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When The Scars Won't Heal - An Important Pattern In Modern Trauma Treatments

When The Scars Won't Heal - An Important Pattern In Modern Trauma Treatments

There is a natural healing process at work which will in time take care of not just emotional scars but also physical scars in the widest metaphorical sense. 

Sometimes however, this natural healing process is disrupted and remains stuck in a state of pain and disruption. Here is an important pattern in modern energy based trauma treatments, which, if it isn't successfully addressed, can stop physical and emotional healing from taking place. 

When The Scars Won't Heal

An Important Pattern In Modern Trauma Treatments

by Silvia Hartmann


Why is it that sometimes after a traumatic injury or accident, the physical healing process seems to be disrupted, and proper, full healing doesn't take place?

When we use Energy EFT through the story protocol, we remove blockages in the energy system and that works great.

But in many cases, there is an added complication, which, if you don't know about this, can scupper even modern EFT applications.

In the past, psychologists liked to talk about guilt and shame in variations. Those are labels for "energy pains" of the energy body. When we go beyond that and look at it logically and structurally, the following interesting pattern emerges.

On many occasions, people receive a warning before the incident happens.

This may be "having a bad feeling" but the head overwrites the heart. As an example, there was a young girl who was invited to "go for a ride" in a car with some dubious people. She had a bad feeling about it, but being popular was more important so she went. (She was raped, stabbed, strangled and left for dead).

The warning may have come in the form of "a voice." For example, a young boy who was invited for ice cream by a pedophile heard a voice that said, "Don't do this!" just before he walked through the door into the man's apartment.

The warning may have come in the form of "a thought." There was the lady who had a horrendous car crash. At the traffic lights before it happened, she had the thought it would be safer to go a different route because of the weather conditions. But it was slightly longer, would have meant she would have arrived five minutes late, and once again, overrode the warning.

These people *know* that it was their own fault this happened.

No amount of badgering from a well meaning psychologist or counsellor that "it wasn't your fault, you were only a helpless victim" will shift that, because they were there, they lived it, they knew they had the warning and they knew that they ignored it and went ahead anyway.

What needs to be done as well as all the general careful and precise trauma clearance, step by step, is to address the relationship the person (who is in pain and has suffered so much as a result of that aspect's decision!) and the aspect who made that decision.

"Forgiveness" is a state that happens naturally when the emotional pain subsides and is replaced by love.

Treating the relationship between the person and the aspect who made the decision to ignore the warning is of the essence and in extensive experience with treating "the scars that won't heal" is the key component to moving forward.

So do make sure that you check in any form of trauma work if there was a warning given. This changes the entire experience of the person, filters it, makes it very different from the experience of someone who simply had an accident, and it really was not their fault at all.

A final note.

"Making peace" with the aspect who essentially caused not only the original trauma, but all the suffering from those moments forth to this very day, and probably out into the future as well, is never enough.

That aspect has to be fully loved in order so that the state of forgiveness (which is a state of unconditional love) may unfold.

This is what heals the energy system, repairs the broken strands across time and space, and makes it finally possible for the scars to heal.

Silvia Hartmann
October 2016

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Silvia Hartmann

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Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & GoE Trainer Trainer in East Sussex, England.

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