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Star Matrix For Child Sex Abuse Survivors: Start Your Own Book Of Stars Today!

Star Matrix For Child Sex Abuse Survivors: Start Your Own Book Of Stars Today!

Over the years I have been working with abuse survivors and PTSD sufferers, I have come to appreciate the urgent need of reconnecting people with their high positive memories to stabilise their energy systems and counterbalance the "trauma labyrinth." In 2020, I finally decided to make this official and created Star Matrix - the high energy, positive alternative to the endless quest for trauma. You can start with your own Book of Stars today. Read on.

Star Matrix For Child Sex Abuse Survivors: Start Your Own Book Of Stars Today!

We go through life, and we have a variety of experiences. Contrary to public opinion, we don't just have TRAUMA in our lives. Trauma events are actually rare in comparison, but just like the few radical terrorists in a population of a million perfectly good citizens, trauma has been given all the attention - and this has proven to be extremely unhealthy, especially in the long run.

The absolute and myopic focus on TRAUMA as the only explanation for why people have problems in life has literally guided us all down the wrong path in the Western World, and has caused a myriad of truly damaging side effects that have increased stress, caused all manner of secondary problems to come into being, and has offered no solution at all for the day to day management of emotional disturbances.

The total and EXCLUSIVE focus on only trauma, and more trauma, with a side order of trauma, has also produced a totally skewed picture of what human beings are, how they work, and has structurally prevented useful knowledge to be found and to be used to help people lead better and happier lives.

So, and in short, trauma events are only one type of events a human being experiences in life.

There are other, equally important events. For example, there are the Guiding Stars - incomplete positive events that "chain" a person to try and repeat the experience. All fetishes, philias, and unhealthy addictions are based not on trauma, but on Guiding Stars, and these problems cannot be solved at all or ever whilst staring at the trauma, and not even being aware that such things as Guiding Stars exist in the first place.

There are other classes of events that also play their part in why people do the things they do, and if you are interested in this, please read Events Psychology, my last and final attempt to bring some rhyme, reason and rationality into "psychology" before I gave up on that altogether and created the new field of Modern Energy instead, free of the Chinese whispers of the past. Love and logic. Finally. But I digress.

The most important events of them all have had literally no attention whatsoever, yet they are absolutely central to the functioning of a normal human being.

  • These are the true Star Events - the highest, most profound, most amazing, most positive experiences in a person's lifetime.

I did a study with plane crash survivors just past the turn of the millennium, and was struck by the repeated reports of "the life flashing before your eyes" at the moment of perceived death.

When I questioned people more closely about these sequences of memories, I discovered this: What flashed was NOT trauma. Not a single trauma memory "flashed before their eyes." Not a one. All that flashed where the HIGH POSITIVE MEMORIES of their lifetime - all that remained, was the memory of LOVE.


It blew me away and set me on the path that led to where we are now.

What if by endlessly and EXCLUSIVELY focusing on trauma, we all trampled down the wrong path, and in the wrong direction?

What if by endlessly and EXCLUSIVELY focusing our attention only on trauma, we missed out on the most important "lessons" of life??

What if by endlessly and EXCLUSIVELY focusing on trauma, we created literal, physical train tracks in the brain that led to trauma and more trauma - instead of leading in the exact opposite direction, into Star Memories and more Star Memories instead?

And then, there was this:

  • What would happen if we deliberately and, for a time, EXCLUSIVELY, focused on our Star Memories instead?

Well now.

That's an interesting question.

Indeed, it is a question that immediately took me to considering a person's self concept, self construct, conscious idea of the self.

What if we were to build a self concept not based on trauma events, not based on our shortcomings and failures, but instead, on our Star Events, our highest possible aspects?

Well - if we did that, created a self concept built on our Star Memories, that self concept would be ... the Star Matrix.

The Star Matrix would offer an alternative view on who you are, when all is said and done.

The Star Matrix would give us a totally different way to arrange the memories of our lifetimes, and learn totally different lessons about what life can be, and what we can actually do, feel, and experience as a human being here on Earth.

In even attempting to connect with the Star Memories of our own lifetimes, our real and ONLY "treasures and riches," the ONLY memories we remember when our life flashes before our eyes, we have to build new connections in the physical brain.

We would have to travel paths of thought we have never consciously attempted to travel before.

Our thinking about ourselves and our place in this world would have to change.

Our self concepts would have to change. They can't not.

Yes, and that's Star Matrix in a nutshell.

Take your attention off all the trauma for a CHANGE.

Direct your conscious attention to the high positive experiences of your life.

Recover your Star Memories.

Find the connections between them.

Explore the true wisdom, your personal, experienced, lived Star Wisdom that is encapsulated in these high positive memories.

Access skills, talents and abilities that your aspect have displayed for real.

Create brand new shiny connections in your physical brain, and of course, in your living energy body.

And whilst all of that is going on, notice how the focus on your own high positive memories lifts your mood, empowers your energy body, changes your emotional states for the better.

That, and so, so much more!

At this point, many start to scream, "But you're only brushing all the trauma under the carpet! You need to pull the roots of the trauma, dig in the trauma, only that will heal you!"

This is the exact brain washing, brain washed response from a hundred years of that Freudian nightmare we've all been living in.

People have been digging in trauma for sometimes 50 years or more, 3x a week, and where did that ever get them?

Into enlightenment? Or just more trauma?

That's the "trauma trap" right there.

The reason why your life isn't working is because of trauma.

You need to dig into the trauma in order to release the trauma.

Your life still isn't working?

Aha! We haven't found the right trauma yet. We have to dig deeper!

And so it goes on and on and on and on.

In the meantime, all that exclusive focus on trauma depletes the energy system, makes therefore the owner of said energy system ever more emotionally unstable and stressed, and there is no end in sight, ever, because as soon as one trauma is released, the next pops up, and the next and the next and the next ...

It's endless.

There has to be a stop to it, there has to be a different way. A better way, a new approach.

Star Matrix is the answer to this.


Recovering Positive Memories

The first thing the trauma entrained will say when asked about positive memories is that they have NONE. None at all. Their entire childhood was misery, and because of that, their adolescence was misery as well, followed by misery in young adulthood, and so on, right up to this very moment, here and now, when a thoroughly miserable person sits there, entirely convinced that their entire life was nothing but misery.

This response is because of the "trauma train tracks in the brain," and most of the time, it really needs a major Star Event, such as "having your life flash before your eyes" as the plane ditches towards the ocean, to "change their minds."

The fact is, however, that if you don't accept that answer, that there was never, ever, anything positive at all in their miserable lives, and you keep asking, "Perhaps you had a moment with nature ... or with an animal ... that was wonderful, beautiful ..." you can see people wrinkling their brows, and they're really thinking about it, and eventually, a memory will come to them.

"Well, I guess there was that time ... after a party ... the sun came up over the hills and it was so beautiful ..."

Right! Whoohoo! We have a positive memory! It can be done!!!

Now here is an very important thing about positive memories.

  • Positive memories are energy rich, information rich, uplifting - and they are very, very clear.

Unlike a shattered trauma memory that has been dug and scraped and twisted in a thousand therapy sessions and ten thousand nightmares since it happened, a Star Memory is clear, resonant, strong. Colourful. All the six senses are there - what we saw, heard, felt physically, what we scented, tasted, and how that made us feel inside.

  • It is super easy to "remember" a Star Memory.

It is easy to talk about it in exquisite detail, to walk around in the memory, enter right into it, observe the aspect of that time, or inhabit the aspect.

The whole "remembering" thing is totally under conscious control, it is a wonderful experience for the person, wakes them up, raises their energy, and the act of remembering something with brilliant clarity is finally learned in the process of deliberately remembering and talking about Star Memories.

All the skills we need to eventually also be able to deal with trauma memories correctly need to be learned with positive memories first.

When a person knows how to handle positive memories, they are in a much, much better position to deal with any other type of memory.

That's a simple, structural fact; so even if we can't persuade people right now that focusing on Star Memories is actually healing, I am 100% going to make the case to prepare people properly and give them skills and tools they need to be able to walk consciously into some sort of trauma hell. At the moment, people are sent there naked and afraid; with the experience of Star Matrix, they can walk into those memories in a metaphorical space suit and rescue aspects without getting burned in the process.

You want to take charge of your memories, understand how they work, how you work when you access them?

Practice with Star Memories.

This will give you the skills you need to go forward.

Your own Star Memories will also empower you, free you, give you additional information, strength, and become an enormous treasure chest of resources, inspiration, personal power, hope, and the base for a brand new, sparkling self concept.

It's time for Star Matrix thinking to begin!

The Book of Stars

Essential for and central to Star Matrix is your personal Book Of Stars.

This is a beautiful notebook of your choice in which you will write down your Star Memories as you recover them.

I recommend the following format for the entries.

  1. The Number

  2. The Title

  3. Short description, keywords, (optional sketches)

  4. The year when this happened

  5. The age of the aspect who had the Star Event.

For example:

No. 1 = Sunset Stars Over The Ancient Forest

Leaning against a massive oak tree, looking over the valley forest, seeing the first stars of the night sparkling with the sky banded orange, purple and midnight blue.

1971 – Age 12

The Number helps us make connections between memories later on, and they are also important to help us consciously realise just how many amazingly good experiences we've already had so far, especially once the Book of Stars goes over 100 entries.


The Title allows us to consciously say what the experience was in essence.


The Description is a memory aid for later, when there are many, many Star Memories in the Book of Stars.

The Sketch is optional, but many people absolutely love to draw a simple sketch of the MOMENT, what the aspect saw, or a sketch of the aspect inside the moment when the Star Event happened. Sadly, very many people are totally reversed to drawing, had it beaten out of them in school, but I highly encourage to give it a go. A simple map, a stick figure, it really helps to activate and engage the non-language parts of the brain and the energy system.

The Year is there to place the Star Memory into a wider context, as all people alive at that time would share the year, even if their cultural notation is different.


The Age of the aspect is the personal place in time and space on the person's timeline. It can also be used later to find “holes” in the timeline of Star Memories that want to be further investigated, and link together sequences of Star Events for big AHA! Moments of a personal nature.


Conscious Awareness

The Book of Stars is all about conscious awareness and intellectual understanding of our Star Events, and how these have shaped our lives far, far more profoundly than any trauma ever could.

The dates, titles, descriptions, age, numbers are all designed to really help us integrate the Star Memories in consciousness.

Conscious awareness of our treasures and riches is of the essence!

I always tell the story of the man who had been given a million dollars, which had been placed in his bank account, but nobody told him this so he didn't consciously know it.

As a result, he continued to behave like a homeless man and froze to death one night under a railway bridge in a snow storm.

Without conscious awareness of what there really is, we have no chance to build a reality based conscious construct (self concept) of who we really are.

We cannot use the resources we don't know we have.

We need to “take stock” of what's really been happening so we can understand where we are, as well as what has to happen next.


Proof Positive

When we get into low energy states of stress, anxiety, anger, fear or depression, we lose access to our inner resources.

The Book of Stars is proof positive that you didn't imagine all the amazing experiences, that there really was love in your life, that you really are strong and resilient, and far more magical in every way than you have given yourself credit for.

:Low energy aspects can turn to the Book of Stars and find inspiration, wisdom, guidance and strength simply by reviewing some of the entries.

And when someone comes along and tells us we are worthless and count for nothing, we can place our hands on our own Book of Stars and simply smile at such a preposterous notion.


The Book of Stars As A Power Object

Filled with beautiful, powerful, high positive memories, the Book of Stars is of course a power object in its own right.

In moments of crisis, we can hold our Book of Stars to our heart, and let the power of our Star Aspects and our Star People stabilise us, inspire us, and lift us.

It's a beautiful thing.


Start YOUR Book of Stars TODAY.

Do not delay.

The sooner you start, the better.

The more Star Memories you recover and inscribe in your Book of Stars, the more powerfully inspirational the whole thing will become, and the more benefits you will gain from this in your personal life, right here, right now.

Especially if you are still involved in all sorts of trauma based therapies, you need your Book of Stars as a counterbalance to all that endless negativity.

The Book of Stars will help your energy system stay strong, and it will give you that missing FOUNDATION upon which you can build a better future.

Silvia Hartmann, 22.2.2020

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