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Spiritual Psychology - Events Psychology In The Context Of Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology - Events Psychology In The Context Of Spiritual Psychology - Essay by Silvia Hartmann.

Spiritual Psychology

Events Psychology In The Context Of Spiritual Psychology

Silvia Hartmann

A Definition of Spiritual Psychology  - Spiritual Psychology, The Soul & Events - Spiritual Psychology - Does Our Soul Want Us To Suffer? - Spiritual Psychology, Events Psychology & Evolution - Additional Resources In Spiritual Psychology - The Reality Of Spiritual Psychology


A Definition of Spiritual Psychology

Psychology means the logic or science of the mind; in general usage however, mind, behaviour and emotion of human beings are all mixed up and thrown into the pot known as psychology.

Energy Psychology is a form of psychology which allows for people to have an energy body; this is heretical as far as "standard psychology science" is concerned.

Spiritual Psychology goes further than that and allows not just for people to have an energy body, but for there to be other spiritual realms, with other beings of spirit, and most essentially, to consider that human beings have an immortal soul.

The concepts of spiritual psychology increase the complexity many fold when dealing with any kind of emotional, psychological or physical problem; there is always the question of the immortal soul's path and purpose, and whether or not something is going on that we cannot understand, that we have to have certain experiences in a certain order and sequence which may appear to be damaging but are in fact part of a greater plan, the soul's journey.

Spiritual psychology is thereby complex and has in the past been difficult to combine with logic, reason and practicality.

Events psychology offers a bridge between our lives here and the complex concepts of true spiritual psychology, as well as practical tools to deal with the challenges inherent in considering problems from the spiritual psychology perspective.


Spiritual Psychology, The Soul & Events

Events are defined as being only those particular memories that "flash before a person's inner eye at the moment of their death" - extra special memories of events that defined THIS LIFE.

People from across all races, educational backgrounds, societies and even across time have told of this process that happens when a person is convinced they are about to die.

Should they live, the effect of having experienced this "life download" for themselves is always predictable.

These people have now gained a sense that "there is more to life and death than we thought" and they view life after this has happened in a very different way. A SPIRITUAL aspect of life emerges changes their perspective; in doing so, it changes their thought, emotion and behaviour across the board on a wide variety of topics.

I have made it my business to observe the human energy system in action for the past two decades, and I have come to the conclusion that without an energy system that we might call the soul, the human energy body couldn't function at all.

I have come to believe that the soul is a part of the human energy system that is not tied to the physical body and can exist independent of the physical body; and I have come to this theory not via prayer or blind faith, but simply by observation.

Although it is not necessary to even entertain the notion of a spiritual world of which we human beings are an integral part in order to work with Events Psychology, it is my personal assertion that this energy/memory movement of "the major events of one's life flashing in front of our eyes" represents a DOWNLOAD of the data from this life TO the soul.

It is also my assertion that this download, once it has happened, establishes a connection between the conscious human and their immortal soul which may have been unconscious or entirely absent until that moment; and that this two way connection is the reason for the significant changes in thought, feeling, emotion and behaviour which results from the near death experience.


Spiritual Psychology - Does Our Soul Want Us To Suffer?

People who seek help and guidance with spiritual psychology are often in what seems to be an irresolvable quandry - did the events in my life happen for a reason? Did the terrible things that happened to happen because my soul wanted me to suffer, God wanted me to suffer, so I would learn something from this?

After looking at this question time and time again over a long period of time, I think I can answer that with, "No, neither God nor your soul wants or needs you to suffer. It is nothing but an unfortunate side effect of the poor state our energy systems are in, that's all."

When one uses Events Psychology to isolate events, and this means to elicit the memory of the event absolute, which is always a powerful body sensation which denotes a change in the energy system, we find time and time again that something was trying to happen, but it didn't complete; or that it went wrong.

I liken this to putting a high voltage through a rusty electrical system that can't take the charge; it'll flash brightly for a moment, then explodes and descends into chaos.

Simply put, our energy systems are not what they are supposed to be. They are not fully developed and full of injuries that were never repaired; full of systems that weren't activated properly or at the right time; full of ereas of low energy and misplaced energy forms of all kinds.

When enlightenment "strikes" like lightning, the existing systems and channels simply can't take the charge - and a true trauma event is born that leaves a person shattered and in pieces, unable to function, unable to lead a normal life, feel normal emotions or think normal thoughts.

It is my assertion that the soul, God and whatever other entities are interested in furthering our paths as spiritual, immortal beings in a Universe filled with life of the non-material kind DO NOT WISH US TO SUFFER AT ALL, but simply want us to EVOLVE.

These lightning strike events are supposed to be opportunities for evolution; but because of our existing conditions, things go wrong and the results can be catastrophic for an individual and their path.

So it is very important in both the context of spiritual psychology and Events Psychology to delineate between the circumstance (what happened to a person) and the internal reaction (how they responded to what happened to them).

The same circumstance that has the power to produce enlightenment in one person can shatter the systems of another; and so two men of the same age, brothers even, can go to war, witness the same thing, and one comes home a wiser, more evolved person; and the other full of psychological and emotional and eventually, the resulting physical problems.

I think it is essential for working with spiritual psychology that we presuppose a BENIGN God that wishes none of its creatures to suffer; and a soul that wants only THE VERY BEST for itself, and by extension, for the person to whom it belongs.

I have honestly never seen any evidence to the contrary.

  • Even when it appears that "suffering was the name of the game" when we look more closely, we find that this was not the case; and when we heal the injuries sustained before, during and after the lighting strike of the event, we find just like with the near death experiences, that a person has become to all intents and purposes a BETTER person - more capable, more loving, more realistic, and more able to experience gratitude, compassion, joy and faith.


Spiritual Psychology, Events Psychology & Evolution

At the very heart of Events Psychology lies the concept of EVOLUTION.

In nature, all things are in flow; everything evolves, everything moves, and nothing gets stuck (even if it tries!).

The great creative order has a most powerful forward momentum built into its very heart and structure; and human suffering is never greater than when people get "stuck" in their thoughts, emotions and behaviour and there is no way out, no way forward, no EVOLUTION.

In Events Psychology we say that we don't necessarily heal everything, cure anything, understand everything or explain everything - but we EVOLVE EVERYTHING.

Getting things back into flow, into forward movement is the purpose of Events Psychology treatments; and in a very real sense, we may talk about assisting the soul's journey through this process of evolution, and may even be able to short cut "the many lives" as one life, THIS LIFE, may start to evolve again and provide MANY EXPERIENCES the soul needs to grow, without getting stuck on just a few formative events that try and repeat like a broken record, over and over again.


Additional Resources In Spiritual Psychology

As we have observed, in true spiritual psychology we are talking about a world which is filled with invisible entities; and many of these are most benign and will gladly be called in to help and assist a person heal the events of their past so that they can go forward, EVOLVE, and have many more new beneficial events that the soul is seeking.

Depending on the person's view of the spiritual world, extraordinary healing help from prophets, saints, angels and deities may be engaged; this is a powerful advantage over "ordinary" psychology which essentially, leaves a conscious person to their devices - and they know they don't know how to fix themselves, find healing or forward momentum out of their stuck situations.

Spiritual psychology also very much deals with the meaning of events, and endeavours to connect the dots of an incarnation; in Events Psychology, we talk of the events matrix, which is the overall system of a person (mind, body, spirit and soul) as defined by the experiences of this lifetime. Instead of a time line, we have multi-dimensional time matrix which interacts with the greater creative order, and especially with a person's soul.

The soul itself is another, or perhaps THE most profound additional resource we find in spiritual psychology.

The soul is not just an "immortality machine" - although that notion, in and of itself, goes a long, long way to remove stress from a person's day to day life.

A person who has a personal sense of the reality of their own soul - as is often the case with those who have had near death experiences - is simply not as afraid of death as the vast majority of the population. There is much less need for repression and denial of the truth of our mortal existence in the flesh; a person who can consider physical death as a reality always ends up being a more reasonable, rational person who also appreciates whatever life they have right here on Planet Earth in a much deeper and more profound way.

Beyond being our personal immortality time/spaceship, the soul is also a portal of connection to the spirit of the wider creative order; information and energy flows through the soul into our systems of mind, body and spirit, and this can literally "change a person's life for the better".

These are clearly resources that once activated can make all the difference to a person's life - and that is regardless of whether their life is easy and fun, or extremely challenging in every way imaginable.


The Reality Of Spiritual Psychology

  • Any psychology that does not acknowledge the tremendous human capacity AND NEED for the spiritual, or ignores or denigrates the very real spiritual experiences of literally billions of human beings over a million years or more, is no "science of the human mind" at all.

Spirituality and questions relating to the spiritual existence of a human being are CENTRAL to human beings; and they can help us on many different levels to make peace with our memories and experiences, find meanings and learning, growth, evolution and healing in, from and through all of life's experiences.

Spiritual psychology does not mean "religious psychology".

Events Psychology, which is deeply structural in its approach to dealing with human thought, memory, experience and emotion, allows for a full factoring in of spiritual psychology, although it will still work even in the hands of those who "don't believe in the spiritual".

By working WITH the intrapersonal reality of a person, which in the overwhelming majority of cases DOES include questions and thoughts about the spiritual aspects of human life, experience, death and afterlife, Events Psychology is a true spiritual psychology that does not lose itself in illusion and make belief, but instead allows us to logically realise the profound gifts and possibilities arise when we consider spiritual psychology not as a past time for the weird and deluded, but in fact as an incontrovertible REALITY of human existence. []


A Definition of Spiritual Psychology  - Spiritual Psychology, The Soul & Events - Spiritual Psychology - Does Our Soul Want Us To Suffer? - Spiritual Psychology, Events Psychology & Evolution - Additional Resources In Spiritual Psychology - The Reality Of Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology:
Events Psychology In The Context Of Spiritual Psychology
Silvia Hartmann 2010
Author of Events Psychology

Silvia Hartmann

About Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & GoE Trainer Trainer in East Sussex, England.

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