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Events Psychology Treatment Flow In Brief

Events Psychology Treatment Flow In Brief

We start with the events story which contains the event inside. This is regardless of whether we are working with trauma or Guiding Star as an event is an event, and both are structurally the same.

Events Psychology:

The Treatment Flow In Brief

Excerpt from "Events Psychology Sample Cases"

We are seeking to create an event for the client which is powerful enough to overwrite the existing event which has caused the problem.

The presenting problem is there because of an event in the past. This is a one time occurrence of high power which happened at a very particular point in time and space and brought the problem into being.

We are going straight for the event in the treatment, and only for the event.

Preferably we work with the genesis event, but if this is not available, we may work with events echoes (repeat performances of the original event) or with events models which stand in for the unavailable genesis events.

It is of the essence that the client remains stress free throughout the entire treatment process because it is only then that they have the faculties of mind, body and spirit to deal with these significant events, and the movements of consciousness that are required on their part to bring the new changes into being.

Events Psychology acknowledges the fact that all and any forms of “memory” are now only data. Therefore, no distincton is made between an event that came about because of something “real” or imagined, a hallucination, nightmare, dream, drug induced experience, or even false memory. An event is an event, none of it is here any longer, and the only place all of that exists is in the client's mind, body and spirit. Therefore it all belongs to the client, and the client may change any part of this stored data to bring about benefits for their life. This simple precept makes working with Events Psychology easy, gentle, and immensely effective all the same.

We start with the events story which contains the event inside. This is regardless of whether we are working with trauma or Guiding Star as an event is an event, and both are structurally the same.

We build “the road into the event” gradually and elegantly, keeping the client absolutely stress free throughout so that the events story can unfold and the event can become known.

When we reach the event, we notice what happened with physical experiences and what happened after the fact with metacomments, powerful post hypnotic suggestions the person gave to themselves in a moment of high systemic upheaval, and which form the basis for the person's beliefs, values, attitudes and choices from that moment forth.

Then we go ahead and make changes to the event, by changing the event directly, by changing the attitude of consciousness, by changing the metacomments, or all of this if necessary.

When the client has a breakthrough threshold shift experience which changes not just their emotions, but also their mind at the same time, the session is complete. 

  • Important: Events Psychology sessions lead to a threshold shift that is the EVENT of healing, change, learning, and evolution.


The above text is an excerpt from Events Psychology Cases, which is now part of The Events Psychology Ultimate Package. See below for details.

Events Psychology

The Events Psychology Ultimate Package - Silvia Hartmann's Events Psychology explains the relationships between trauma events and all the many other events that make up a person's life, creates the Events Matrix, how to work with this and most of all, how to use this information to create a better future. Events Psychology is only available from DragonRising, and forms the backbone of a modern energist's work, including Energy EFT and EMO Energy in Motion.

Click here for more information and to order The Events Psychology Ultimate Package

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Silvia Hartmann

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Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & GoE Trainer Trainer in East Sussex, England.

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