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Heart Healing For Men - The Lionheart

Heart Healing For Men - The Lionheart

It is true - a whole lot of the older style "mind body spirit" stuff was lamentably weak and mushy in the whole emotions department, as well as lacking in logic.

This has often turned men away from using the approaches, mistakenly thinking that worrying about energy systems and such things as "Heart Healing" wasn't their thing, wasn't what they wanted or needed.

It really is important to understand that we are NOT talking about Valentine's Cards here, pink fluffy slippers or crying for hours like a girl.

The "heart of energy" is a HUMAN thing and gender is irrelevant.

It doesn't make you weak but strong to heal your heart.

It doesn't make you cry but instead, gives you the power to sort things out.

Here is a live email exchange between two men to illustrate the point.

> Paul - you may be having the same problems I am having
> - hmmmmm stuckness ? emotionally dead ? I have wished
> several times I could just cry for an hour but that
> just isn't something I can do.

> Not a male construct
> thing - at least I don't think so - think it is just
> not being able to get in touch with my emotions - well
> .... maybe that IS the male construct thing ! LOL :)

> However .... the bright side, and it IS a bright side,
> is that things are a thousand percent better now than
> they were several months ago - Silvia, Sandra and
> others keep banging on the Heart Healing thing - and
> they are exactly right ! I appreciate so much their
> persistence and focus on the things that are most powerful.

One time I was trying to explain the Heart Healing thing to a gentleman (recently) and although I was making reasonable inroads with the "the nuclear reactor at the very core of your entire energy system" and "the necessary maintenance" of said reactor, as well as, "you've got to put fuel in it if you expect any output", it still wasn't *quite enoug* to motivate him to have a go or even remember it when he was elsewhere again and in his usual brain only mode.

But like a good hypnotic induction, I guess all these mechanical brain metaphors softened up the old construct enough to be fairly relaxed and more accepting of it, because then my good old then unconscious mind and now HEROS - LOL!! - send me this AMAZING IMAGE.

I said to the guy, "Hey do you know what every man needs?"

And he laughed and said, "What?"

And I said, "A Lionheart."

And THAT got the message through at last - the whole amazement of a functioning heart, that it isn't fluffy pink and mushy gay or wallowing helplessly in emotions or about crying like a baby but instead about being this beacon of power that indeed, protects others in its light, is so beautiful and *strong* in the most profound sense of that word, full of courage, valour, honour and true justice and still there is that lightness and love there that will make twenty thousand men just get up and follow someone like "Richard the Lionheart" to the ends of the known earth.

And the best thing about the whole deal?

All humans can grow their lionheart, not just men. We all have a little one already that sometimes surprises the construct when it isn't looking - I know that I do - and that is *exactly* the kind of power without the need of buying into all these construct concepts of domination, slavery and hierarchy that I have always so *heartily* despised and rejected but instead, represents true FREEDOM from all of that nonsense AT LAST.

As to what would happen if two humans with such hearts would get together and align, now that would be strictly in the realms of the OTHERS and entirely unknowable to me.

Love to all the little lionhearts :-) for it helps them grow up proud and strong :-)

Silvia x


1. Full Article On Heart Healing See HERE

2. Heart Healing, The Energy Mind and the HEROS System are from EMO Energy In Motion by Silvia Hartmann


Lionheart Heart Healing For Men Article Image of a Golden Lion

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