call the local priest on the phone and invite him round for tea. Even now, 24 years later as I write this, I can sense her utter dismay that this good man simply did not have the first clue about the reality of energy or spirit.

This dismay was to be repeated often, and regularly.

People would talk of "subtle energy" and entirely miss the point as there is nothing subtle about energy at all. It makes people kill each other in the most gruesome ways beyond imagination, for one thing. Energy wasn't subtle, and whatever these people were talking about, it certainly wasn't that raw power that makes or breaks people's lives from conception to death and beyond.

There were the sweet and well meaning New Age hippies with their unicorns, playing a lovely game that had little effect on ... anything, really.

There were many charlatans, some of which had huge multitudes of followers, who didn't have a clue either but talked a good talk that kept the cash rolling in.

Yes, and then came the day when young Silvia and a couple of friends got into the car and drove for quite some time to a village, which had a village hall, and where "Spiritual Healing" was to be had for free, or so the advertisement said.

It was a small village with a wooden hut for a village hall, and we entered, full of curiosity and excitement.

The floor space was empty, apart from six orange plastic chairs in a line in the middle; and at the far end, there seemed to be a tea bar around which a small group of people were clustered.

An older man who seemed nice came to meet us and asked if we needed spiritual healing; we said that one of our number was suffering from arthritis, which was true, and we were just along for moral support and would be watching.

Our friend was directed to sit on the first of the chairs, and we were directed to stand at the back and be very quiet, as this was important.

More people arrived and eventually, there were six people sitting in the six plastic chairs.

A bell was rung, a hand bell made from brass.

From the knot of people at the tea bar, some detached and they went to stand behind the six chairs.

They put their hands over the sitting people's shoulders, and their faces took on a grim expression of furious concentration.

It got to be very quiet in the hall.

Outside, a dog was barking, and every so often, a car would grumble by.

Sometimes, the hut creaked and someone coughed.

It went on for what seemed a very, very, very looong time.

When the bell rang again, I startled, as did the people in the chairs.

That was it.

Healing over.

Time for a cup of tea ... and a donation?

We went to talk to the older gentleman, who advised us that the course of study needed to perform this spiritual healing was over two years and he showed us a photocopied loose leaf manual, pointing out that a lot of this was studying physiology and the various forms of sickness.

I walked out of that hall and can't even begin to describe what I thought and felt about this.

Once again, we had clearly well meaning people trying to do good in the world, but really!

I wanted to scream and shout, "This is not real spiritual healing!"

"Real energy healing is ... powerful, joyful, full of life, full of love.

"It's spontaneous, beautiful, uplifting, breath taking, world shattering!

"It's ... everything OTHER than ... that!"

Over the years that followed, I thought this many times. About boring religious services. Boring New Age workshops. Even boring, lifeless Energy Psychology conferences!

In the last 24 years, I have worked hard to create a groundwork for a NEW form of dealing with totally unsubtle, hard hitting, real energy, what we call "Modern Energy" today.

A huge part of this was to create a structure that people could understand which explained why putting ENERGY into any kind of energy work was so important, so crucial, absolutely non-negotiable.

This was the Energy Body Chart, a re-languaging of the original Harmony Program from 1993, and then it's even more simplified descendant, the SUE Scale.

The Pyramid Model for Modern Stress Management is the most simplified version to explain the principles of real energy work - namely, that you need to be energy high in order to do anything right.

There, also, was the explanation of what was going so epically wrong with the "old" energy work.

Trying to do energy work from extremely low, chronically low energy states will of course be ineffective, no matter how much a person would try.

There were other problems relating to the chronically low energy states which contained the explanations.

Stressed people who are living their lives at -4 lose touch with their senses, and they can't think straight, either.

At +10, energy is pretty much all there is, but at -4, it has become so "subtle" that you can't feel it anymore. It becomes an illusion, a hallucination as stressed people become more and more disconnected from reality itself.

Yes, and then there was the enormous problem of blind ancestor worship.

Disconnected from their own minds, bodies and reality itself, what is a person to do?

Well, they have to lean on crutches. Old books which are said to be the fount of all knowledge. Old methods handed down from 6,000 years ago without being questioned. Old maps of the energy system, drawn by some guy in sandals in the Dark Ages.

All of it confused, confusing, and just adding to the general stress and chaos ...

The big news is that when you de-stress people, and then go on to energize them, they become intelligent, self acualising, intuitive and far more capable.

There's something else people become when they are "energy positive" - they become healing. 

They have an energy surplus they can give to other people.

It is true that the experience in the village hut 24 years ago was sitting on the shelf marked, "This needs sorting out!"

It is true that I have known that energy healing needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the 21st Century, for all this time.

Now, in 2017, we have the groundwork established for a renaissance of energy healing.

We have begun to educate some people about the reality of their own living energy body, about their true 6th Sense (intuition, emotion, psychosomatic pain = The language of the Energy Body!), and about the importance of being much, much happier, much more often.

The foundations have been laid, in theory as well as in practice, and Modern Energy rocks.

It is love and logic combined in a way that's never been done before.

And now, we have Modern Energy Healing.

This is energy healing for the energy body, not for the physical body.

Modern energy healing is completely focused on the energy body, because it is the right tool for the job.

What physical and mental repercussions arise after someone FINALLY takes care of the energy bodies which have been screaming their signals of pain, unhappiness, lack of power and depression, anger, rage, sadness forever, we cannot know.

As modern energists, we don't actually care.

We do not concern ourselves with physical illness and there is absolutely no claim of cure for anything physical at all.

We concern ourselves with energy, with the energy body.

That totally un-subtle energy body which is our power, our support, our best friend, our X-Factor, the source of all our emotions, good and bad alike, and the reason for us doing just about anything beyond eating, mating and sleeping.

There are a myriad of things which can't be cured by talking about them, taking pills or going under a surgeon's knife.

These things are energy body related, and fall into the remit of Modern Energy Healing.

The time has come, it's here and now.

We have a course on Modern Energy Healing - Hands of Power, Hands of Love.

I look across time and space at that forsaken village hall, and I send colours, and light, and life there. I see the people get up off their chairs, the healers stop frowning and trying so hard, and there is light, and beautiful touch, love in the room, brightness and beauty.

This is *healing.*

This is uplifting.

It is wonderful, and in essence, so simple.

I would see these stars of light and true healing spring up in village huts and meeting rooms all around the world.

I would feel the joy of those who came together expand and ripple out and bring more light, more love, and love of life everywhere.

It has been a long road but here we are. This is a new world of real energy healing.

And I have fulfilled the promise I made to the aspect 24 years ago.

With love,

Silvia Hartmann

April 2017


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