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Sticks And Stones - Words That Hurt

by Silvia Hartmann

Sticks And Stones - Words That Hurt

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you? It's not true!

Words - and particularly, the energy forms transmitted through those words - CAN hurt a person, for longer and for much, much worse than sticks and stones ever could.

Here is why - and what to do about it so that we can heal the hurt of words.

Sticks And Stones - Words That Hurt

by Silvia Hartmann



"Sticks and stones can break your bones



but words can never hurt you."


Have you heard this one?

It's not true.

Words - and particularly, the energy forms transmitted through those words - CAN hurt a person, for longer and for much, much worse than sticks and stones ever could.

The broken bones heal, the cut in the head from the stone becomes a scar over time, but unless you know what you are doing, a single word can RUIN a person's entire life, and not just that, can ruin the lives of others they might touch in turn.

Here is why.

We all have an energy body, whether we know this or not, and whether we like this to be true, or not.

This energy body is obviously made from energy, and sticks and stones cannot hurt this energy body, they can't even touch it - they would woosh right through it, like you would see with a ghost.


The energy behind a word that is thrown at the energy body can and does HIT the energy body, hard, and it can cause energy injuries there.

And it does.

I don't know any person alive who hasn't been hurt by words more than we can even say.

"You're ugly!"

"I don't love you any more!"

"Get out of here!"

"You're fired!"

"You are a loser!"

"I hate you!"

... all of those are not just words, letters stuck together, sounds that we make but they carry energy form with them that shoot like arrows into our energy bodies and THAT HURTS - often far more than any stick or stone ever could hurt the physical body!

Unfortunately, as people don't know anything about the energy body, have been brainwashed by science to reject the idea as being silly, they are not taking action when they should to do something about these very real injuries.

The wounds in the energy body caused by the words and the energy forms behind the words are left completely untreated - no plaster, no kissing it better, no healing of any kind is applied.

And so the wound festers and can become over time this bitter pain that never really goes away, and it can make people into cynical, bitter, unhappy people who don't trust anyone and are in constant emotional pain.

Yet it is as simple to heal these injuries as it is when a cat licks their own wound clean - all we have to do is to

1. Become aware WHERE in your body that pain resides, because that tells us EXACTLY where in your energy body the injury is located.

In EMO we always start by saying, "Where does it hurt? Show me with your hands."

For some the words which were a worse attack than sticks and stones are felt "like a punch in the stomach".

Sometimes, it's like "I've been stabbed right in the heart," or "I've been stabbed in the back!"

You can FEEL the pain, and you can tell people - and yourself! - where this pain is located.

Once we know where it is, we can start to activate our own healing hands, and a healing intention to start the healing process for that injury.

Every person has an energy body, and every energy body has healing hands.

When we place, even as beginners, our own healing hands on the place where it hurts, where the words have struck us like missiles, knives or swords, and we concentrate on healing and let energy flow into those injured ereas, the healing can begin.

We can also ask others to help us.

Even little children can flow healing into an injury you have in your energy body, and often, their clear and pure energy is a most wonderful and unique form of healing.

This is REALLY important because no person who is in constant pain from such wounds can ever live a happy life!

How could they!

How could they trust, or open themselves up to another person when they are still in pain from their untreated wounds?

It's impossible of course.

So - yes! Words can hurt you, cut you to the quick as the saying goes.

But we can heal that, now that we know what we have to do.

The oldest wounds might take a little longer, but if you make a habit of immediately when you feel that you have been hurt by words to check where exactly that hurts in your body, put your hands there and say, "That must be healed right now! Flow healing energy into that!" with practice, you'll get better and better.

And if you see someone who is in obvious pain from vicious words that were thrown at them, TELL THEM about this!

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you is simply WRONG - and we can avoid so much pain and suffering if we recognise this for ourselves and for others, and take steps to heal the wounds that words have caused.

Silvia Hartmann

September 2009

Posted Sep 27, 2009 by Silvia Hartmann Read Article...
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