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Healing With the Energy of Water

Healing With the Energy of Water

Healing water, water and healing - people have been drawn to the healing powers of water for as long as there have been human beings on this Earth.

Water is life - practically as well as metaphorically, spiritually and scientifically.

Here is what we can do to bring the healing power of water into our lives.

Healing With the Energy of Water


Over half of our body in weight consists of water. Body water is everywhere, even in our bones. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight. Blood contains almost 70% water, body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. Skin also contains much water. The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females; in children this can be as high as 76%.


Healing Water

This water in our bodies very practically connects us to the entire life cycle of everything on Earth; connects us with all water on Earth; and through time to the very beginning of water itself, which is a long time before the beginning of life.

Before we start talking about being made from star dust (which of course, we are!) we might consider how the water we share with the world is one of the most powerful connectors to the world of which we are a part.

If you were to imagine your body being like made from glass and you could see the water passing through it, and all the people and all the animals too, and all the plants, and get a feel how the water that moves in, through and out connects up with the rain that falls, and the rivers that flow, with the mighty oceans and the clouds in the sky, you can really get a sense of how powerfully CONNECTED we all are in this ecosphere we call Planet Earth - even though our minds think we're all so separate, and feel so alone most of the time.

Water is the source of life on Earth.

Without it, our type of life wouldn't exist, could not exist.

You can go a month without food but only three days without water before you die.

Water is life, and the flow of water the most powerful metaphor for the flow of the energies of life we have.

When we turn towards water, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, we're not "making something up" or hallucinating a source of healing, of refreshment, of rejuvenation; all that is really there, the water is there all the time, it is enormously powerful, and what happens is that we forget that.

Still, we yearn for water.

What is the first thing a tired and aching person in the Western world thinks about when you mention the word, "holiday"?

A blue, blue swimming pool in an expensive hotel.

The shores of an ocean, the waves rolling in with their white riders and the air is full of moisture, full of life ...

A tropical island paradise with a shallow lagoon of the clearest water, and the sun sparkling upon the ripples ...

A mountain lake, majestic, cool and incredibly turquoise ...

Even when we talk about "escaping into nature" there is always a river there, or a waterfall ...

And those who say, "I don't like it at the beach, I go skiing in the mountains ..." what is all that white pristine stuff you treasure so much?

Of course, it's water.

We are drawn to water all the time, even when we're not sick.

And when we are tired, aching, exhausted, we seek it without a thought, and have done across the ages and millennia, healing fountains, healing wells, taking the waters, resting by the lakeside, by the seaside, finding a river ...

This is magical, it is mystical, it is practical and scientific all at the same time - water as the great healer of so many ills.

In EMO energy healing, the only metaphor for the flow of energy allowed to be used is that of water in its many states - light, fine, so fine that you can't even see it, but you can breathe it in, like the fresh, delightful air of clear autumn afternoon ...

The resonant existence of water as you find in clouds, and in the mists that swirl over morning meadows, amongst the stately pine trees, caressing the foot of a mountain ...

Light, fine summer rain that falls gently and steadily, soothes everything, nourishes everything without hurting even the most delicate of wings, or flowers ...

Fine light water flowing over brooks, sparkling, full of oxygen, full of energy and life ...

Slow water like a stately old river that moves towards the sea ...

Water that slows and cools, and becomes crystalline, forms ice crystals that fall from the sky and blanket the land in snow ...

Water comes in many manifestations; it enters into many forms that resonate with us on the deepest and most profound level.

Water is life.

We can call the healing powers of water into ourselves, into our parched beings that long for the kiss of live that nature can give us, and we know that it can, we feel in our hearts that it can, and all that stands between us and this amazing thing that is water is our mind, which makes barriers where there should not be any, and thinks up problems where there should be nothing but the Even Flow instead.

To activate the true healing power of water which awaits all of us as we are a part of the water since the dawn of time, we need to fall in love with water once again, and in a whole new way.

We want to be like children are - astonished of the rain, not afraid, not worried it might make your make-up run, or ruin your best suit, but delighted and surprised at the sensation of rain on your face, on your hands.

Delighted to jump into a puddle, and splash and see that water jump for joy; in the bath too, to play with water like once we did, and before someone came along and told us not to make a mess and that bathtime was for being clean and not to be filled with joy and recognition of the water within, the water without being one and the same.

Excited by a glass of water, or drinking water from your hands - a very special thing to do for this is direct contact, physical contact, that blesses the water and your healing hands the same.

Loving the water, that is the key - and even loving it for its innocence and movements when it is a powerful force that can swipe away all the works of men in a moment, or in a night; loving it when it is your own tears falling from your eyes, or the rain that falls from the sky on the day of your garden party.

And once you have regained your true love of water, water everywhere, in every shape or form, the water inside and the water outside just the same, it is then that healing power of water can manifest in you, and through you.

You will understand and know, not with your head but feel it in your heart, know it in every fibre of your being, how to bring that healing power of water into your life, and that of others.

Blessed water, given ceremoniously, taken ceremoniously; water from wells in special places on the Earth that really does have the power to heal us if we only step aside and let it do so now; to bring the energy of water into your healing hands to soothe, nourish, replenish and refresh; to evoke the power of the innocent energy of water to wash away sins of the past, our own and those that were bestowed upon us; to evoke the power of healing water through totems and altars, a little bird bath in the garden, a poster of an ocean wave you can see from your bed, a charm you wear that carries the message from the seas, or an object of a special blue that reminds you of the water, wide ...

So fall in love with water once again, and let it be real love - let it be romantic and exciting, let it be scary and confusing, let it be dancing, delightful, laughter and let it be tears too, and compassion - all the emotions that move us, all the love we have and how we feel the love we have, from a simple little delight when we refresh ourselves with water to the holiest of moments, when a rainstorm turns an ordinary window into a cathedral window on the world, sparkling with diamond reflections, showing us the truth.

And here, here is the waters' invitation and remembrance to us all - we do belong, we are connected, we are a part of the world and the world is a part of us, the world flows through us as we flow through the world.

If we can love the water, it will not simply bring us healing, but so much more than we could ever know.

Love the water, fall in love with life.

There is only love and life - all else is an illusion.

And water is our bridge, our link and our connection to this simple truth.

Silvia Hartmann

April 2010


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