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The Energist - January 2014









The Energist

Dear fellow energists!

The New Year has begun, and for me personally, has begun very well indeed. Over the holidays, I put the finishing touches on a new one day training, Positive Energy, which is an introduction to the kind of amazing things we do here.

It starts with Positive EFT, then goes on to EMO and further out into autogenic energy, to give people a taster of how different what we do feels to the old school stuff, but also to give them practical tools they can take away and use to brighten their lives.

This particular first time at Sedgewick Park House was perfect, because there were a lot of the advanced people present who wanted very much to use the opportunity to launch their own personal goals and desires with the Power of the Positives.

I have been speaking much about mainstreaming what we do, bringing it to the people, and working with Positive Energy is the obvious way to go.

I gave an interview to Fiona Truman for Blue Monday, the so called most depressing day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and we simply used some Positive EFT to make ourselves and our listeners feel better.

It is so easy and really shows what we can do. And once people have experienced for themselves how things like EFT can really lift their mood and make them feel better, so quickly and so fast, they may well become fascinated - and want to do more.

I'm personally delighted that we now have the Positive Energy day on the menu; it's an excellent introduction and will eventually become required before doing the new Masters courses. It allows people to experience the various modalities we are using at this time and helps them choose their path in the world of modern energy - and I really don't want to be calling it "work," for it is anything but that!

There have also been a big increase in reports of members taking the plunge and doing an introduction to EFT, using Positive EFT, for the first time. This is I find very exciting! They all came back saying that their people loved it and couldn't wait to do more.

That's the spirit!

We have had some wonderful media reports as well already; it feels like the tide has finally turned and it is becoming ever easier to bring our sensible, practical and most of all, highly effective techniques and patterns to the people who so desperately need them. Well done to Professor Tony Steward and Susan Kennard in particular, but THANK YOU and WELL DONE to every one of you who has done their best to spread the word in their own spheres of influence.

Finally, I have started a new Art Group on Facebook - Guild of Energists: Art & Magic.

This is personally very exciting to me, as creativity and energy are so deeply intertwined. I am a creative person and to make the "magical artist within" a rightful part of my indentity as an energist feels so right and delightful.

As I said, it's been a great start to the New Year!

2014 - the energists are coming :-)

Be blessed and uplifted in all you do,

- Silvia Hartmann, Chair, The AMT

New Qualification: EMO Master Practitioner

EMO Master PractitionerEMO, or Emotional Transformation, is recognised by The GoE as being one of the most advanced, yet deceptively simple energy techniques available today. That's why we're delighted to announce the brand-new for 2014 qualification, EMO Master Practitioner.

The inaugural Training, hosted by Silvia Hartmann, the originator of EMO, is being held in place of the 2014 EMO Conference in London Gatwick, England. Tickets are on sale now, with the Early Bird discount ending on 28th February.


New Qualification: GoE Energist Trainer

AMT Energist TrainerAt the 2013

AMT EFT & Energy Conference, Silvia Hartmann launched the new 2-day Energist Trainer qualification (also referred to as the 2-Day Trainer Training) which supersedes the current 1-day “Trainer of Meridian & Energy Therapies” that we've been using since 1998.

This new Training affects all GoE Trainers and all Practitioners and current non-members that are planning on become a Trainer in the future, so please read the full details on our website.

Upcoming GoE Energist Trainer Trainings:

  • 22nd-23rd March 2014 with Barbara Saph - Hampshire, England
  • 7th-8th April 2014 with TBA - Gatwick, England
  • 19th-20th July 2014 with Sandra Hillawi - West Sussex, England
  • 9th-10th August 2014 with Barbara Saph - Hampshire, England

More Trainings will be announced very shortly, so please do keep an eye on the GoE Events page for a Training in your country or region.


News: BBC Midlands Interviews Professor Tony Stewart about EFT

BBC EFT Feature

Professor Tony Stewart of Staffordshire University has recently been featured on the BBC for bringing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the NHS in Sandwell.

You can now watch the entire BBC feature on our website as well as reading a transcript. For our international readers, we're pleased to say that the transcript has been translated into French by Maria Annell and GoE Trainer Detlev Tesch has written a German language article about the feature.

This feature was just one of three massive boosts for EFT in the UK's national media this month, along with a feature in the Daily Mail and GoE Trainer Susan Kennard being interviewed on the Lorraine Show on ITV. See below for more details.


News: GoE Trainer Susan Kennard Interviewed on ITV's Lorraine about EFT


AMT Practitioner & Trainer Susan Kennard, talks to ITV's Lorraine Kelly about EFT and Energy. Susan holds her own under the face of criticism from Professor of psychology and sceptic Chris Green.

You can watch the discussion on the ITV website, and we're sure you'll agree that Susan was calm, concise and focused despite Chris Green's criticism and repeated comments that results were simply a placebo effect and had no evidence to suggest otherwise! As you'll see below, we have addressed this, with the help of Ben Meijer and Dr Liz Boath we've compiled a quick abbreviated list of studies and papers that indeed do show EFT is an evidence based technique.


News: EFT in the Daily Mail

EFT in Daily Mail

Following the BBC feature, the Daily Mail were the next national media outlet to feature Professor Tony Stewart and his study in the NHS. The feature also included Dr Liz Boath, a regular presenter at the AMT EFT & Energy Conference, and was written by Health Reporter Emma Innes.


Recommended Reading: Excel at Business by Jimmy Petruzzi

Excel at Business

We're pleased to announce the upcoming release of AMT2013 Presenter Jimmy Petruzzi's new book, Excel at Business. The follow up to 2011's best-selling Excel at Sports, Excel at Business shows how to use NLP techniques to succeed in a business environment.

The book is aimed at anyone starting a business or wanting to be the best in their field, from therapies to corporate sales. Excel at Business will be released on the 7th February 2014.


News: EFT Studies & Research

EFT Studies

Following accusations by sceptics about EFT being unscientific and lacking in evidence, we decided to we've compiled a quick abbreviated list of studies and papers that indeed do show EFT is an evidence based technique.

Thanks to Dr Liz Boath and Ben Meijer for the help in compiling this list. It really shows how far EFT has come in recent years, and shows what all EFTers have know for ever such a long time: EFT really works!


Case Story: Magical EFT! by Suheyla Pinar Alper

Magical EFT

In this case story on the power of Positive EFT, Suheyla Pinar Alper describes her work with a 53 year old professional she recently helped overcome anxiety, fear of death and panic attacks.

It shows how Positive EFT can lighten the heart and avoid having to dig up past traumas in order to help a client feel great.


News: 2013 Christmas Competition Winners

2013 Christmas Competition

The 2013 GoE Christmas competition was extra special, as this year it was a visual art competition. We had some wonderful entries, all of which beautifully summed up the “Joy of Energy”. You can see all the entries here, and we are delighted to announce the winners.

Congratulations to:

  • Grand Prize – Peter Donn
  • Runners Up – Angela Egwim, Catherine McGagh, Carol Gordon, Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Jennine Allen, Candice Luper, Lisa Jennings, Lizzie Burt, Russell Roe and Sally Canning.

If you were one of our lucky winners but haven't yet claimed your prize, please contact us immedietly.


Case Story: A Stressful Situation by Helen Bingham

A Stressful Situation

In this case story, Distant Learning student Helen Bingham describes how she used EFT to deal in a stressful situation and to cope in the moment. How she continued to do this throughout the situation and to deal with each issue as it came at her, which then enabled her to help her sick animal in the best and most effective way, without getting overwhelmed!

Helen writes: I had a very stressful experience a couple of weeks ago when my border collie collapsed one afternoon. Firstly I experienced fear and panic so I breathed and tapped before phoning the vet. I was very calm and coherent talking with the receptionist, despite the concern I was feeling for my dog.


Interview: Happy Blue Monday with Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann and Fiona Truman

Blue Monday Interview

The 20th January was 2014's “Blue Monday”, according to some the most depressing day of the year.  Depleted funds, fading memories of holidays and low light levels in the Northern Hemisphere are all contributing factors to symptoms of low energy: high stress levels and in some cases depression.

Yet, with Positive EFT to recharge our batteries this needn't be so.

In this free online video interview hosted by Fiona Truman, Silvia Hartmann (author of Positive EFT, Energy EFT & The EFT Master Practitioner course) discusses how by focussing on what we want and using the new & updated tapping sequence, we can restore our energy levels and feel great.

And when we feel back to “just OK” we can continue raising our energy levels more and more until we create a real difference in our lives.


Case Story: Healing Abortion Trauma using EFT Tapping by Tamara Donn

Abortion Trauma

This case story comes from Positive EFT Practitioner and Pregnancy & Mother Mentor, Tamara Donn.

Tamara writes: My client (let's call her Sandra) came to me after she met me at an EFT Level 1 workshop I was helping out on. During the demo, she ran out of the room in tears so I followed her and offered to tap on her. She cried and cried whilst I tapped continuously for about 20 minutes. Eventually she stopped and later, knowing that I specialise in pregnancy and motherhood issues, she shared with me that she had experienced 3 abortions several years ago that she was traumatised by. A few weeks later, she booked 3.5 hours of EFT spread over 2 sessions to release this trauma.


Case Story: A Tapping Tale by Leslee Griffiths

Tapping Tale

In our second animal-based case story this month, Leslee Griffiths tells a tapping tale that shows how sometimes even those who practice EFT sometimes forget to use it on themselves!

Leslee writes: One night my smallest cat Poppy failed to come home before dark. I was worried sick and the usual scenario of tears and anxiety, pacing and calling began again. My husband rolled his eyes and headed for the lounge whilst I tried to understand the pounding in my heart and the overwhelming fear I was feeling. Nothing I did made any difference. I could not be distracted or calmed. Eventually my husband handed me another tissue and suggested I do some tapping. How strange, this hadn't even occurred to me? Well, not really. The feelings that I was experiencing so intensely prevented me from thinking or acting in my usual calm and logical way. I was literally, energetically experiencing a past traumatic state of which I was unaware.


Thank you to everyone that contributed to the first Energist eJournal of 2014. We hope the next 12 months are filled with wonderful Energy for you and your family.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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