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The Trauma Trap

The Trauma Trap

Why the endless chasing of trauma will not make your life any better in the long run, and what to do to escape from the trauma trap. 

The Trauma Trap

by Silvia Hartmann


In every human being, there exists the sense that we could be more than what we are.

That we could know more, do more, understand more - that there exists a great potential, but we don't know how to unlock that.

It is this deep sense we human beings carry inside that all the cults and religions of the ages have tapped into, all the fuehrers and leaders, all the makers of promises since the dawn of time.

In different civilisations and across different reaches of times, how you get to that better person had many different approaches. Often, it was held that if you beat the sin out of someone, that makes a better person.

Others thought it might happen if you prayed long and hard enough, or danced for long and hard enough.

In our so called modern age of scientific enlightenment, the idea is that you can get better people by removing traumatic experience from their lives.

This is a pervasive, persuasive argument which underlies the principles of psychology, and was taken to its face-value extreme by the Scientologists.

They believed that if all and any trauma is removed from the person's structure, they would become "a clear" - a perfect human being with real superhuman powers.

Earnestly and with heartfelt determination, the scientololgists went to work on traumatic memories from this lifetime. And it is true, this produced noticeable gains and encouraged the participants to seek out further and more traumatic memories to remove, and to gain further in a direct cause-and-effect relationship, all the way to becoming a "clear."

But it didn't happen. The line of gains flattened out more and more, no matter how many more trauma discovery journeys were undertaken.

At this point, someone might have said, "Perhaps there's more to being a clear than just removing trauma?" but nobody did.

So the quest for trauma was extended, and now included birth trauma and pre-birth trauma, all the way to the moment of conception.

The gains failed to materialise in any significant way. At which point, someone might have said, "Perhaps there's more to being a real clear than just removing trauma all the time?"

Nobody did ask that questions.

So the earnest scientologists started to work with past life trauma. As they did not know how the energy mind works, which is a generator of endless material in response to any question, they cleared and cleared and cleared and cleared some more.

Only, the gains weren't coming. In the contrary. People were getting more stressed, more paranoid, more de-stabilised.

At which point someome might have said, "Perhaps trauma isn't the only reason for why human beings malfunction?" - but nobody did.

Instead, the earnest scientologists, still completely dedicated to the idea of being the best person they could possibly be, began to look for trauma in alternate lives.

As you can perhaps imagine by now, this did not lead to being clear, or having superhuman powers, but simply more stress, more paranoia, more "crazy thinking" and stress induced ill health as well, when it went on for long enough.

I am truly grateful to the scientologists for proving my theory, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that "chasing trauma" isn't a recipe for a better life; and that in fact, the very idea that all you have to do is to remove all trauma to become a super-human, is nothing more than a "trauma trap" which keeps those who enter there confined to an endless labyrinth of misery from which there can be no escape until someone finally says, "Hey! Perhaps trauma isn't the only reason for people not achieving their highest potential!"

It seems that nobody wants to say that. The entire trauma industry is global, all-encompassing, insiduous, incestuous and everyone inside the trauma trap is safe and happy in their misery.

I am particularly amused by the many and wildly varying theories as to why people weren't making any further progress after the initial gains of trauma clearing. "People not wanting to heal" for various bizarre and convoluted reasons is among this, rather than accepting that what is being done IS NOT WORKING.

And this is where we are.

You can go to the scientologists, to the psychologists, and even to the energy psychologists now and spend a lifetime on clearing trauma and then more trauma and then some more trauma and you still won't be that wonderful person you know deep inside you were born to be.

The more trauma you chase, the crazier and the sicker you will get, if it goes on for long enough.

I observed this for some time.

I noted that you can ask the question, "What is wrong with me?" and the answers will never ever run out because we don't have a bucket inside that can be emptied, but instead a GENERATOR which will supply ever more reasons, ever more trauma, ever more disturbing trauma, ever more crazy trauma until you die.

I asked that question in 1999.

"If it's not just trauma, what else could it be?"

Once the question was finally asked, the first of the answers literally jumped out.

A whole lot of unwanted/destructive behaviours result from Guiding Stars - highly charged, highly emotional experiences, but these were not of a traumatic nature. They were positive events instead which caused even more chaos than trauma ever did.

At least with trauma, the afflicted will do their best to stay away from that which caused the trauma. A person who was bitten by a dog will stay away from dogs, avoid dogs, until they have been successfully treated.

Guiding Stars, on the other hand, will draw a person inexorably into the next abusive relationship, into the next crack house, into the next gambling den, into the next shot of heroin and so much more besides. Guiding Stars are the reason for the things we do, when trauma is only about the things we don't do any more.

There is virtually no research or documentation about Guiding Stars, and it beats me how you are supposed to treat any addiction, any fetish, philia or repetitive behaviour disorder with that crucial piece of knowledge simply being ignored.

So now instead of a single occurrence, just trauma, we have two occurrences - traumas and Guiding Stars. We might wonder what would happen to a person if these two would form a "Grand Conjunction ..."

We now have a brand new area of investigation that has never even been touched before.

Let's not stop there.

If there's two, could there be more?

You ask that question and what literally leaps off the page of history is the Missing Events.

The love that was never given, the essential experiences that were never had ...

... but which were absolutely essential to evolve that person, to actualise their systems and empower them.

All those people out there looking for father substitutes; trying to live through their children; climbing mountains and sitting on yoga mats in India, trying to "find themselves" ...

Now we have three types of events that all influence how "clear" a person might be.

When we addressed the major trauma, there were noticeable gains. If you kept going for too long, the gains flattened out, and then they reversed into stress and crazyness.

It seems sensible to monitor the trauma gains, and as soon as they begin to flatten out, to really take a deep breath and to STOP WITH THE TRAUMA.

Let's start to look at the Guiding Stars that are ruling your behaviours from moment to moment, from day to night, and night to day.

Let's get "clear" of those old Guiding Stars, so we can stop collecting tea pots obsessively, always trying to find love with carbon copies of "Uncle Bob," and evolve that shoe fetish to being able to function sexually like a true adult.

Oh what additional power that would unleash!

Here too though comes a time at which to stop with the Guiding Stars.

That's the time to really take a good long look at the Missing Events.

All these events have in common that they are single, lightning strikes that change a person in less than a heartbeat.

With our experience from the Guiding Stars, we are in a much better position to understand how these events work, and what we can do to obtain those missing events that have held us back.

We ask totally different questions as what to do next in order to evolve, in order to actualise ourselves more and more - instead of living inside the trauma trap that gets crazier and crazier, we have escaped into a great wide living world filled to the brim with opportunities for NEW events, for UNKNOWABLE EVENTS.

And that's the fourth category.

Outside the trauma trap, who is to know what kind of events await us?

Will these events finally "clear" us so that we finally become the supermen and superwomen we all know deep down we were always meant to be?

I think personally that striving to be clear is a wonderful thing.

I personally believe that our very ideas of what that actually means will EVOLVE once we're out of the trauma trap.

In the meantime, and this is the simplest message right here, right now, actively work to have good events. New events. If you are energy enabled, you will know how to do that. If you are not, I recommend you start taking your very own energy body more seriously and ask what might make your energy body a whole lot happier.

This may become as it will; in the meantime, and before you make that reflexive backflip into looking for more and more trauma here, there and everywhere to explain your life, stop once in a while, and think about the other forms of events that influence our lives.

Silvia Hartmann

March 2017

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