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SuperMind - Is it for me?

SuperMind - Is it for me?

GoE president Silvia Hartmann writes about her next-level and explorative course SuperMind Master, the follow-up to Project Sanctuary, where you learn to speak the language of the soul and unleash your real SUPER MIND!

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I am hugely excited about the new SuperMind Masters course. It's been a long time coming but you have to forgive me - ending the research phase that was Project Sanctuary was hard for me to do. With the move to the Big E, it had to be done though, and so my aspect took a deep breath and went for it!

Whenever there is any confusion, any uncertainty, one has to raise energy. This I did and then it was all so clear, so simple - it's all about ENERGY.

SuperMind SymbolsSimply put, the energy work that is done via Project Sanctuary and its successor, SuperMind, reaches the places, the levels and the layers in the energy system that other methods cannot reach.

The way I see it, the Heart of Energy sits at the centre of the energy systems that have everything to do with living and loving successfully in the Hard and in physical reality.

But that's not the whole story. There is another level to the energy system, and at the heart of that we find Das Zauberherz - the heart of magic, the super system that powers the psychic circuitry. In English, this system is called "The Soul."

Now I know that the soul matters. That it is important. More than that, it is life saving, life shaping, and potentially, life expanding past the end of an individual timeline - structural immortality.

Injuries in the psychic circuitry, soul injuries, cannot be repaired by tapping on meridian points. This I have know for the longest time, but I have had the problem that you can't explain this to people who don't know what it's like living with soul injuries. They are other than simple trauma or even PTSD.

If you have them, you know exactly what I'm talking about; and if you don't, that's more than OK. It is wonderful.

It is a fact that injuries in the soul system, a heart of magic that is broken, you might say, tune a person differently. It causes awareness of the otherworlds. It causes a lifelong fascination with myth and magic, the secret knowledge of the ages - of course. The soul seeks healing and that drives the fascination. The soul also seeks EVOLUTION, and here once more, we can't just tap on it. We don't know enough about soul matters to even know what questions we should be asking in the first place, or what it is that we are supposed to be doing.

I have always known that to get any form of traction with soul matters, you need to speak the language of the soul. Sometimes called "metaphor," it is incomprehensible to the conscious mind without some serious bridge building. SuperMind is exactly that - building or restoring the pathways through which energy and information can flow so we can deal with the soul matters reasonably, rationally, and without fear and stress.

For those who have been seeking soul healing all their life, SuperMind is the key to open that pathway. For those who want to help other people's souls, it is the key to learn to speak the soul language, the one true human language - the language of "metaphor." For those who are serious about evolution beyond making the Hard behave itself, SuperMind is the key to the most amazing space of freedom and joy - beyond mere imagination.

I have always had trouble with "selling SuperMind to the masses." They don't understand it, don't know how they could need such a thing, or why it would make such an extraordinary difference to every single day and every single night. Perhaps it's not for the masses. Perhaps SuperMind is for the right people, or for when the time has come and a person has truly understood that the soul matters.

Silvia Hartmann LogoI hope that this article has helped you go towards answering the question, "Is SuperMind for me?"

We now have a brilliant course for you if the answer is a resounding, "YES!"



SuperMind Master CourseAfter three decades of the great research project known as Project Sanctuary, we are delighted to announce Silvia Hartmann's next-generation course: SuperMind Master.

SuperMind is the course for modern energists to improve information flow between the conscious mind and the energy mind, thereby unlocking a whole new level of energy awareness, energy skills and energy understanding.

Find out more about live SuperMind courses including distance learning options, by clicking the button below:

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