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Healing Music: What Makes Music Healing

Healing Music: What Makes Music Healing

There is a lot of music about, and people make personal connections with music and it affects them in different ways; what one person experiences as healing might be quite different from another.

But there are certain global principles that set healing music apart from entertainment music in general. Here are the four most important features of true healing music.

Healing Music:

What Makes Music Healing

by Silvia Hartmann

The first and most important difference between healing music and general entertainment music is that it carries A HEALING INTENTION.

Healing music - at least proper healing music, rather than just any old music sold under that title! - is created specifically FOR THE PURPOSE OF HEALING, not as an entertainment device.

It is this intention for healing that sets the basic vibrations and direction of all the notes, instruments, melodies, rhythms and even silences that come together to create a piece of true healing music.

Consciously, this is impossible to do; we cannot "construct" healing music like one might construct the latest pop hit, or re-construct a piece of classic music using the formulae of the day.

A healer must be at work who is also a composer; this is a rare combination indeed. And the healer must essentially channel the music once the healing intention has been set that holds the composition together.

The second important difference between true healing music and entertainment music (no matter how moving it may be) is that healing music isn't necessarily pretty.

It might not sound "nice" or even "easily accessible".

And healing music certainly doesn't fall into the distinction of it being either "happy music" or "sad music". Healing music is OTHER THAN, it is a music rich in energy, a tapestry of energy forms and vibrations that reach across and resonate in a person's mind, body and spirit.

This is very important, because depressed people will often choose "sad music" by any other name because the vibrations and energies are a match and resonate with their own sadness. At some point, a sad composer composed a sad piece of music because they were particularly sad; and this draws like-to-like depressed people to it "because the composer understands and feels the same pain".

However, for a depressed person this is really dangerous, as their own sadness and negativity enters into a feedback loop with the composer's sadness and negativity; this is not a healing experience or of benefit to mind, body and spirit.

Depressed people will not choose to play "happy" music of course because it is a mismatch to the way they feel and it often makes them feel worse just the same.

True healing music isn't sad, or happy. It is just full of energy forms that interact with a person's energy system; and actual physical vibrations that interact with the person's body; resonate with the water in a person's body, can be felt directly, and has a direct impact on the neurology as well as on thoughts and feelings.

The third difference between healing music and ordinary music is that of USING IT FOR HEALING.

Entertainment music and general music is mostly put on randomly, as and when the mood strikes a person, often as an afterthought, or with no thought at all an old playlist is set into motion, and never mind whether it matches anything, or does anything at all.

Healing music is a HEALING DEVICE.

You bring it forth just exactly as you would bring forth a jar of ointment, or a bottle of pills, or a potion. Healing music is a HEALING SESSION that you undertake in order to achieve healing.

So there is an act of volition, of active intention on the part of the person who engages with the Healing Music and seeks the healing; an INTENTION TO HEAL that when it is present, will double up the effectiveness of the healing music that was created by the composer with a healing intention in the first place.

There is much a person (and I'm not calling them "a listener" because engaging with healing music is obviously far more than just listening, you should also feel it in your body, feel energy movements, emotional movements, changes in mood, thought and consciousness) can do to improve the effects of true healing music.

Rather than just playing it in the background and hoping for the best (although that is an option, and useful for bedridden and hospitalised people) a person can actively engage with the healing music.

They can drop shields and allow the energy from the healing music, the rhythms, sounds and pulses, the voices of the instruments to FLOW INTO their systems and take them in willingly and without hindrance.

They can move with the music (as in Energy Dancing) to assist in the flow of energy through their body, which is extremely powerful and very healing indeed, a totally different level from "just listening" to the music.

They can pay attention to the thoughts and feelings the music's resonance creates within them and work with those thoughts and feelings further, resolving old conflicts, letting go of burdens, stresses, and finding healing for those places that need it the most.

Finally, they can really allow the healing music to energize and restore those places within their mind, body and spirit that need nourishment, that need more energy, NEW INFORMATION.

And this is the most important difference between healing music and entertainment music of them all.

Healing music contains INFORMATION ABOUT HEALING, whereas entertainment music contains information about the composer, about the magic flute, about the seasons, or a long lost love.

Interesting as this may be it is of little use in the HEALING CONTEXT; and the healing INFORMATION that encoded in the energy streams of the music is often one of the most powerful ways to change mind, body and spirit in a profound way, and from the ground up.

So here are the four most important differences of true healing music once more in brief.

1. Healing music has to be created BY A HEALER who is also a composer and has held THE HEALING INTENTION throughout the creation of the healing music.

2. Healing music is not supposed to be "nice" or "pretty" or even "happy or sad" - it is OTHER THAN.

3. Healing music more than doubles in power when the person engages with the music and also holds their own HEALING INTENTION from their end, becoming an active partner in the process of healing rather than "just a listener".

4. Healing music contains energetically coded INFORMATION ABOUT HEALING which is essential to and material in the process of changing one's mind, changing one's body, changing one's energy system, or in other words, information that helps an individual EVOLVE.

Music is a very powerful thing; when it is used with INTENTION and PURPOSE, music becomes something very different from what you might hear on the radio - it becomes a real tool for healing, a very powerful tool that is HEALING MUSIC.

Silvia Hartmann

March 2010


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