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Energy Meditation For Anger And Stress

Energy Meditation For Anger And Stress

Being very angry, feeling hurt, exasperated, deeply frustrated is definitely a form of high stress that needs to be relieved as soon as possible and before we do anything dramatically stupid from such a state that can gives us much grief in the days to come.

Here is a fast meditation against anger and stress that you might not have heard of before ...

Energy Meditation For Anger & Stress:

Meditating On Sharp & Pointy Objects

by Silvia Hartmann


This afternoon, I wasn't in the best of moods. The day had been difficult and thoroughly annoying in all sorts of thoroughly annoying and frustrating ways; a lot of stress as well and I was, as they say, not a happy bunny.

A kindly person advised me that in order to cool down I should "meditate".

"Ha!" I cried, "If I'm going to meditate, I shall meditate on sharp and pointy objects. Knives and swords and very pointy crystals. Vulcanoes ..."

So I started thinking about a huge, big, powerful sword; blue black, straight and true, and with the most exquisite steel reserved for the cutting edges so they would be as sharp as sharp can ever be; a diamond steel tip; how it would feel in my hand ...

And you know what?

When I came back from that instant meditation, I felt a whole lot better!

All the anger and frustration had gone. I felt clear, clean, very well balanced (as well balanced as the beautiful sword?) relaxed and had no further trouble, nor a mind to go and cause any further trouble, for myself or anyone else.

I can assure you that this sort of result would NOT have come about if I'd meditated on happy dolphins and fairies and fluffy bunnies, dancing in circlets and singing happy songs - LOL!

I find this very interesting.

I think we are all conditioned to think of meditations to restore peace and tranquility as having to be meditations ABOUT peace and tranquility - a nice soothing sea shore, watching falling stars, a happy garden with flowers and fairies and such, that kind of thing.

But clearly, if a person is really angry and frustrated, that's not going to work, and in my case I can assure you it would have made me even angrier still and feed that rising desire to strangle a few fluffy bunnies and happy fairies with my own fair hands!

Meditating on the sword, on the other hand, was really spot on.

It made me feel better, instantly so.

It was a good match somehow to how I felt and brought me from the deadly purpose of swords and destruction to thoughts, feelings and sensations of beauty, balance, and workmanship - human skills making a beautiful thing, mastery of destiny in a way.

It brought me back into a sense of control and magic, too.

Quickly, at that.

So by all means, try it.

Swords, vulcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, sharp and pointy crystals make a good entry point into a meditation for angry people. It's easy and you are not fighting yourself.

From there, you have a good chance to step down, relax, breathe a sigh of relief and find your center and your purpose once again.



Anger Stress Meditation: Meditating On Sharp & Pointy Objects

Text & Image © S Hartmann 2009.

All rights reserved.

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