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Psychological Reversal

Psychological Reversal (or, how to heave a deep, great sigh of relief at not having to struggle along on will power any more!)
For me, one of the most wonderful ideas in the meridian therapies is the concept of psychological reversal. There's much debate amongst the experts as to what's going on, but it seems that shock, trauma, or repeated learnings and teachings can cause the energy flow relating to a particular subject to become reversed; i.e. it does the opposite of what you want it to do.

For example, most people have one or more, or a single massive reversal on health related issues. If they were muscle tested, they would test weak on "I want to be healthy" which means they don't believe it, and for them, that isn't actually true at all.

These are the people who struggle endlessly with substance addictions, weight - and fitness problems and the like. These are the people who are trying to fight themselves using "will power" to overcome their own internal programming that runs to the reverse of what everyone - including parts of themselves - are telling them they "should" or "should not" be doing.

The problem with using will power when there is psychological reversal is this: will power was never meant for long term use. It was designed originally to allow the mind to override the body, briefly, in moments of emergency and necessity, such as being able to run into a burning house to save a child, or to override fear in order to face fighting a lion. Using will power, therefore, to try and overcome problems and force oneself to be doing certain things on a long term basis has two possible outcomes, both of which are problematic to say the least. One outcome would be to succeed, and to continuously override the parts that are reversed. This continuous exertion of will power drains the system and the body of energy, creates rigidity in mind and body, and can have serious repercussions for long term health - the conflict doesn't go away, it may just go underground and express in all kinds of dis-eases instead. The other outcome is that the one who is trying to override a psychological reversal with will power simply can't keep it up.

As we've mentioned above, "running on will power" drains enormous amounts of energy from the system, and if there are other demands on this energy, or low energy states such as feeling down or depressed one day, feeling a little ill, picking up a bug, that's all that's needed for the will power to collapse and the reversed parts to take over once more - that's the "recovering alcoholic" in a moment of crisis who turns to the bottle, or the fat lady who's had some bad news and makes straight for the fridge. The long term effects of this are a terrible toll on the person's self esteem. Every time this happens, they berate themselves for being weak, useless, hopeless and for "having no will power". Many therapists too, spoken or unspoken, tend to share society's view that people who can't control themselves are somehow weak, less worthy, that they're not trying hard enough, or that they want to suffer.

Energy reversal takes all that emotional blackmail out of the process. And treating for energy reversal is easy and profoundly effective - there are two specific points that correct a reversal within minutes, namely the Karate Chop and the "Sore" Points. Together with all the meridian therapies' excellence at uncovering root causes, and helping to build true self esteem, no matter what presenting problems there are in a person's life, here now there is a whole world of techniques available to take pain and suffering out of long standing problems that have caused intense pain and terrible internal battles for so many.

Even long standing psychological reversals can be re-reversed and habitual patterns undone; and best of all, as Gary Craig says, "It's not a character fault, it's just something that happened", finally taking the burden of guilt and shame from those afflicted by nothing more, or nothing less, than a simple psychological reversal.

Silvia Hartmann, 1999

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