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EMO's Gifts To EFT

EMO's Gifts To EFT

Silvia wrote in November 2011: I've spent the last 6 months doing nothing but writing the new GoE EFT Master Practitioner training courses for live trainings and distance learning certification. Why? we may ask, seeing that in EMO we already have highly advanced modern energy work at our fingertips. This is a good question.

As the chairman of The GoE, I have to look after all modern energy modalities and techniques, not just my own; that's one part of it.

Another part is that there are a lot of people out there who want EFT trainings, and The GoE trainers wanted a state-of-the-art, brand new EFT training for all the people who are asking them for EFT courses. And this is a good thing in every way. I too really enjoyed EFT when it first came out and certainly did my bit to publicise it in the UK and through the Internet worldwide.

I made the leap to EMO after five years of intensive EFT work. EMO is not so much a healing modality (although it can do that too, and very well indeed at that) but primarily, EMO is a tool for finding out more about the principles of real energy work across the board.

As a result, we did find out a great many things that simply were not known or as clearly described as they are now in the practice of EMO. Now, when it came to the new EFT training, I could have withheld these and left them for EMO exclusively; but that's not in the spirit of the thing. My purpose is to improve energy awareness; that's my major mission. To have people understand that energy work is either entirely real, or it's a metaphor that works so well for human beings, we simply can't be doing without it in order to understand reality *at all*.

So I did say that I would agree to spend that much precious time of my life on writing a new EFT course - but only if it was going to be an EFT course which would incorporate what we had learned about real energy work through the practice of EMO.

As you can imagine, that radical approach produced a few gasps and still does; but if I weigh up stepping on a few toes against taking EFT to the next level of effectiveness, of precision, of predictability and of *sheer enjoyment,* then so be it.

Here is a short round up of the "gifts of EMO" the new EFT course has received.


First and foremostly amongst all, it is the declaration that EFT is not psychology, it is not psychotherapy, it is not hypnosis, it is not kinesiology, but instead, it is ENERGY WORK.

  • Even though we are tapping our faces, bodies and hands with our material fingers, it is the energy fingers touching the energy body that creates the changes in EFT, pure and simple.

This is a complete game changer when it comes to how we approach every aspect of the treatment flow of the EFT session, from the practitioner preparing themselves to receiving the client, every step of the way, to the final farewell at the end and beyond into the ongoing client/practitioner relationship.

When we think in terms of energy work, and energy flow through the session itself, then through the practitioner and the client and how all of that works together, we naturally come to different ways of thinking about the EFT session.

We begin to notice where there are ZZZTs in the treatment flow itself; we can pinpoint blockages, reversals and disturbances in the treatment flow and take them out to produce a far smoother and more elegant (and in the end, more effective) EFT treatment experience.

That was the starting point to forward-engineering EFT into its new future as a proper energy modality, designed to create changes in the energy body.

The first thing that underwent consideration from this standpoint was the actual EFT protocol. The new energy based EFT protocol, called the Heart & Soul Protocol, is designed for maximum energy flow and ease of use, whilst retaining the essential tapping procedure that makes EFT what it is.

* For further details on the development of the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol, please see https://energyeft.com/change_classic_eft_heartnsoul.htm

Heart Healing

The new EFT protocol includes a major gift from EMO: the Heart Healing posture. It provides centring at the start of the EFT round, and just as importantly, at the end, to give a space for the person to find their bearing after changes in the energy system took place. The Heart Healing posture also has some other interesting features.

As a "global reversal" cure, it is second to none; but it also draws out the healing hands, sets up a natural energy flow so that even people who have no idea and have never thought about their healing hands will be using their healing hands when they start to tap. This obviously improves the results of any single round of EFT considerably; and in the hands or fingertips of an experienced practitioner who knows what they are doing, improves results dramatically.

Having the Heart Healing posture to centre, stabilise and focus the person/client also allows us to drop the very confusing "Even though ... I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself," which was originally put in place to avoid abreactions as people start to tune in on their problems. It also caused a lot of conflict with many clients, and in neuro-linguistic terms really confuses the tuning in procedure, as we are no longer sure if we're focusing on "my fear of spiders" or "whether I profoundly love and accept myself."

The Heart Healing posture is also an excellent "mini energy moment" in its own right and EFTers who have learned to use it in conjunction with the tapping points as a part of the EFT round can use it to de-stress when they can't tap a full round.

I'd like to add that the feedback from people testing this out on themselves and EFT clients has been unanimously highly positive; beginners and experienced EFTers alike really appreciate the additional stabilisation framing the EFT round with the Heart Healing posture has brought.

The next important gift from EMO to EFT is:

The SUE Scale & The Healing Event

The SUE scale shows in a nutshell the difference between "old EFT" which was used with the then existing SUD scale (Subjective Units of Discomfort) and the new energy based EFT.

In the old paradigm, Zero was "as good as it gets" - pain cessation, not to be in pain anymore.

This is fine when used for medical treatments; but in energy work, Zero is not as good as it gets. In fact, Zero is quite literally, nothing. In order to work with the energy system correctly, we need to improve energy flow into the POSITIVE range - this is the realm of positive emotions, high logic, full functioning, and full expression of a person's resources across the board.

The old SUD scale measures discomfort from -10 to 0 and there it stops.

The new SUE Scale, which stands for Subject Units Of Experience, has an additional wing and so it goes from -10, maximum negative experience, to 0, feeling nothing, and then towards +10, which is a profoundly charged state of joy, love and happiness.

SUE Scale Subjective Units Of Experience Hartmann 2009

We have learned through EMO that when energy flow is increased to the point where it flows fast and powerfully, an "energized end state" comes into being - and the problem is solved, cured, it will never come back.

This "healing event" is achievable in EFT also, simply by evolving the energy flow from the original negative starting point further and further, one round of EFT at a time, until the healing event is reached.

The healing event, what it is and how it works is a gift to EFT in so many ways. Firstly, its existence alone will now inspire EFTers to keep tapping and not stop too soon, just having shaved a few points of the pain is not enough any longer!

Secondly, we have now an explanation of the so called "One minute wonder" or "EFT miracle" occurrences. A healing event was reached quickly and that's what happened.

Thirdly, we can now say to EFTers that they don't have to feel out of control as far as these healing events are concerned any longer. Simply keep tapping the rounds and keep improving the energy flow. If you're lucky, you can get a surprise healing event along the way. If you are not, but you keep evolving the problem and improving the energy flow, eventually the healing event MUST happen - it can't not. And the healing event will happen when you have increased energy flow enough so it is in the high positives on the SUE scale.

This gives EFTers for the first time a clear, easy, doable and predictable path to the healing event; that is something I would also consider to be an important gift.

The Client/Practitioner Dance Becomes The EFTeam

The next gift from EMO to EFT is our learnings about the client/practitioner dance. We have learned that in energy work, you can't hide behind shields and "detach" yourself from the client and have it work as well as it should.

Indeed, the more engaged the practitioner and client can become, the more powerful the energy work becomes; and it also becomes a fantastic experience not just for the client, but also for the practitioner.

This is a super win/win/win/win situation as practitioners really do want to relate to their clients; as clients really do want to feel loved and supported, especially when they are scared and troubled; as clients begin to feel relief and relax, and the practitioner experiences this first hand, directly, in their own body and then also experiences together with the client the pure joy of the eventual resolution, and the wonderful energy sensations of the healing event shared by both equally.

The non-hierarchical, "team" based approach of EMO has become the EFTeam, and once again, the feedback from EFT practitioners old and young completely reflects the love EMO practitioners have had of this way of working with people and energy for the last ten years.

In energy work, getting into deep rapport and working together to solve the problem as equals is simply the right thing to do; the modality demands it, and it is really inspiring for both clients and practitioners as well.

The Sixth Sense, The Mindful EFT Protocol and The EFT Body Protocol

Anyone who knows EMO will of course recognise where all these important additions to the practice of EFT as modern energy work are coming from. Basic EMO practically unlocks our Sixth Sense - the sensing of movements in the energy body that have no physical origin. For many EFTers, the Mindful EFT Protocol is the first time they have become consciously aware of energy sensations as they tap the points silently and scan their body to notice how tapping on one point produces all sorts of different body sensations compared to tapping on another. This is such an important breakthrough; for a person to experience the reality of energy *in their own body* is the starting point to a completely different approach to mind/body/spirit health and understanding.

The EFT Body Protocol, which is straight basic EMO with tapping the points, is also extremely important in this context.

It gives EFTers an excellent alternative to the complications of spoken set ups and reminder phrases which is so useful in the treatment of psychosomatic pain, pain in general, illness, recovery, and all those emotions that can't be named or explained in words at all; but it also once again focuses the EFTers on the physical sensations of energy movements and thus helps them learn more about their 6th sense, which is a life skill.

Through the Body Protocol, some features of EMO such as "Secret Therapy" become available too and the EFT practitioners conscious awareness of body movements, body postures, hand gestures etc. becomes heightened as a result as well.

This is a real long term gift that will keep on giving as now also EFTers can begin to track and understand the connections between energy body problems and how these manifest through the physical body and all its many manifestations.

Energy Body Stress & Creating Stress Free EFT Sessions

The final gift of EMO to EFT is the realisation that energy body stress de-stabilises everything and to remove energy body stress first leads to much better and more profound EFT treatments all around.

Firstly, a stressed person is not in a position to describe their problems clearly. In EFT this leads to endless rounds being tapped on "stress talk" instead of getting to the heart of the problem succinctly and in a logical way.

Secondly, to keep the client stress free at all times, by understanding that you "don't stop to treat the stress in the EFT session" but in fact, the stress relief is the treatment in and of itself, EFTers now can build a safe, logical and stress free path into the heart of the problem. As the person is not just de-stressed but energized (going into the + side of the SUE scale), they become more capable, more strong and more powerful, thus putting them into a much better position to face the heart of the problem, even if there are extremely traumatic events involved.

The *strengthening* of the energy system and the *empowering* of the person through the rounds of EFT treatments has a much more powerful, logical and positive person arriving at the heart of the problem, and because of this, even "big problems" can then be addressed elegantly and more stress free than ever before.

In professional EFT sessions, it is not just the client who needs de-stressing; the practitioner has to de-stress too, so that the EFTeam is stress free and operating at maximum capacity. This was previously greatly overlooked and practitioners would be stressed, then reflect their client's stress back, leading to unnecessarily complications in the EFT treatment flow.

I'd like to mention also that as a homework assignment, to tell an EFT client to simply tap on "stress" rather than trying to become their own psychoanalyst by trying to figure out meaningful set ups and opening statements is far more successful and can really help clients gain a valuable life skill as well as something that is easy to do and easy to share with others.

There are many more gifts from EMO that have gone into the new EFT trainings; from working with events to energetic relationships (crucial in work with addictions, weight loss and groups) and from the new aspects model to understanding metaphor and the energy mind.

This really has supercharged EFT and brought it onto a new level.

So, now don't we need EMO any longer?

In the contrary.

EMO is the natural progression for people who love EFT. For some it may take two years, some may take five, some may take ten years, but eventually the very practice of EFT will be raising questions that can't be answered with EFT any longer and you then will need the more fluent and encompassing realms of EMO.

EMO at the advanced level and beyond holds a whole world of energy experience the likes we have never even suspected could exist at all. There are more advanced EMO energy patterns than would fit into a ten volume collection; and it is worth remembering that EMO is primarily an energy research modality that allows an individual person to learn about energy in their own time and in their own way.

There are literally no limits to EMO at all; and it will continue to produce patterns and techniques, some of which can be reverse engineered. EMO can also be the engine that drives a revitalisation and  modernisation of many other energy methods, systems and techniques; as the Germans say, "Alles flutscht besser - mit EMO!" (Everything works better with EMO).

In this case of EFT, I'm delighted to have the next generation EFT practitioners out there now who have found the excitement and joy of EFT as energy work, and are discovering for themselves every day how much more fun, excitement and stress free change can be had when we drop the old limiting paradigms and instead step forward, rev up the engine and work with the energy body in this wonderful new way.

Blessings to all energists, and all who actively work to help people have a better with this life,

Silvia Hartmann

November 27, 2011

EMO Conference 2012

New EFT Master Practitioner Training

Silvia Hartmann

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Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & GoE Trainer Trainer in East Sussex, England.

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