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Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

Healing Animals With Radiant Love - EMO BeauTy T For Animals

BeauTy is a very powerful energy healing experience, for those who raise that energy and deliver it and those who receive it just the same.

Healing with radiant love and admiration, what we call BeauTy T for short, is one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing experiences you'll ever have.

Here is how to do it with YOUR animals.

Healing With Radiant Love

EMO BeauTy T For Animals

by Silvia Hartmann


Earlier this year I conducted an advanced EMO seminar called BeauTy T for people.

This is a technique from the EMO Energy Healing world designed to cure the broken body image with energy work; specifically to learn to work with radiant love and admiration as a practitioner, and to be able to offer people a practical alternative to plastic surgery. As you can imagine, EXTREMELY powerful healing energies must be channeled through the practitioner in order to achieve this healing of the ravaged self concept - and the energy form we use is radiant love and admiration.

When I got home from the seminar, I was filled with energy and later in the evening, I saw that my old dog needed exactly THAT energy form we'd been giving all that day to people, and I so I spontaneously did BeauTy T with my dog.

It was very moving, so INCREDIBLY MUCH simpler than doing it with a person, and the old dog just blossomed in front of my eyes. My rather tearful eyes, at that, so also it changed MY attitude in the process.

As it is so very much simpler to do BeauTy T with animals than it is for humans, I thought I'd write up the basics so you can share this wonderful experience of healing with admiration, and radiant love, with your beloved companions.


1. The Ambassador From The Creative Order

In order to make it work and get yourself in the right state for this, you CANNOT BE your normal self. You have to step into a different state of being and we practised this by saying up front, "Good morning, my name is Silvia and I stand before you today as A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATIVE ORDER."

You need to try this a few times until you can really mean it and get a feel of this, if necessary tap on reservations or bad feelings in the body until it all flows smoothly.


2. The Truth About Beauty

Now, look at the animal, not as you but as the said representative of the creative order, and simply become aware that we are confronted with a SYSTEM THAT WAS MADE BY THE CREATIVE ORDER, directly, the same as the stars in the skies and mountains, clouds, ants and sunsets.


Completely regardless of what has happened to this creature along the way, whether it is ill, or old, or disfigured in some way, it is an example of the functional design, a work of art made by the Creator itself, doing the very best it can and doing this most fantastically.

That is THE TRUTH in all ways, about any creature, any manifestation; and even though you might like to try and hurt a creature, or poison an ocean, fell a tree, you could never ever CORRUPT it - no system from the creative order can be corrupted BY MEN. Damaged, yes. Destroyed and defaced, yes. But never CORRUPTED. It always retains its original perfection, its innocence - and its RADIANT BEAUTY.


3. Delivering The Energy

Now, and no sooner than we have seen that BEAUTY that exists in every system the Creative Order designed, and we see it in the animal in front of us, we tell the creature ABOUT THEIR GREAT BEAUTY, reflect that radiant beauty back to them, because it is THIS which heals so many people inflicted ravages of judgement, pain, insecurity, loneliness, and lack of love.

With an animal, we do this simply by going from snout to tail, touching if possible, and saying, "You have a perfect nose, perfect teeth, a perfect head and perfect ears. You are beautiful, and you ARE BELOVED."

Take your time, pay attention to one part of your animal's body at the time.

Develop a rhythm as you stroke with your hands, with your healing hands, but most of all with your loving attention, WITH YOUR ADMIRATION, with your love.

"Your beautiful, beautiful legs, so strong, carrying you through life so readily, working so hard, your beautiful legs, so perfect, so beloved."

Work your way all the way across the creature -

perfect paws, made by the creative order so that you can walk, perfect, beloved

perfect shoulders, perfect hips, helping you to move and flow, so perfect, so beloved

your beautiful eyes to see the wonders of creation, your beautiful, perfect eyes, so beloved

- until the entire animal has been covered.

Just let the words flow from you, as your love and admiration flows from you into the animals.

That can be unbelievably moving, but it can also be funny - "Your Perfect beak, your perfect feathers" can make you laugh and smile and that's a GOOD THING.


4. A Blessing To Complete

The last thing we do, after "your perfect tail" , is to straighten up, draw back the focus so you can encompass the entire creature, hold out your hands to it and say/send an overall blessing:,

"One body, one perfect body, one perfect mind, one perfect spirit - one perfect being, beautiful, and beloved."

I'd like to finish up by saying that you can also do it just as a bye the bye, so rather than the full ritual, to just pat the creature on the head and think, "Perfect head, perfect intelligence, designed by the creative order ..." in passing, or at any time at all.

But to really the hang of WHAT THAT IS, and HOW THAT FEELS when you even try it for the first time, I recommend trying a whole treatment with an animal that needs it.

They probably all do, they've all been judged and mistreated as we all have been, just as a side effect of living in these strange conditions as we and the creatures now do, so ...

BeauTy is a very powerful energy experience for change, for those who raise that energy and deliver it and those who receive it just the same.

Healing with radiant love and admiration, what we call BeauTy T for short, is one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing experiences you'll ever have.

We are all representatives of the Creative Order, in all truth, and we all have the power to heal each other with attention, admiration, and that it what turns in the end, into a powerful wave of pure, unconditional, RADIANT love.

Silvia Hartmann


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Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

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