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Freedom Spells - Expanding The Concept Of Soften & Flow

Freedom Spells - Expanding The Concept Of Soften & Flow

The original EMO instruction to "Soften & Flow!" is central to moving energy from where it is stuck, to finding its rightful place in time and space, where it belongs and might even be beneficial there.

Working with an EFT version of the Freedom Spells and quite by accident, it was found that we can expand the concept of Soften & Flow - thereby making EMO even more spectacularly successfull and delightful.

Silvia Hartmann writes:

I have a very small German language group (the only one left now) to go with the German language Emotionale-Freiheit website, and when I was awaiting the operation, they were very kind and very supportive.

So as a "thank you" I thought I'd write up the EFT/EMO hybrid version of the Freedom Spells which is such a very, very useful thing to know and which helped me personally a lot during my darkest hours in December.

One session with that literally cured my fear of the mechanical aspects of the whole situation, the operation, and all the what ifs in about ten minutes, a remarkable experience indeed.

Now the English version of the basic EMO Freedom Spells goes:

All of my [fear]
I now let you go,
soften and flow,
soften and flow!

In the brackets, you can insert anything you want to flow, anger, disappointment, disillusionment, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, annoyance, burdens, misery, depression, headaches, heartaches, pride, vanity, ignorance, reversals, gluttony, vainglory, sadness, chips on the shoulder, bad attitudes, ambitions, failures, defeats, misfortunes, hatred, neediness and all the rest of it, making the freedom spells a very relaxing, relieving and thoroughly enjoyable energy experience.

* Freedom Spells are from EMO Vol. 3, Energy Magic.

In the EFT Freedom spells hybrid version, you tap the same Freedom Spell on every single EFT point mindfully to really release all the [xxx] you can.

This is called a hybrid because you don't just tap on the points, but you also track the PHYSICAL SENSATIONS that happen when you say the Freedom Spell and tap it through all the EFT points (of the Classic EFT Protocol).

It is a thoroughly fascinating experience as you can feel different things starting to loosen up and slither away, depending which EFT point you're on, and all the various body sensations related to that, and the many different body locations as well.

Not only is this EFT/EMO hybrid tremedously educational as far as energy movements in your body go and how locations in your physical body and physical feelings relate to the topic of the Freedom Spell, but it also leaves you feeling really high and bright at the end.

Anyway, so I'm trying to translate this basic freedom spell

All of my [fear]
I now let you go,
soften and flow,
soften and flow!

... into German and it's not happening.

German has a habit of producing words that don't rhyme on each other; and that's on top of the "soften and flow" which really doesn't translate well at all, so I was stuck for a while.

In the end, I made up a longer version and it goes like this:

All meine [xxx] die fliessen heraus,
aus meinem Koerper, aus meinem Haus,
aus meinem Leben, wunderschoen,
all meine [xxx] ich lasse euch gehn!

Translated back, that would be,

All of my [xxx] they flow out
out of my body, out of my house,
out of my life, so wonderful,
all of my [xxx] I now let you go!

And when I wrote that in German where it sounds of course a whole lot better than in this translation, I noted that there was a definite EXPANSION taking place as the energy was asked to move first out of the body, then out of "the house" and then "out of my life".

The first move, out of the body, was very similar to the general soften and flow movement as I was used to experiencing it.

The next movement, out of my house, was - instantly expansive and affected the environmental energy in the room I was in, to the point that I later remarked to Nicola Quinn that we may have thoughtforms that you could metaphorise as "fear demons" nesting in our houses!

The third move, "out of my life" was experienced as a temporal movement, a life line clearing if you will and that produced a really wide expansion and a sense that my aura had just expanded exponentially.

So the German version is actually, a much better Freedom Spell?

Yes and no.

It certainly showed up that perhaps when we think in terms of Soften and Flow, we don't MEAN this instruction to be EXPANSIVE enough.

Perhaps we just mean "out of my body" which is where this stuff hurts and where we feel it directly, so that's our main idea and aim in EMO, to flow things away and out of the body.

The German version which has these further levels told in words can simply let us English speakers know to MEAN - all the way out, through time and space, out of my house, out of my time, out of my life altogether.

Which then isn't a limitation of the English version per se, but shows up a limitation of conscious understanding of the processes of REALLY flowing an unwanted energy form all the way AWAY.

It's a really interesting experience on many levels, to get a sense that you are not just this flesh thing with a bit of an energy body sticking out beyond your toes and ears, but actually, this HUGE energy being that stretches out through time and space in a most remarkable way, an entire kingdom with much further frontiers than you could ride around comfortably in a life time - unless you had a very very fast multi-dimensional and orbital horse!

This then impacts the basic idea of "I".

To take up that position of consciousness where "you" are "the body, the energy body, the house, and time of life, and space that has been and is yet to come" and then think from there, talk from there as that is what "I am" - that's a pretty neat way of blowing out limiting beliefs about the "I".

So what I might suggest is for the English version, to do the German version at least conceptually a few times to get a sense of that movement out of the body, out of the house (and what a metaphor THAT is!) then out of the life (which may well not be restricted to this one life here indeed, and it feels like that too - wonderful!) and then say to yourself, in your mind and out aloud, "THAT is what I mean when I say, Soften and Flow!"

Test it by doing the Soften and Flow - is it going through all these expansions?

Perhaps the first couple of times you have to nudge it a bit if it gets stuck until you get the full expansion, but with just a few times of making sure it goes "out of my body, out of my  house, all the way out of my life - wonderful!" the combined conscious mind and the energy mind "gets it" that you mean a total flowing out of [whatever] altogether and on all levels.

Quite beautiful really, and I'm really grateful to this whole German unfoldment to show this to me so I can share it back with you.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, EMO


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