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The Energist - April 2014








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Welcome to the April 2014 edition of The Energist eJournal!

Silvia Hartmann

Dear Fellow Energist!

It's been an exciting month so far - and it's only the 16th of April today!

First of all, we have had 12th Annual EMO Conference with the brand new, "I am an Energist!" syllabus followed by the new trainer's training.

The EMO Conference is an interesting thing. You don't really hear much about it afterwards, and I think there are three major reasons for this.

The first is that when you come away from that, just about everything has changed, and it's different when you get home. That's because EMO is about overall evolution and it's very fast, very powerful, and supercharged by the people you are "working" with. It takes me at least a week to get into a new operating groove plus there are practical changes which always follow on (more of that later).

The second reason you don't hear much about the EMO conference after the fact is that it is really difficult to describe. Every person who goes there has so many experiences that unless you want to start writing a book, you can't do it justice. So we end up saying ... very little.

The third reason is that the EMO family likes to be a bit of a secret society. We know each other very well from previous engagements and there always was a high shield around EMO that kept the vast majority of people at bay - and we liked it that way.

This was also a practical thing because EMO is new, it is structurally different from what went before, and it was good to give it 12 years and find out what would happen to the people who did it, long term. It was good to know that we weren't growing a third head, or a tail, but that all it does is to make you simply MORE HUMAN. And provide you with a way to have better experiences in your real life, to have more fun and less misery on an ongoing, practical basis. Yeah, and do things, feel things, that you never even thought were possibly for you ...

This was the last of the old style EMO conferences. We will have to watch this space to find out what happens next. In the meantime, my deep love and admiration to the 50 delegates from all corner of the globe, you know who you are :-) and I am fair certain, we will meet again ...

Which brings me to the next amazing happening in April - we have found, finally, our new venue for AMT14!

The problem has been all along that for ENERGISTS, the venue has to be right. Modern airconditioned airport hotels just don't have the right energy, they don't feel right, and the team searched for YEARS, saw dozens of hotels and venues, and nothing felt right, so we stuck with the Europa. For all its shortcomings, it was welcoming, had a garden, a fountain, and trees, and a calming courtyard.

But - drumroll please! - we found the new venue.

The Eastbourne Centre is a wonderful place, just yards from the beach, light filled, with many amenities. We fell in love with it and you will too, so make sure you book your tickets NOW and be part of the one and only happening European conference this year!

Everything feels fresh and new this year, there are lots of opportunities all of a suddent which were not there before.

It has already been a good year and I think we'll see many more unfoldments as more and more people finally "get it" that we do have energy bodies, and how you treat them right seriously MATTERS.

I would like to close with wishing dear Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, a very happy birthday! Take a moment and tap a round of proxy EFT for him and take the opportunity to reflect and give gratitude for all EFT has done for us.

Have an amazing spring and keep those energy levels high, high, high!

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann, Chair, The AMT

Events: 2014 EFT & Energy Conference – New Venue & Tickets Selling Out Fast!

AMT 2014

After such a long time searching for the new perfect venue for our annual gathering of Energists, the EFT & Energy Conference, we've finally found it. The Eastbourne centre combines an easy-to-travel-to location with stunning views, great food and excellent value for money. We're sure you'll love our new home, and look forward to seeing you there.

With the announcement of our new venue comes the exciting news that tickets are now on sale, and you can save 50% off the full price by booking now. Hurry, our super Early Bird Discount won't be around for long.


News: Happy Birthday, Gary Craig!

Gary Craig

Gary Craig

really needs no introduction, but he certainly deserves a heartfelt thank you for developing EFT and helping countless millions around the world.

Gary's birthday was on the 13th April, and we hope he had an amazing day. To celebrate, DragonRising Publishing are offering 50% off the ebook of Adventures in EFT by Silvia Hartmann, for which Gary wrote the foreword to the first edition, way back in 1999. It's still a great read, which we recommend to anyone wanting to discover Classic EFT.

From everyone here at The GoE, we wish Gary a wonderful year ahead, and many more to come.


Picture Tapping Case Story: Using Picture Tapping Therapy by Suzanne Skeete

Picture Tapping

This Picture Tapping Technique case story comes from Suzanne Skeet and details a case of 'Anxiety of a friendship breakup'.

Suzanne writes: The student reports feeling that the friendship break up, she has encountered, has left her feeling confused and stuck in one place and not able to move forward. We had made progress in previous sessions using EFT but there still remained the feeling of not being able to move forward.


Article: Marketing For Energists by Silvia Hartmann 

Marketing for Energists

Silvia Hartmann writes:

Now if you have or ever had any kind of holistic, MBS, energy related business of any kind, then you know how difficult marking your energy business seems to be.

I'm sure you have all manner of "spiritual marketing" books and products, hypnotic inductions, guided journeys on the shelf right next to the "hardnosed marketing books" and I bet your head and your energy system is filled up with conflicting advice and a whole lot of things tried which failed and didn't produce what you had hoped they would.

I know this because I've been there and done that.

I've been on advanced marketing boot camps, have worked with "the greats" in marketing, and you know what?

I never liked any of it.

I've also done the spiritual approaches of energizing candles in the dark and all of that, and that didn't work too well either.

The problem is twofold.

One is that there is this unfortunate divide between "the wonderful world of spirituality where we are all one" and "the real world where you have to dupe your users with ye ole marketing tricks or else you'll starve to death."

Well, I had my moment of perfect clarity at the EMO conference, during the second day of the trainer's training.

It's simple, actually.

Our modern energy work states if something feels bad, IT IS WRONG. And if something feels good, IT IS RIGHT.

Gut feelings, that would be. Sixth sense. Where do you feel the energy of that in your body? Show me with your hands ...

During the trainer's training, I asked people to say what's good about them.

They started to writhe and feel bad, and then they stuttered.

They went into a full on global reversal.

I recognised this completely because that's exactly how I feel when people make me write marketing copy about my own products and services, and especially the "About Silvia" section.

It feels bad.

Now we have all been taught (brainwashed!) to believe there must be something wrong with us.

Low self esteem. Not enough confidence. Childhood trauma due to daddy not being sufficiently supportive ...

And we've been tapping and tapping and healing and meditating and praying and still ...

Three decades later, and the toes still curl and the stuttering starts when we ask people, "So what's good about you? Why should I hire YOU ...?"


As I said, I had my moment of perfect clarity.

We were sitting in a circle, a dozen of us, all experienced trainers who had written our toe curling sales copy for a thousand years between us, and I got it.

It feels wrong BECAUSE IT IS WRONG.

You're not supposed to be talking about yourself, praising YOURSELF. That's an energetic reversal in a channel that's supposed to be OUTGOING.

Just like "loving someone." You can't love yourself because when you try to make that energy that's supposed to flow out of your heart and envelop another turn back on itself to go onto you, YOU ARE REVERSING THE ENERGY FLOW.

And that feels bad.

So I stopped proceedings and asked each trainer to say something about the person sitting next to them instead of praising themselves.

And what happened?

Oh My God ...

From toe curling it went to AMAZING.

Words flowed easily, as did admiration and love.

The person who was doing the talking about their fellow trainer was getting into it, starting to glow.

The listeners/recipients started to sit forward and started to smile and nod.

The person who was thus being described was wide eyed in amazement and also started to rise and glow.


The energy flow was RIGHT.

Ah ...

So this is how you do it.

You don't love yourself, you love OTHER PEOPLE. That's how it works.

And you don't advertise yourself, you advertise other people.


When I had my "Aha!" moment there, a great many other things fell into place.

Like, how to do networking as an energist, and how to do it right.

And of course, if you can't love yourself, you certainly can love your aspects.

So instead of advertising yourself, advertise a future aspect.

Not quite as good as networking with fellow energists but at least it takes that nasty global reversal out of the equation.

As the trainers went from one to the other, always "marketing" the person who was sitting on their right hand side, and the audience was really enjoying hearing about what this other person could do (for them) and received the information without shields, with great interest, really absorbing what the trainer had to say about their neighbour, I could feel the miserable, old 1950s school of "salesmanship" beginning to drain away.

With it went a lifetime's worth of confusion on how to do marketing right.

How to get the energy right.

And with it also came an absolute clarity of what I wanted to be doing next.

When I got home, the very next day I got up early and put what I had learned into action.

And I made "THAT Video."

It caused a storm of controversy as people who don't understand energy freaked out about it, but I really wanted to make a statement.

Not just about what I want to be doing next, and finding THE RIGHT PEOPLE to be doing it with, but also as a statement against that old fashioned marketing that the world has bought into as being "the only truth, the only way to do it" - and they're wrong.

This is a part of the energy (r)evolution.

Marketing for energists is essentially and paradigm shiftingly DIFFERENT from that old style rubbish of BOGOF, time limited offers, breadcrumbs, fake pricing, pyramid schemes, affiliate marketing, freebies, bonuses, early birds and all the rest.

It's based on truth, clarity and the guiding line is what feels right, and what feels wrong.

And that's not just to other energists.

I believe there is a veritable floodwave of human beings who are all SICK TO DEATH of being marketed to the way they have been. As though they were fools and idiots, a herd of beasts that head straight for slaughter and who are nothing but numbers on a sheet of statistics.

I totally believe, nay, I KNOW, that we can do better than that.

That we can develop brand new methods of marketing with energy in mind that feel right, that work BETTER than that old rubbish ever did, and that this has to be a part of what we're doing to change the world as well.

I am relieved and excited about this breakthrough; I can't tell you how delighted I am to finally have found the answer to how to do marketing right.

And as always, it starts out by forgetting absolutely everything we were ever taught about marketing.

That, in and of itself, is just wonderful.

So freeing.

Now, there's room for experimentation, for finding new ways, for our creativity and intelligence to come forward and assert itself.

I truly can't wait what we are going to be doing with this, and I hope that you are also geting excited at the thought of doing marketing RIGHT - wow, what can't we do if we crack that one?!

Check out THAT Video :-) and if you're interested in doing some original energist's marketing research with me, drop me a line.

The future is out there, and it is absolutely ours!

Excitedly yours,


Silvia Hartmann


Energy In Motion Case Story: Painful and Persistent Headache Evaporated in just 15mins! by Evelyn Beaulay

EFT Headache

Evelyn Beaulay, a newly qualified Energy In Motion Master Practitioner has written two wonderful case stories that illustrate the simplicity of the technique formally known as EMO.

Evelyn writes: I recently completed the Energy in Motion Master Practitioner Training in London, Gatwick for which I thank everyone immensely for helping me with my goal and a BIG THANK YOU to Silvia for passing the wisdom in a concise, simple and easy to comprehend.

On my journey home from the training, I had anticipated a quiet and relaxing evening to ponder on what I have learnt from the course thus far and how I would like to incorporate into my existing coaching practice.

Upon arrival, I was excited and called on my son (14 year-old) who was groaning in pain and was up in his room; unusual for a teen who is normally interacting with his friends on play station console.


News: EFT Selfie Self Help – How to Feel Good Without Make-Up by Silvia Hartmann

Selfie Self Help

The "Selfie" has reached new levels of popularity this month, thanks to Cancer Reasearch UK's new No Make-Up Selfie for Cancer Awareness campaign. The idea is to take a photo of yourself without any make-up on, post it on your social media profiles and help raise awareness for the charity. The campaign has already raised over £2m.

But many people still find it very difficult to take a No Make-Up Selfie and feel good about it. In this article, Silvia Hartmann offers a technique to overcome this, and to feel great about yourself and your selfie!


EFT Case Story: The “Secret” Method by Jaime Streett

The Secret

This Case Story comes from Jamie Streett, EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course Student & Positive EFT Practitioner. In this great Case Story Jamie explains how she used a 'secret method' to help unblock some negative energy! Yet again we see you don't need to dig around endlessly in the traumas of the past to have a happy life. By bringing POSITIVE energies into your energy body you can dissolve and wash away old energy blockages for good.

Jamie writes: I have been working with a client for my ministry class which uses traditional EFT. We were making progress but I could tell there was a block somewhere holding him back. He said something happened in his child hood but he did not want to talk about it with anyone. I said fair enough will you at least entertain me and let me try it a different way with you. We can treat the physical feelings without saying a word about what it is. He didn't seem very confident in the process but agreed to anyway.


Welcome New GoE Members: March 2014

Welcome New Members

We love welcoming new faces into the GoE family, it brings us such warmth and happiness. So please join us in welcoming and congratulating our everyone that successfully completed an GoE accredited course last month.

Please welcome...

Rebecca Aggett (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Huda Al Bader (EMO Practitioner), Salima Al Jadi (EMO Practitioner), Fadia Al Marzouq (EMO Practitioner), Nadia Al Marzouq (EMO Practitioner), Aynur Alkan (EMO Practitioner),  Ekin Ardanuç (EFT Master Practitioner), Murat Aydın (EFT Master Practitioner), Maryke Blom (EFT Master Practitioner), Jackie Brierton (EFT Master Practitioner), Sharon Cass Toole (Trainer), Lusana Charles (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Şafak Dağlı Bozkurt (EMO Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Şafak Dağlı Bozkurt (Positive EFT Practitioner), Heather Day (EFT Master Practitioner), Loretta Day (EFT Master Practitioner), Fiona Dilston (EFT Master Practitioner), Zsuzsanna Dovak (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Linda Ellerker (EMO Practitioner), Mona Faraj (EMO Practitioner), Desi Flynn (MET Practitioner), Colette Gray (EFT Master Practitioner), Ruth Henderson (EFT Master Practitioner), Katerina Hofmanova (EFT Master Practitioner), Fatma Kahramanoğlu (EMO Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Dorothy Kelly (EFT Master Practitioner), Julie Knight (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Andrea Komuves (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Krisztina Kotsy (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Eric Lawn (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Magdolna Lazar Katai (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Eva Liptak (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Jessica Long (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Krisztina Marko (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Barbara Mills (EFT Master Practitioner), Erzsebet Mohacsi (EFT Master Practitioner), Sara Mohammad (EMO Practitioner), Margo Moncur (EFT Master Practitioner), Aniko Nagy (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Sandor Nemeth (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Kerri Nicholls (EFT Master Practitioner), Micaela Pennell (EMO Practitioner), E'Lissa Pershouse (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Julie-Anne Rothall (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Lucinda Rush (EFT Master Practitioner), Zsuzsanna Saghy Takacs (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Nevin Samsunlu (EFT Master Practitioner), Leeanne Spencer (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner), Darlene Stanton (EFT Master Practitioner), Jamie Streett (EMO Practitioner), Valeria Szekeli (EMO Practitioner), Linda Thomson (EFT Master Practitioner), Neal Tohani (EFT Master Practitioner), Erika Trenka Krucsai (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner), Emmy Vadnais (EFT Master Practitioner), Donna Wirth (Positive EFT Practitioner) and Ibolya Zamborszki (EMO Advanced Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner).


EFT Case Story: From Overwhelm to Optimism by Sally Topham

From Overwhelm to Optimism

In this case story author of Finding the River and AMT Trainer Sally Topham describes how EFT can have a profound effect on a person, no matter how overwhelmed they may feel.

Sally writes: This lady, (who I'll call 'Mandy') was in a very low state when she came to see me. She said she simply couldn't see how she could get out of the feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm that she found herself in. Her sister Wendy (another of my clients) had persuaded her to come having found that EFT had helped her enormously. Mandy was therefore hopeful that perhaps I could do the same thing for her.


Events: April – May 2014

Welcome New Members

Thanks to our ever expanding list of events and trainings, it's never been easier to become a qualified GoE Practitioner or add more skills and techniques to your repertoire.

Here are some of the event highlights coming up in April and May 2014, so don't wait, book your place today!

Energy In Motion Master Practitioner Course with Sandra Hillawi
London, England
25-27 April 2014
View Event

Positive EFT Course with Pam Jackson
Dallas, TX USA
4 May 2014
View Event

EFT Master Practitioner Course with Deanna Hewett
Ashburton, Victoria, Australia
4-18 May 2014
View Event

AMT Energist Trainer 2-Day Training with Barbara Saph
Hampshire, UK
24-25 May 2014
View Event


Logosynthesis Case Story: Resolving Frozen Grief with Logosynthesis by Dr Willem Lammers

Logosynthesis Case Story

This Case Story comes from Willem Lammers. In his training, he spent many hours on the interface of body, mind and spirit, in systems like transactional analysis, NLP, the Reconnection, the Monroe Institute, Energy Psychology. Logosynthesis, is the result of these explorations.

Here he writes about resolving frozen grief in one of his groups session on trauma and Logosynthesis.

Willem writes: François, a big strong man, volunteered for a demonstration. After many years, he was still grieving for the loss of his sister, who had died in a traffic accident in France in 1979. For 34 years he had suffered in silence; now it seemed the right time to continue his life's path. In tears, he told the story of a dramatic week, how a policeman showed up at this front door and told him the news that would change his life. After the policeman was gone, François had spent long hours in a state of shock. Finally he had found the courage to inform his parents of the death of his sister, first his father, then his mother.


EFT Case Story: An Amazing Experience Helping a Client Overcome Horse Phobia by Sara Bern

Horse Phobia Case Story

We've been documenting EFT's ability to help people overcome phobias for a very long time. In this case story, which includes some lovely photos, Sara Bern explains how she was able to quickly help a client overcome a phobia of horses that was affecting her relationship with her children.

Sara writes: Sometimes we just find ourselves with people in whose lives we can make a huge difference, even in unexpected places and circumstances. I did not have the slightest idea that I would have an amazing experience helping someone overcome horse phobia one fine Sunday afternoon while I would be at the stables watching my daughter during her riding lessons.

While waiting at the cafe overlooking the grounds, I started small talk with another mum, Susanne, seated beside me and casually mentioned going over to the horses after our kids' riding lesson. That's when she told me that her husband had to do that since she was absolutely terrified of horses herself. For unknown reasons, she had this phobia of horses for as long as she can remember. It was impossible for her to go into the stable, unless ensured that all horses were locked in and securely fastened.


Thanks to everyone that has contributed case stories and news items to this month's newsletter. If you'd like to submit for next month, please send in your article.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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