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EMO Live Experiences

EMO Live Experiences

This is a compilation of articles first posted to TheAMT site in which Silvia Hartmann describes her experiences with presenting EMO to a new audience, including her very specific notes and case histories from a 2 day practitioner workshop. Essential reading for all EMO practitioners!

Silvia Hartmann writes: To celebrate the first edition of EMO - Patterns & Techniques, Vol. 1 in the German language, I had accepted an invitation to introduce ET to the IAK Kongress 2003 - Energy & Psyche. So as September came along, I packed my bags and headed for Kirchzarten near Freiburg in Germany to find out what these good people would make of ET ...

The IAK (International Association For Kinesiology) Kongress has been meeting in this small German town for a number of years and is well recognised and established there; indeed, at the conference party, dinner and dance on the Saturday night a representative from the Mayor's office came along and officially welcomed us to the town, which I thought was very neat indeed.

I was told that this year attendance was rather lower than usual; even so, I didn't think that a turnout of 200 people was anything other than most respectable for a conference held in the German language. It was also interesting to note that this meant by no means that only Germans were present; there were people from Switzerland, Austria, South Africa and Sweden, Holland, Poland and Ireland, to mention just a few.

IAK Kongress Venue in Kirchzarten near Freiburg, Germany

So and after a bit of an odyssey and an interesting night spend at the hotel which was cut short by some serious bell ringing from the local church at 6am the next day, I arrived at the Kurhaus venue in order to give an hour's introduction to EMO, starting at 10am, which I presumed to be the first slot of the day.

But the Germans do like to get up early; indeed the first presenter had started at 9am already and this was a lady from Ireland who was working with a translator. I speak German because I used to live in Germany as a child but I had not used the language at all for a good 25 years or more; so we had left it open as to whether I wanted to give it a whirl in German or play it safe and use a translator too.

Peeking in on the large hall with all those many people sitting earnestly, making notes on their pads, and listening to the translation process as the lady presenter said something, waited for it to be translated, then said something else, I thought, "No way can I do that. That's never going to work."

Trouble is with me I think at 500 miles an hour even when I'm not slightly stressed and in front of an audience of 200 people who have basically never heard of me; I knew that by the time the translator had finished the bit I'd said before, I would have been six pages on and get lost hopelessly. I made the decision to go for it in German and hope for the best.

So, the leader of the conference, Alfred Schatz, introduced me and there we were. I wished myself luck, reminded myself to "trust the energy mind", took a deep breath and just said what came to me, and that started with the words, "Ladies and Gentlemen, all others, all invisible ones present and all invisible ones who are not strictly present but listening in nonetheless, ... Good morning!"

To be honest, I don't really recall what I actually said there, but the audience was friendly and very responsive; when I didn't know a word, such as "psychological reversal", I'd just ask for it and one of the 20 or so German English speakers would shout out the word, I'd pick it up and then continue.

I'm also lucky I guess that EMO is both very simple to explain in principle, as well as really interesting because it is intuitive and matches people's actual life experiences; so I just told them about the basics of emotions being "cries from the energy body," energy nutrition and such, and the participants really seemed to like it and gave me a good round of applause at the end.

Phew! But it had actually been much, much easier than I'd thought it might be. My German was coming back quite happily, the material suited the conference attendants to a T, and the people were amazing - really open minded, friendly, and determined to learn something new. A diverse and wonderful crowd, brought together by their personal and professional fascination with energy therapies and healing, and as the morning and afternoon progressed, I got to talk to many different people from all walks of healing - homeopaths, naturopaths, allopathic doctors, kinesiologists, of course, but also self helpers and psychologists, all sorts, really.

I also looked at the exhibitions and the books. It was fun seeing my own two there (Adventures and EMO in their German incarnations), and also the various interesting translations of some of the classics by Callahan and such. I was told that the current best seller in the self help field was a book on drinking more water. Well, I guess easy is always good, and when it brings results as well, that can only be useful all around. The title of the book in question made me laugh, but I thought it was really good - "You're not sick, you're just thirsty".

Something I really liked and which took my eye and energy interest was a gentleman who makes little wooden shamanic animals. They are flowing in shape, highly stylised and feel just wonderful when you hold them, very kinaesthetic. He makes each one by hand from lots and lots of different kinds of wood; one I bought, a "luck dragon" was made from a wood so light it seemed to float. He told me that luck dragons fly so they need to be lightweight :-) I purchased three animals as keepsakes and because I really liked them, one for me and one each for my two sons.

In the evening there was the "course ball" complete with band, cabaret pieces from some of the participants and presenters, and a fantastic buffet. German food is *good*, there is no other word for it! And so lovingly presented, it really does make it taste even better still - so not just my energy body was having an excellent time.


Three-Hour Mini-Workshop On EMO

On Sunday, I was scheduled to give a 3 hour mini-workshop on EMO. When I arrived in the morning, I enquired as to where the handouts were for this as I wanted to look them over and familiarise myself with the German wordings; an immediate and frantic search by the (very professional and dedicated) staff revealed that there were no handouts. They must have been lost somewhere in cyberspace; to console everyone concerned I said, "Look, it's no big deal. Here's what we'll do. We shall look upon this as a sign from the universe and an opportunity to do something even better than it says on the programme. This is a conference. How's about I present my absolutely latest materials and findings, things which have never been brought to the public before anywhere in the world, which I haven't even written up yet. Would you like that?"

Yes, they would like that. I liked it too, a wonderful opportunity to try my latest models out on a large live audience; and there were a lot of people in that workshop, I estimate about a hundred. The room was packed, anyway, with a few people standing at the back.

So I got started with the Triad model and how I developed that. It was really good fun; my German was getting more fluent and rather than lecturing, I was starting to perform, which is what I like the best. The EMO demo was a total hoot; I got a German lady to shout at me the exact right words for "you are fat!" and of course, I'd never done this in German and the words and energy just flattened me. No acting required, my responses were truly honest and really well visible in every way. Also, to get THOSE particular blockages out of MY energy system was of course, a most useful and welcome side effect. Well they always say, healer heal thyself. I'm just walking the talk ...

People were extremely keen to have a go with EMO so I let them do a pairs exercise in spite of the narrow band of time for this workshop; they were really fascinated by it and by now, wide awake and buzzing.

Here comes the strangest thing. I said there were about a hundred people at this workshop. Would you believe it, only perhaps 10 or 12 had EVER even heard of EFT? Extraordinarily, EFT was a new concept for these people and I was asked if we could do some EFT as well, just to have an experience of it.

This really made me laugh - but I thought, why not? EFT is extremely useful and they SHOULD know it. Everyone in the world should! In the context of this workshop, we had been working with and talking about the Triad model, my latest and greatest theory on the human energy system, which contains the concept of the human totality, a fully integrated unit that does not only include the usual energy body, physicality, HEROS but also the *conscious mind* as well.

So I suggested that we should do a round of EFT all together as a group, and state the wish and desire to be more integrated as a human totality. We did the round gently and it was quite strange as a hundred people tapped the points and whispered, "Totality" as the reminder phrase. Many had experiences during this round and were very moved; others talked excitedly of the possibilities and insights they'd had.

I wasn't going to let them go home without Thought Flow & Heart Healing, the two simple but really helpful fast 2nd generation techniques and this concluded the 3 hour presentation.

People were very happy it must be said, and many came up and told me how wonderful it was to have real energy exercises "to take home that you can actually use" from the mini workshop. I was really pleased that these good people had had an introduction to some of the techniques we are so used to by now, we don't even think much about them any longer but they had never heard of before - that really was quite strange but it did remind me very much of my own initial excitement and joy when I discovered the energy techniques and got to play with them for the first time. I knew that many wonderful, wonderful revelations, changes and challenges would be awaiting these people and that was also a very cool thing all around.

So, after many talks with many different people, I made my way back to the hotel with a German copy of the EMO book under my arm, to spend a quiet night in, read the book, familiarise myself with the languaging and prepare for the two day ET Practitioner training the following morning.

I was beginning to really look forward to that ...


(to be continued)


German Energy Experiences Part 2

by Silvia Hartmann. September 2003


EMO Training - Day One

So, Monday morning dawned happily and I made my way to teach what was actually my first ever personal practitioner training for EMO, in German to a group of 32 people who ranged from those who hadn't even really heard of EFT, or TFT for that matter (!) to some who had specially come in for this training and were pretty up to date with energy therapies already.

But after what had happened on the preceding days and people's responses to my ideas and presentations, I was really looking forward to letting the participants interact with EMO - that would tell its own story much, much better than anything I'd be talking about ever could.

I am entirely aware that you can't talk about EMO and ever begin to understand it, you really do have to do it, FEEL IT, really experience what it does and how it affects you and your partners in the exercises in order to have some idea of what an interesting and expanding techniques set this actually is.

I am also aware that working as directly and as intensively with energy and the body as EMO does is experienced as really quite exhausting by the participants. A key element of EMO trainings are the experiential exercises and the fact is, when someone has just directly worked with some thing in their energy system which has been causing them major grief for many, many years and the whole thing re-organised itself on all these different levels, they are NOT then afterwards in any state to be assimilating long lectures, statistics or anything really that I would want them to remember after the training was over. That's a light challenge for the trainers of course, but you just have to know it and account for it, by giving people plenty of time after the exercises to go into a break, get a drink, walk in the gardens (if any) and generally, come back to themselves BEFORE we start with more theory and explanations.

So, an ET practitioner training is a very, very practical thing, very experiential, and all the exercises are set up to directly teach the participants something that they will then know, totally integrate and always remember, because they have done it and now KNOW it rather than just to have heard about it and know ABOUT it.

As the translation of the practitioner manual was - a little strange to my eyes, shall we say, and as I had not thought to bring an English practitioner manual or, for that matter, a proper trainer's manual with me, the bizarre occasion arose that I had actually no idea what I had originally designed for this training. That was over a year ago and the Lord alone knows why I didn't think to bring a trainer's manual - at any rate, I didn't and so just decided to teach the group as it would come naturally to me, and in response to their experiences, letting us as a unit set the progression of the training in a very free-flowing format.

That was a neat thing indeed and it led directly to me coming up with a whole new set of exercises for this group and a different order and sequence than normal.

The very first exercise in my original set-up (although not all ET trainers follow this for their own various reasons) is to play the "Insult Game" with a practice partner.

Hereby, one of the partners gets to choose an insult which has been a source of annoyance or pain for them and which is guaranteed to produce a strong physiological response. Let's say as an example that for this person it would be, "You're a fat pig!", an unfortunate left-over from long gone school days and an "energetic injury" which has never been properly healed.

The person then coaches their partner in just how to throw that insult at them; the partner does this, the kinaesthetic response is triggered and the most basic of all ET protocols then runs its course, and as this is happening, both partners are learning about the pathways, the softening and flowing, the "it's only an energy" directive, and most importantly, they both get to learn what exactly happens when it all flows smoothly and the flip into the "energised end state" has occurred - when the former insult just creates a rush of energised, bright sensation and the person is laughing, clapping their hands and dancing with joy.

This is a simple and basic exercise which covers so many things and this group really went for it; insulting folk is actually quite good fun in and of itself and everyone gave it a good old go.

In a way, this group was great because they were so very innocent in working with the energy body directly; most of these people really didn't ever do much work with this kind of thing before and they were simply delighted how easy it was, and how good it felt.

Lots of people commented on how revolutionary a concept it was that one should feel so good and so alive afterwards; like most others, they were just used to looking for a cessation of pain into just "peace" or such and had not experienced that other dimension when it actually flips into the "my God, I can fell GREAT!!" scale which exists on the other side of peace.

After this first exercise, they were really up for things and rearing to go. Some of them were a little over-eager and wanted to do and know EVERYTHING there and then, resented the long breaks and such - but that's ok, it was only 11am by now and we still had HOURS to go before the first training day concluded at 6pm.

And a lot more to learn.


Learning About Energy Shields

In the question and answer session after the first exercise, shields came up very strongly and rather than deferring this to a later date, I decided to go straight into shields because they were there with us, and set a whole new shields exercise which came to me on the spur of the moment.

Rather than trying to guess for something or hoping shields would come up on some topic naturally for everyone, I decided to simply go for something that each participant already KNEW they lacked connection to - just some topic, idea, thing, person, anything at all they felt as though there was a barrier between them and it.

Their practise partner would just stand by and help out as and when required as they together explored what shielding existed between the active partner and their topic of choice; I suggested they might try something like computers if they felt they had little or no connection to those, just as an example of what I meant by this.

This was a totally fascinating exercise for me in every way imaginable; I'd never done this or even seen it done before, and to be able to walk amongst these practice groups and to observe what they were doing with it was just - blissfully interesting, is all I can say.

One lady had decided she wanted to overcome her disconnection from "maps".

I couldn't help but raise both eyebrows at this and asked to explain it a little further, and she said that she just couldn't make any sense of maps - all kinds of maps, road maps for one thing, but also operating instructions when you have to build a cupboard or such, or even further, instructions for an exercise.

"Aha," I said, putting on my NLP hat for a moment, "so you mean *maps in their widest possible metaphorical sense*?"

She nodded seriously and so her set began. She said there was a shield between her and the "map" - full body size, at least three handspans thick and it made it impossible to read the symbols on the other side! (I couldn't help but think "dyslexia" ??? most strongly at that point - the energetic shield wavered and distorted what was behind it so it could not be *seen clearly*).

When she had gone through the routine of letting a little energy in to find injuries and disturbances which need to be repaired before a shield can be dissolved (and a considerable erea of injury had been found and restored near the center of her body), she gave the command to dissolve the entire shield and just shouted out aloud, "Oh my, oh my, it's like roads, roads streaming into me! Blue roads!!!" and at the same time, I had the feeling I myself was standing under an electric shower, the shift was so strong and noticeable. At the very same time and before she had even shouted about the roads, three or four people from other groups were turning around and looking over to her curiously - these people had felt HER energy shift all across the room! It was way, way cool and we hugged briefly (couldn't help it, it was just - called for!) and we both agreed that we didn't need to know what the "roads" were about but that it was just simply wonderful.

I sent her off to walk in the garden and think her own thing for a while and went to observe further.

One practice team really, really made me laugh. The active partner felt very disconnected from their clients and had immediately seen that there was a big wall straight in front of them (a big shield) with the clients on the other side.

What was funny about this was that the helper was standing directly opposite them - and THEY were thus on the other side of that self same huge shield, and strangely (!!) were thus "not getting through" to their partner. I made them move and stand shoulder to shoulder with the active partner and boy, did that make a difference! First comment from the active partner, the owner of the shield was, "Oh I feel as though I have some support from someone else at last!" The helper could now understand the nature of the shield and help to dissolve it after the injuries had been repaired, and I thought how neat that was, and further, how often people are in such situations and not just in therapy. Perhaps just standing shoulder-to-shoulder with someone rather than facing them squarely on and running right into their existing shields can be a useful manoeuvre, whether you're an EMO practitioner or not ...

Someone used the exercise to "drop shields" to a relative, another used it to re-connect themselves to the subject of numbers and mathematics and a truly fine and exciting time was had by all.

And of course, the basics of shield work had thoroughly been learned without anyone actually noticing this because they were way too caught up inside the unfoldment of the actual experiences.

Going back to that "dyslexia" idea with the lady who couldn't see the symbols of her maps properly because of the distortion of the shield, it was really noticeable in this large group that people did say over and over again some key things. Now these people were very different in age, background, nationality and experience, yet they used the same phrases time and time again. In this shields exercise for example, they said that "the colours became brighter", "everything was more clearly defined", "things became more 3 dimensional", and later on in the training, people commented that it was as though "people themselves became more real somehow".

It was truly exciting to me to see this in action and I really couldn't help but muse and wonder about disassociation in general, about people in particular feeling lonely behind their shields and being unable to connect to each other, simply because there are these shields in the way.

One further interesting note on the shields front. One participant did not have a classic StarTrek shield of a certain thickness and consistency but instead, the entire space in which his consciousness and the "other" existed was filled with mist, thick white mist which made it virtually impossible to make out any details about the other or to relate to it. This participant also talked about being lost a lot, and being confused which this state of energetic occurrence would naturally engender. When this mist was cleared and they could "see clearly" again, a relationship with the other sprang into being quite naturally and this was an amazing moment to witness and to feel for me.

It is an extraordinary thing, in a way. Here I am inventing this stuff, I write it up and mostly forget about it then and move onto the next challenge. But to actually be there and EXPERIENCE people's responses to the various EMO exercises was profoundly moving, and newly so each time I was witness to this.

After the shields exercises and some more feedback and a little gentle reminder and wrap up session, there was a break and then it was time for abreaction city.


Love Hurts!

The fun thing is that we do the insults first and the *positive statements* much later in EMO trainings because it is NOT the insults which cause people to burst out into tears on the spot, but actually when you tell them they are beautiful, or that they have a right to be here on this planet, or that you love them.

It is extraordinary but absolutely true that it is those kinds of statements, energies and the words which carry these energies which an individual has desperately longed to hear ALL their lives (but never did) show up the worst ereas of injuries and devastation in the energy body. New ET Trainers are given to arguing that it surely would be better to start with the positives and work round to the nasty negatives a bit later but anyone who has ever actually done this with clients or groups KNOWS that it is a very global thing indeed - a general occurrence and event for at least the 1st World Westerners we have in our trainings.

Love brings them to their knees like nothing else can.

Some brief glimpses of what happened during this exercise and which have stayed with me.

I always instruct people in trainings to find a new and different practice partner each time, and to deliberately choose someone they might not normally be wanting to deal with, to extend their flexibility and to understand how very STRUCTURAL EMO actually is. That it really doesn't matter if your partner is a small African lady or a big grim looking older man, as long as they're human and they really want to play, EMO will work.

One lady therefore chose deliberately to pair herself up for this exercise with a second lady she didn't know, but who had deeply annoyed her earlier in the morning by her conduct in the restaurant. This second lady had not even noticed her there because she had been "bitching at the checkout person" for some considerable time and the first was just behind her in the queue.

So imagine her surprise when the second lady, the one who had bitched in the cafeteria, expressed her desire for her practice partner to say to her, "You are a really likeable person!"

It was not until AFTER the work was completed that the practice partner revealed herself and her reasons for her choice of practice partner, and they got on really well and between them made some superb magic on that day. Ah, energy, synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time - it's wonderful, really, when you just sit back and look at it!

I saw a pair working on having a lady accept "You are the most attractive woman I have ever seen!" and once again, shivers went all through me as I watched and felt them do it.

A gentleman who had asked for, "You are a good teacher." ended up curled up on the floor and had to be lovingly helped by two partners to straighten out his energy system. Following the intervention he had finally some colour to his face - he had looked like a ghost, pale and drawn, all the time before and it was wonderful to observe the change.

This reminds me of something else I noted time and time again - namely that people actually and literally "came to life" during these exercises. Before, they stood pale and still, rigid throughout, and after, there was high colour in their faces, and there was MOVEMENT in their bodies, necks, feet, faces - wonderful! And highly noticeable, of course, to everyone who was watching. We didn't have to "trust our intuition" or hope for the best, you could really SEE and FEEL how increased energy flow throughout the energy body really wakes folk up, gives them a spark, gives them new energy and makes them so much more lively and alive. And that is infectuous. Even I couldn't help but do little dances and hug people now and then, and that is saying something about me ...

We did a couple more exercises and people had now begun to get the hang of it. They were no longer talking about heart chakras or trying to re-phrase or lead the interventions; they were beginning to do this new thing rather than what they had come with and that was great as well to see as the day progressed. It was an indication to me that they were beginning to trust the underlying processes.

I had already decided that I was going to massively diverge from the standard practitioner programme with this group and basically, conclude all the ET1 level stuff by lunchtime the next day at the latest, so that I would have time to have them play with some of the new material.

This was partially because they were working so hard and were so extremely easy to teach; I had more time than with previous groups and of course, basic EMO isn't exactly brain surgery and very easy to learn once you have decided that you actually want to learn it. But it was also because I had the thought in the back of my mind that they would not have access to the general English speaking resources of the websites, add on protocols and SFI group and might not have another chance at an ET training for the foreseeable future.

So with a very happy group and a blown-away presenter, we went into the evening fun activities before the second and last day of this extraordinary training.


EMO Training - Day Two

The morning of the second day, I had decided to make a point of the fact that in ET, *everything* is really and truly, JUST AN ENERGY. That I'm not joking when I say this; that when I talk about emotional energies being simply injuries in the energy body this actually encompasses all and everything under the topic, no matter how horrendous, how old, how hard or how painful it was or still is.

For this purpose, I chose two exercises, namely "The Deepest, Darkest Secret" and "The Oldest Burden".

EMO can be run with "content unknown".

This means that the partner, helper or practitioner need not know what the topic of the intervention or problem is; imagine this as the equivalent of someone coming to the doctor's with a big hole in their stomach, and it is not really relevant how that got to be there, or who actually took a chunk out of this person, or whether it was the person's own fault that they now have this injury and so on and so forth - what I tend to say is that, "We're dealing with these energetic injuries like you would deal with a hole in a sock. Look, there's a sock. It's got a hole in it. We mend it. End of story."

This is a very, very essential component of EMO and what that does is to take both the practitioner and the owner of the injury into this other mindspace where things are clear and logical and incredibly easy to resolve, because you just don't get involved with what it means, whether it is a karma thing, what the lessons are, whose fault it is, how horrible it all is and so on and so forth which kept people in therapy for a lifetime.

So, and to demonstrate these three components, namely:

1. No-one ever needs to know where the injury came from or "what it means" (content unknown) and the problem can be perfectly well resolved in all ways;

2. We don't need to talk *about the problem* in order to resolve the problem (clear mind space of simple structural repair work); and

3. It doesn't matter how "bad" something is or how old, it is ONLY AN ENERGY and energy can be moved with consciousness in quantum time, easily, and just for the asking.

... I chose the "Deepest, Darkest Secret".

On the Heart Healing HD album, there is a journey/process in which one gives things one doesn't need to carry any longer to the universal ocean, and the words are:

"The ocean is enormous,

and it will with gladness take all you have to give -

even your deepest, darkest secrets,

those things you thought could never be revealed,

you could not tell another or yourself,

and which pressed the breath from your lungs,

and the bright star of hope from your eyes."

(excerpt from Ocean Wood - Heart Healing HD2)

In EMO, we really do return things to the ubiquitous universal "oceans of energy" and they are indeed enormous, and carrying secrets in the energy body is one of those things I've noted which can and do cause the most horrendous disturbances; to release these is a huge, huge relief all around.

When the group came back from this exercise, they were different.

Quieter, much more thoughtful. I think what happened was that they were beginning to appreciate the depth and power of working with energy in this way; the day before we did have a lot of good fun and there, it seems to be this easy, happy little thing, but this exercise and the one to follow, "The Oldest Burden", really do show up how very structural ET is and that there is, in short, no problem at all that is too hard, too heavy or immune to this way of working. I understand that this makes one rather thoughtful as a great many ideas one might have had about healing and even about oneself and what it takes to heal or to make changes has been so very practically challenged.

For the "oldest burden" exercise I have a story which really did amaze me. The day before, one of the participants asked if they could have a word with me and they told me the following (all details have been changed for confidentiality).

This gentleman had a son who had died of AIDS some two years previously. The son had been 21 years old when this happened, and the gentleman in question, let's call him Tony, was in a process of systemic collapse. His energy system was folding in on itself; that's the best I can describe it; and the symptoms and occurrences he told me about reminded me strongly of what has been observed in "The Dying Process", a paper (on http://sidereus.org ) written by a hospice nurse to explain what happens in very regular and systemic stages when a person is in a hospice and dying. In his quest to help his son, Tony had gone, like so many, to the end of the available allopathic remedies and treatments, and then in desperation turned to the holistic and esoteric fields of human healing because there was nothing else left to do.

This is why he was at this energy therapies conference; this is why he now was sitting in a cafe with me and telling me these things, how he couldn't sleep anymore, had no energy left for his wife, his other children, his clients at work, and how he had these terrible stabbing pains in the area of his testicles which would spread all through his abdomen and were so excruciating that he was then literally on the floor, crying out in pain.

Needless to say, the doctors couldn't find "anything wrong" physically and had now referred him to a psychiatrist; he told me that he knew full well that it wasn't physical, but he had to go through the motions for his wife's sake who was of course terribly upset too and after losing the son, was terrified she was going to lose him as well. He further told me that he thought the son had died "on his behalf", that he had died for his father, in his place.

I did what I could for him in the cafe and now, back in the training, the participants are doing "The Oldest Burden" exercise and there is Tony, as I'm making the rounds, and his two practice partners, a very young lady and a nice older lady, both kinesiologists with little or no psychology experience, working on his abdominal area.

"Bloody hell," I thought, "He's really done it - he's really given them THAT for this exercise! Wow!" and so I went over to the group and asked the older lady who was the "observer" in the team at that time, "Well, how's it going?"

The lady looked up from her notepad, smiled brightly and said all cheerfully, "Oooh, that was a bit of a tricky one, but it's getting there - halfway up the stomach now, it's starting to flow!"

And I thought, "And you have NO IDEA of the severity of what that was, what that was about, and thank the Lord you didn't because if you did, you would have been - well, probably petrified would be a good word for it!"

I made a point of having a quick word with Tony in the next available break, and what he said was this: "Something unlocked today, something - unhooked and it has changed. I feel hope for the first time - oh, since long before my son died. Hope that there is some reason for being here, and hope that I can now turn this around. Do something useful so that he didn't die for nothing."

Personally I am not given to making any predictions or promises of healing; I don't even allow myself to consider that, not in my work nor with myself, but if there was any hope at all for Tony to make it to 80 years of age then I would have thought that working this directly with the energy body, resolving these things from the energy body up like we do, is about the most gentle and best bet we have at this time, and that was worth a lot to me.



Re-Defining Psychosomatic Disease

As a result of this, I also told the group when we came back from these exercises and the much needed breaks afterwards, that I would like to officially announce that I am no longer going to use the phrase or concept of psychosomatic or neurosomatic illness, but that I consider these to be simply emotions now, and that would bring those kind of "physical pains without a seemingly physical origin" right into the brief of EMO treatments.

I believe that this re-definition of psychosomatics as being simply the highest end class of emotions will not just help those who are treating these to have a much clearer idea of what they are dealing with, and HOW to deal with these, at that, but also that people who are experiencing the pain of these high end emotions can then understand THEMSELVES better and no longer need to feel that they are mad, or having some sort of aberration going on there.

This is particularly important to me. Feeling intense and disabling pain in the absence of a physical cause is thereby strictly systemic, normal and absolutely what one would expect with the highest end injuries in the energy system and how these warning signals progress if left untreated.



Size and State Of The Human Energy System

I would like to return now briefly to my observation about Tony and that his energy system was "collapsing in on itself" as well as my noting that his processes were remarkably similar, if not the same, as what had been observed by the hospice nurse in "The Dying Process".

A set of exercise which are amongst my favourites in EMO revolve around the concept as how you can turn those hit and miss things called "affirmations", into a powerful "evocation" of that form of energy or change which is required (Zaubersprueche!).

Very simply put, if someone believes themselves to be unlovable, and they look into a mirror and say, "I am lovable", they're not doing themselves any good but instead, experience emotional pain AGAIN - because the reason they thought that they were unlovable in the first place is most likely a blockage or energetic injury somewhere in their systems and when something of the right frequency (such as an affirmation!) hits that injury, IT HURTS SOME MORE and really, doesn't do any good at all. Very rarely and entirely by accident, SOME affirmations work but the majority of them don't, or at least not until and unless some serious other work has been done somehow else; rest of the time, it causes even more pain and depression. I'd been observing this for 20 years and more and got the point where when someone said, "Affirmation" I would spit fire in response, instantly.

With EMO what you do is to say or evoke the energy form you want, for example, "I am a superb lover." Then you note where that HURTS when you say it aloud or even think it; you heal that, and then you when you say it again and those energies rush through and out clearly, you really get a sense of what it was that you were trying to evoke and you FEEL the shift, feel the difference the evocation has created with you and for you.

This group decided mostly to do animals for this exercise - shamanic energy evocation of the ESSENCE of an eagle, a tiger, an elephant, a dolphin and so forth.

This is a little unusual for this exercise; I think someone started with animals and then everyone else thought, yeah that's cool, I always wanted to evoke "the stallion within" and did the same; but I was really glad it happened because there was a very, very interesting aspect to this I became aware of after the third person said exactly the same thing.

They all reported that their sense of their energy field *expanded massively* when they tuned into being these animals.

For example:

"I decided to evoke being an eagle. I had a blockage in my throat and then found another near the top of my stomach. When that dissolved, my vision became sharper and I could feel myself expanding hugely, I had this sense of being so big and so high, so very powerful."

Or this one:

"I used, I am an elephant. I was really surprised, I always thought elephants were kind of lumbering and slow. But wow, when I had cleared a blockage in my head and neck, I felt this amazing sense of expansion, and physical power - I felt so strong and so alive!"

Now, eagles are considerably SMALLER than human beings, so why would the experience of an eagle's energy system lead a person to feel their energy field expanding?

Unless - people's energy systems are drawn in unnaturally?

Unless - and this was indeed a very frightening thought! - they are in that process of collapse that I had observed in Tony?!

Not as fast or catastrophic as in his case, but actually and practically, doing the "dying process" over a longer period of time? Might that lead to the proverbial "grey men, leading lives of quiet desperation"?

I was most intrigued by that thought and what it also did was to bring to the fore once more how IMPORTANT working with the energy system directly might be for long term health and longevity even, if you want.

It may well be so that even we who are working with the human energy systems every day are still really seriously underestimating the importance of it as the very BASIS FOR HUMAN LIFE altogether. That we still may live in the old construct entrainments where there never was such a thing as an energy system, or that playing around with that said energy system is something you do "after all else has failed", if you have nothing better to do or if you're bored at the weekend.

It is certainly a fascinating supposition and one that would behove us all to take a good long look at; and especially in the context of what one might DO in order to reverse this slow collapse and put things to rights.



Living Energy

And now, to a personal highlight of this training for me - very personal and very, very important indeed.

Following Richard Bandler's failed court cases to try and claim ownership of NLP back (which he indeed had invented!) I was advised when I invented EMO to make sure that everyone I train signs a document which clearly states that they didn't invent it, and that I was not passing over the name into their ownership but just renting it out for the duration of the practitioner/trainer's license.

This is a legal document of some two pages and it has caused havoc ever since we had it during EMO trainings because people simply freak out when faced with such a thing, refuse to sign it, demand to know what every paragraph means and generally go into a cataclysm of fear, distrust and God alone knows what kinds of "psychological reversal".

Well, so here I'm doing this training and it is going so beautifully, flowing so beautifully, the whole group bonding lovingly and people really connecting with each other, and in the lunchbreak of the second day, these documents come out for the group to sign, and the usual freakouts occur on the spot.

Only this time, I'm standing there and I'm seeing this thing energetically. And what I'm seeing is the pleasant blue green flow of the EMO training, and the legal documents are like a sharp, nasty black evilness with spikes coming out of it - they don't belong here.

I remember thinking this very clearly, "They don't belong here."

So, and as I indeed am the inventor and owner of EMO, I held up my hand and said to the group, "Right. That does it. I've had all I can take of this nonsense.

"These stupid legal documents do NOT belong into one of my trainings. They are energetically incompatible and are producing a disturbance in the flow that is entirely unnecessary.

"Either I believe in energy, or I don't.

"I cannot stand here and tell you people about EMO and energy and the Even Flow, and then hand out this energetic shrapnel, not for one moment longer.

"From this day forth, we're going to do without those. I'm going to instruct The Sidereus Foundation accordingly and have all the trainers informed as soon as I'm back home tomorrow, that's the end of it, once and for all.

"So if you please, ladies and gentlemen, rip up those contracts, right now, and throw them away.

"I cannot be preaching energy, I must be living energy. I can't do anything else, and I won't."

After this impassioned outburst, the group was a little speechless at first. Then they took the contracts, ripped them up and spontaneously burst out into applause which turned into a standing ovation - LOL! A wonderful moment actually, and a conscious watershed for me.

Unlike a great many people I've met, I am LIVING what I learn and what I teach at every way. It is entirely REAL to me and energy does not stop for "the real world" with legal documents and such.

If some idiot comes along and "steals" the name (or attempts this) then I'll make something else, find an ENERGETICALLY CORRECT solution for the problem. Seriously, court cases over "ownership" of a term are for muppets and won't have anything to do with that. Other than feeling sorry for people who consider themselves so entirely resourceless that they have to steal other people's work and try and pretend it's their own. Perhaps they did an ET evocation on "I'm a mangy half starved coyotee" or such. Who can know.

But I believe in energy work absolutely and it was quite wonderful for me personally to really have to opportunity to understand this, and to make a stand for myself and in myself for energy work and my belief in it. Magical, that was, and very healing and re-aligning.



The Afternoon Exercises

So, and in the terms of the training, as I'd said, by lunchtime we were finished with the EMO practitioner programme and now it was time to play a little with the new techniques, with the stuff that is basically outside the skin barrier and thereby, perceived differently.

For a basic and first introduction to working with ereas outside the physical body, I choose the Rainbow Connection, an energetic polarity/parts integration device that has simply wonderfully noticeable effects on people's physicalities, their states and their conscious awareness/thought; and as the Level 2 equivalent of the "Oldest Burden" carried inside the body, "The Shadow" exercise.

Hereby what we do is to take a "something" that exists in the energy field and of which its owner has been entirely aware for a long time, possibly their entire conscious lives, and which is functionally a major disturbance in the wider energy field, hence the name, "The Shadow". Following the usual precepts of EMO, this is then systemically explored and released and Even Flow is being brought to those ereas of the energy body which are linked into that particular wider system.

One lady I observed had a life-long problem with something that turned out to be a permission issue - it was as though there were parts in her energy system where she was not allowed to go, or know about, or have contact with. This was a most profoundly interesting experience and the lady in question was literally (and very physically!) reeling as she needed to find a whole new balance all around. When she did, I can only say that I was most impressed with the changes, indeed.

I also gave the group as a bonus and gift from me to them for all their honest attention and hard work over the two days a short overview of Project Energy, a true multi-purpose energetic alignment device for use in business, family therapy and other systems where more than one component needs to be working and function within a "group flow system". They enjoyed this quite a bit, as I did talking about this - it's one of my favourite patterns of 2003 (so far :-) and very, very magical.

I also made a quick mention of Thought Flow, and then invited the group to join me for a Heart Healing session.

This was very interesting. As you probably know, I'm a General Semanticist and also a long term NLPer and hypnotist, so as soon as I started on the words to the basic Heart Healing invocation in German I became aware that I wasn't doing this right to be speaking it TO them; what would have happened was that they would have gone away thinking that *I* was healing their hearts!

This of course leads to the totally wrong conclusions and also, "Guru disturbances" of which I am acutely aware and highly allergic to; so I stopped everything immediately and explained that the core, very deepest core of what I do is to bring people online so they get to step into THEIR OWN HEALING POWERS and use those to grow stronger from within THEMSELVES, rather than leaving this to another outside of themselves.

So, instead, what I did was to speak a single line, and then having the group repeat the single line in the Heart Healing posture, much like you would do on an oath or pledge of allegiance.

That gave me the time to phrase it right and to make sure that the right ENERGY AND INTENTION was present.

I don't remember the exact words and of course, they were in German, but it went something like this.

These are MY healing hands.

(Group repeats gestures and words - These are MY healing hands.)

I place MY OWN healing hands on MY OWN dear heart.

With all my love, it is my full intention

to make right what once went wrong,

to make whole what once was broken,

with all my love and all my power,

I nourish and awaken

my dear beloved heart

Have it shine like the sun.

That was absolutely amazing, absolutely magical as the group spoke these words and the energy in the room was just totally wonderful, is all I can say. Holy, even, and in this format it was right - all these people there and each was an individual, adding their own individuality to the time and place, and knew they were.

I was most satisfied with this and so, we finished up with a Q&A session, and the training was indeed, complete.



Thoughts and Further Developments

Personally, I had not actually conducted an EMO training since the first one in Kensington the previous year and had had no plans whatsoever to ever do that again - this was and is the reason I only do a limited amount of trainer's trainings once in a while, so that I don't have to go over the basics over and over again and keep my time free for going forward.

I was very stressed at the inaugural Kensington training for various reasons and don't actually remember much at all of what went on there; I do know there was a participant who wanted their money back half way through the first day because I was "too old and ugly" which rather cemented my views that the general public is best avoided at all cost and the only reason I chose to do this German training was in order to show some solidarity to the publishing company which was sponsoring the conference and to thank them for having faith in this new system.

However, it turned out to be one of the most extraordinary experiences of my training career and one could say, reconciled me with the whole EMO system in a big way.

It is a superb system from every angle, and really, I should have done much, much more to publicise it and to make sure that folk would know about it. It is gentle and a whole new experience for practitioners and therapists alike, and allows one to tackle the very worst disturbances swiftly and with confidence, even if one has no training in existing therapy forms at all. It fits like a glove with just about every imaginable form of therapy and counselling, from kinesiology to massage and psychology and can be as easy as saying a few words; as the therapist, you can't go wrong and you learn stacks about people as you're paying attention to each client's unfoldments in total safety because the client is totally in control all the way through.

For clients, it is finally a way to deal with things one has been afraid of and suffering from for such a long time; things one might have thought could never possibly be resolved, or would have to hurt as much again if one was to turn one's attention there; and for people like me who have been severely abused the idea of retaining full control over the processes yet to be supported by another in this totally respectful and gentle manner is nothing short of a Godsent.

I can't just lie there and let people prod my energy system to their heart's content, all of me goes simply on flat out red alert and so I have avoided this scenario all my life. With this way of working, I'm in control and can call halt to things if I'm getting scared and I get not only to decide exactly what we're working on and in which order, but also the ONLY feedback mechanism are MY feelings and experiences and what *I* say - no-one is telling me any more what's wrong with me, nor how THEY are going to put this right by a quick prod here and a quick prod there.

Further, for the very worst stuff I don't have to tell anyone at all what it was and where it came from and put myself back through the mill yet again, but can simply point and say where it hurts - and *I* am the one whose attention in the end, moves and restores these energy blockages, gives permission and the instruction for healing to be executed, it is all *my* choice, *my* doing.

Lastly, as I am doing this, the very fact that my various bizarre emotions, thoughts and behaviours are simply structural and systemic responses to a deeply disturbed and injured energy body beneath, and NOT signs of madness, that God doesn't love me or that I've deserved any of this is simply a cooling rain to a fire of pain which has smouldered for 40 years or more.

Those are my own responses to EMO exercises when I take part in person.

Those types of responses are mirrored by the other participants and indeed, in this case so very powerfully so that I have to conclude it is not only me who finds this way of working with old problems incredibly relieving from both angles - that of the practitioner, and that of the therapist. I actually had *wanted* to hug some of the participants, and I don't touch nor hug unless the cavalry is standing by and I've basically given birth myself to the person in question! Others there said that their practice partners "came to life before their eyes", that they felt the others in the room "became so much more real" and some remarked that they had "never before felt so connected to a client" as they had done during these exercises.

THAT is perhaps the most truly amazing and profound effect of this whole deal and where as far as I am concerned, the greatest hope for further healing and resolution resides for those amongst us who, like myself, have lost it somewhere with the human race, have crept off in pain and defeat to hide behind their shields just so they might survive another day without going completely insane and have remained there, disconnected, lonely and slowly "starving for love amidst the oceans of energy".

What I also did see and experience so profoundly that I think I've finally learned is that working with the energy body in this way and entirely honouring the PHYSIOLOGICAL responses of the body is perhaps the master key to a true re-connection of consciousness, energy body and physicality in the end.

I've had a very brief personal experience of what happens when that happens, when all of you comes into sync just for a flash of a moment - it is a sense of lucidity and presence, of connection and incredible clarity of mind which encompasses all that IS indeed just like an enlightenment state, an epiphany, a numinous experience. I had this brief experience during this training, and you could say that it has re-set my goal posts as to what it is that I'm trying to achieve, what I'm actually after, and what can be done if we get this right.

This has also re-set my ideas as to what has to be done next with EMO, and where it needs to go.

I'm going to presenting these new directions in a one off training in November 2003; before, I thought I knew where we were going - the wider energy body, energetic realities, putting things right on those wider levels and in those planes, and of course the Triad system of the HEROS.

That is still perfectly correct and needs to be done, but there has emerged another aspect most strongly, and that would be the body itself, and the body/energy body injuries on all these levels and layers which have not been treated correctly and never been dealt with correctly.

What I saw and experienced for myself in Germany was that we need to bring the physicality directly into this game, combining physical stimulation and touch with the basic EMO system and thereby working with physicality AND the energy system* at the same time. This is a very long story and those who would like to find out more about the physical EMO connections and exercises will be able to find articles on this later on http://EmoTrance.com.

In the meantime, I am going to conclude this series of articles on the "German Energy Experiences" with saying that I am most deeply grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with a system which is custom made for real people; that however this came to be, EMO is truly the most extraordinary gift and it deserves our best attention.

Thank you for listening and have a gentle day and night,

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, The EMO System

August 2003 - First published by http://EmoTrance.com

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