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Success on The SUE Scale!

Success on The SUE Scale!

"You could fill not just the Titanic, but also the Olympic and Britannic and hundreds more of their size with the documentation on how humans fail," writes GoE president Silvia Hartmann. "How humans succeed on the other hand has been the mystery of the ages. Very little is known about it, if truth be told."

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SUE Scale Mens Silvia HartmannThe SUE Scale gives us that wonderful space of success to explore, document, model, make accessible to anyone who wants to have a go.

The "mens" we use to illustrate EMOTIONAL STATES, energy body states, in other words, are a simple benchmark. 

Today, I felt moved to add "Work Mens" to the line up on the positive wing. 

It goes like this. 

At Zero, there is NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. No ideas, no motivation, no energy. A hideous place to be, and it's no wonder that people start eventually self mutilating so they "feel something" at least! So they know they are alive, even if it hurts like hell. 

That was supposed to be "the best a man can get."

It still is held to be that in too many places for my liking. 

But let's get past that. 

At +3, people start to wake up. 

They start thinking about the future, about their dreams, and they start to have some ideas as to what can be done. 

The ideas themselves are exciting, the energy body responds to the hope of better things, and people start to make plans. 

If energy keeps rising enough, and there are no catastrophes along the way which cause the energy system to collapse, we get to my "Working Mens."

Now the person has the energy to actually GO TO WORK. 

This may involve challenges of physical, emotional and mental natures; it may involve keeping the faith when things don't work out as they should; it will involve many hours working hard in order to "get things done."

My Working Mens carries a shovel, but that's a metaphorical shovel. It could be a paint brush, it could be a computer, it could be a calculator - the point is that in order to make something happen, you have to put some actual work into it. 

There are many people who have enough energy to have ideas and make the plans, and even start something - but they don't know how to keep their energy up at that necessary +5 level to make things happen in the real world. 

Not knowing how this works has driven good, intelligent, creative people to distraction over the millennia; many try and fail, try and fail, try and fail and then give up (the ghost!) for good. 

However, if we can keep the work at the +5, eventually the results will materialise and then we are talking about a successful person. 

Success brings with it additional energy across the board. If it is handled correctly, it brings many opportunities for having a good time and getting additional energy from things, places and people. 

Here, most folk will stop. 

They don't know there's more to life than buying a tropical island and still having five hundred million dollars to spare. 

I would love to say to the people who think they have everything (and who have everything that *money can buy!*) that there is more, and that more is STATE OF BEING, and that's to be found at +10. 

SUE Scale Silvia HartmannThe fun thing is that +10, of course, is completely unconditional. 

You don't have to succeed at anything at all, never work a day or even an hour in your life, and you can still rack up the +10s every day just by playing your energy cards right. 

However, should there be a desire for MATERIAL SUCCESS, then it's of the essence to know about the +5 states in particular, where one becomes naturally inspired to go to work and build one's own kingdom in the hard. 

In the past, it was always held that material and spiritual success was impossible to combine. 

Yes, and the Earth was flat, and people's organs would explode if the train went faster than 15 miles per hour ... 

It is not just possible to be both materially and spiritually successful, I would say that as a human being on Earth you're not really successful until you got both on track. 

We could say, what's the point of monks having their +10s to the rest of humanity; and that it would be really rather cool to have more millionaires and billionaires with +10 ideas and hearts of gold, to be doing something significant for humanity at last. 

In fact, I've just said exactly that. 

Put material success back together with spiritual success where it belongs, and you get more than merely the sum of its parts. 

You get something truly amazing - to the point of being quite inconceivable right at this moment. 

The "Work Mens" at +5 is where it's at. 

I absolutely love my "work." That's another part of that. Find something you love to do in that planning stage at +3, and use it in and of itself to keep you empowered to do the work that needs to be done to be spectacularly successful. 

Hopefully, our MODERN Stress Management will come to the aid of many, many more people who have been stuck in that "try-fail" loop and help them unlock the energy they need to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 




MSM FoundationThe GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit live or skype training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.

For more information about the course, including upcoming events, see our course page:

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