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The Energist - February 2014








The Energist

Dear fellow energists!

What a month it has been - crazy weather, all sorts of upheavals and lots going on on every front. Me, I wrote a book on EFT and Love in 8 days for Valentine's Day.

I think we all know that "love" is just another word for energy. Love IS energy, that's what it is. When you give someone energy, you are giving them love. And when you are attention seeking, you are love seeking. For a long time I've been aware that love is the real currency amongst human beings, the real prize, the most precious gift of all.

The more you have, the more you have to give ...

If you're an energist, does that make you a lover?


As always, living in a world, no matter how topsy turvy our affairs become, in which LOVE IS A REALITY and there are ways to get more of it, is at the heart of the joy of being an energist.

The older I become, the more I appreciate this and the more sorry I feel for those to whom the reality of energy has not yet revealed itself.

But there is hope. There are lots of people tapping EFT right now who don't believe in energy at all. And if they keep tapping, then there is a good chance the day might come and they too have their own "amazing grace" experience, that moment of revelation when you get it that there's more to the world than you can measure with a Geiger counter.

Lots of our members have been out and about, giving demos to newbies, holding trainings, getting into the press and on TV. Every one of us who walks their talk and does their bit contributes to the build up of a wave of new thinking and new opportunities that may seem still quite small but is unstoppable now.

I'm excited about all of this. Twelve years ago, when I first created and presented EMO - Energy In Motion! - hardly anybody had even heard of EFT and EMO was just completely out of conceptual reach. But the world has moved on - THANK GOD! - and so have we. We know so much more now about how the energy system works, how far away that actually really is from what psychology was trying to do, and our methods and approaches have absolutely stood the test of time.

So I am extremely excited to be creating the new EMO Master Practitioner Training. It will include Events Psychology as a matter of fact - that's where it came from, after all! - and will be designed to be a clean, pure, bright and new ENERGIST'S training.

I heartily invite everyone who loves energy as much as I do to take this new training - you are absolutely going to love it. But I also invite those amongst us who have done EFT to the hilt and for a long time to finally take that leap of faith to the more fluent, natural and intuitive ways of working with energy that EMO provides. From pure hands on healing to elegant conversational energy changework which can be done anywhere and at any time, EMO is not a competitor to EFT, but an evolution.

To me, being an energist is much more than being a healer or a therapist or a counsellor. It goes much further than that. Being an energist gives us the opportunity to look at all human made systems, be they a family system, a work flow system, a design, a methodology, a theory even and - make it better.

Evolve it. Take out the ZZZZts. Make it flow better. Make it more successful, more economical, more delightful - just better!

Yes and not to forget that one huge advantage that our field has which can be found nowhere else - we get to have FUN.

Indeed, if we're not having fun, we're not loving it yet, we know there's still a ways to go!

In that spirit, and wishing you all the very best blessings for your projects, your evolutions, persona and professional, material and spiritual aligned and in perfect harmony,

Have an exciting and surprising March!

Silvia Hartmann, Chair, The AMT

Article: History of Tapping – A Guide to the Tapping Techniques

History of Tapping

The tapping journey has come on a long way since TFT founder Dr. Roger Callahan “cured” Mary's water phobia by tapping under her eye in the 1980s. Since then energy-pioneers such as Gary Craig, Silvia Hartmann, Robert. G. Smith, Rehana Webster, Dr. David Lake, Steve Wells & Karl Dawson have continued to evolve the field, giving us new tools and methods such as EFT, Energy EFT, Positive EFT, Faster EFT & TBT.

This article explains some of the history behind the tapping techniques and how they compare and contrast with each other. It's a really interesting read!


News: Energy In Motion! The Brand New EMO Master Practitioner Course with Silvia Hartmann

EMO Master Practitioner

This coming April, GoE Chair Silvia Hartmann will be hosting the world's first EMO Master Practitioner training at the Europa London Gatwick Hotel.

This course takes the place of the annual EMO Conference. We considered holding both, but the brand new training Silvia Hartmann has put together is so exciting, so important, that we thought it was important that anyone interested in energy work have the chance to take this training. It is that good!

Silvia will also be training the new generation of GoE Trainers in April, following directly on from the EMO Master Practitioner course. This new 2-day Energist Trainer Training is the ultimate GoE course, and highly recommended for anyone wanting to take the next step in their career and life.


Upcoming Events: March 2014

Upcoming Events

The GoE are always creating new ways for you to find the perfect training, and for our Trainers to promote their upcoming events. AMT events appear on the AMT's events page, the EFT Facebook Group and now they'll feature on the AMT homepage, with highlights right here in the Energist.

Highlights for March 2014:

EMO Practitioner Course with Gisèle Bourgoin
Montréal, Qc, Canada
1-2 March 2014
Hosted by Gisèle Bourgoin
View Event

The Heart and Soul of Understanding PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) with Susan Kennard
Battle, East Sussex, England
2 March 2014
Hosted by Susan Kennard
View Event

EFT Master Practitioner Course with Wendy Birse
Perthshire, Scotland
21 March - 23 March 2014
Hosted by Wendy Birse
View Event

EFT Master Practitioner Course with Sandra Hillawi
London, England
21-24 March 2014
Hosted by Sandra Hillawi
View Event

Picture Tapping Technique Course with Sami Thorpe
Hove, West Sussex, UK
29-30 March 2014
Hosted by Sam Thorpe
View Event


Article: How to Get the Most Out of Your GoE Membership

Get the Most Out of Your GoE Membership

Membership with The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest news from the energy field, promote yourself as a therapist, trainer and workshop leader, and gain new clients. But having a membership doesn't automatically mean that you are getting the most out of it.

I've put together this article to help you get maximise the benefits you receive, reach more clients, and grow your practice into a thriving business. It will take a little time and effort, but I'm sure you'll find it worth it.


News: Membership Numbers


This month we have a small update to Member Profiles. If you visit the full list of Members and find your profile, you'll see that your Membership Number now appears under your photo and contact details.

Some insurers require Membership Numbers before offering insurance, and some members just like to know their number for numerological reasons!

What's your number??


EFT Case Story: The Energetic Family by Lorna Firth

Energetic Family

This is a fascinating case story from Cyprus-based GoE Trainer Lorna Firth shows how the benefits of EFT can be expanded to help whole families.

Lorna writes: 'Diane' first came to see me one year past and since then I have become the Energist for the whole family. Diane had originally come to see me regarding how to improve her business We had been working on the feeling that she "was not good enough" as well as other problems We had used mainly Aspect and Autogenic work.

The situation with Diane now is that everything in her life is fine. Her business is booming the relationship with her partner is perfect. There is however, one problem she feels would get her up to a +10.

This particular day we had been working on Diane's weight loss and fitness levels, when she told me about the problem her partner David is having with his ex wife Emma. They have a child together and Emma is being obstructive when it comes to access to the child. Diane mentioned that wouldn't be magical if we could tap on this particular issue to which I said "let's do it"!


News: When Andy McNab met EFT by Susan Kennard

Andy McNab and EFT

Earlier this week, GoE Trainer and expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Susan Kennard got to meet former SAS Sergeant and best-selling author Andy McNab, and talk to him about how effective EFT was at helping ex-soldiers with PTSD. The SAS is the elite fighting force of the British Army and Andy is a true advocate for not just veterans but also for those in service in need of help. He had heard of EMDR, which offers similar results helping people with PTSD, but seemed impressed with how portable and easy to use EFT was in comparison.


EFT Case Story: Peter's Revelation by Wendy Beresford

Wendy Beresford

This case story comes from Wendy Beresford. Here we learn that sometimes EFT helps people enjoy the journey even if they thought all they needed to do was get to the end!

Wendy writes:Peter came to me asking for help increasing his energy levels as he suffers with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which restricts the airflow to his lungs. A few years ago he suffered with pleurisy, after which he was told his condition would only get worse. Despite that predication, he has actually improved over the years, partly due to previous therapy sessions with me and partly due to his change in lifestyle. He now eats well and has much less stress in his life.


Welcoming New Members: January 2014

New GoE Members

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new qualifications last month. The first new members of 2014!

Please welcome...

Carmen Albaladejo Penalva (Positive EFT Practitioner), Sally Canning (Trainer Trainer), Maria Chappell (Trainer & Positive EFT Practitioner), Michael Donaldson (EFT Master Practitioner), Belén Lópes Esclapez (EMO Practitioner), Julie Fink (EFT Master Practitioner), Yeşim Başak Gökçen (EFT Master Practitioner), Brenda Hansen (EMO Practitioner), Bahar KiliÇaslan (EMO Practitioner), Pilar Lozano Torralba (Positive EFT Practitioner), Michael Millett (Positive EFT Practitioner), Maria José Morenilla Romero (Positive EFT Practitioner), Eva Torralba Pradillos (EMO Practitioner) and Maribel Villa Perez (EFT Master Practitioner).


EFT Case Story: Scared at Bedtime by Wendy Birse

Scared at Bedtime

This case story comes from Wendy Birse. In this story we learn see how a child of 7 used tapping to help settle himself to sleep after a film made him so scared he felt like he was having a heart attack! There's also a little help from Big Ted!

Wendy writes: This is an account of just one session I spent with a 7 year old boy and his mother.

The lad had watched a horror film and when he went to bed he was afraid the world would end and he would die. Consequently, neither child nor mother had slept properly for several nights.

In preparation for their visit I re-read Angie Muccillo's book Tapping for Kids: A Children's Guide to EFT and Alex Kent's Big Ted's Guide to Tapping and found helpful suggestions in each of them.


Article: EFT in Africa by Hilary Albutt

EFT in Africa

Here at the GoE we love to hear of great people promoting the benefits of EFT and Energy Healing. The Energy Healers Association are dedicated to promoting Energy Modalities throughout Africa. Here is what Hilary Albutt CEO & Managing Director has to say about their organisation.

Hilary writes: The Energy Healers Association is a registered and recognised charity with the government of South Africa. The NPO (non profit organisation) registered NPC, (Non Profit Charity) was started to spread the message that Energy Healing Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be a help to the poverty stricken peoples of the world.

This was my dream. To be able to help my fellow Africans after being disabled in an accident and finding that for me, western medication just made me feel stupid and quite frankly, very cranky.


News: Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating, Love & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT

As part of DragonRising's Valentine's Day promotions, Silvia Hartmann wrote a brand new book called Love EFT. The book was made available for free to buyers of Positive EFT, and although this offer has now ended, we're pleased to say that DragonRising will be releasing the book in paperback and ebook later this year!

Silvia Hartmann sourced much of the content for the book from the EFT Group on Facebook, with contributors suggesting what they would like the book to include. Suggestions included:

Rejection, Jealousy, Emotional Balance, Asking for what we want, Speaking about our feelings and needs, Sexuality fears and shame, Accepting the others person behaviour, We've been sold that every relationship is a forever relationship or it's failed, Divorce and blended families with adult children, What is right about these relationship choices that I keep making?, Soul of love, What to do when "my head says no but my heart says yes", My true soul friend..., Broken heart (and how to get over someone), Soul connections, Rejection from the partner's kids, Forgiveness after breaking, How to improve communication and connection, Soul mates, Resolving conflicts minus silent treatment, How couples can sit with all their vulnerabilities with their partners and still feel loved., Long term relationships (keeping it fun, passionate and keeping that energy flowing), Cut energy chords with past relationships, Learning to accept true Love (I don't believe it can happen to me), It is not safe to be in a relationship because it will end anyway so why bother, Learning to feel worthy of love again, Using EFT to curb the upset of each other's idiosyncratic behaviour & Obsession with a person (Infatuations that can be mistaken for love).


Article: Does EFT Work? by Tamara Donn

Does EFT Work?

This article comes from Tamara Donn. She writes: Recently I received feedback from one of my ex-subscribers saying that the reason they unsubscribed was that "EFT doesn't work. Ever"!

Although I don't know anything about this ex-subscriber, the comment sounds reactive so I would suggest for them to tune into the feelings about the fact that EFT doesn't work. For example, it could bring up feelings of frustration, anger, powerlessness, blame, "life is against me"... I would then ask if there is an event early in their life where these feelings were felt strongly. I would then encourage them to tap on that event.

Receiving this feedback motivated me to write about what you can do when EFT appears not to be working.


EFT Case Story: Money is Not the Root of all Evil... by Helena Buche

Money EFT

Distant Learning EFT Master Practitioner student Helena Buche has just completed her course with Silvia Hartmann. Here she writes of how she effectively used Autogenic EFT Intervention to help a client who had lost her way with her business and was struggling to come to terms with it's initial success.

Helena writes: Susan, age 35, came to see me because she was having monumental difficulties with money. Her face looked pale and taut and I could tell that she had been crying. As she sat before me, biting back the tears, her hands shook. She said that she had lost quite a few of her business clients in the last year and was afraid that she'd have to close down her business.

Tears rolled down her face as she told me the hopelessness of her situation. "I was doing so well, and really thought that I'd made it, when one day, in a moment of feeling really elated, this strange thought shot through my head and I haven't been able to get rid of it. It keeps coming back like a broken record. I've tried to shove it aside, ignore it, find reasons to abort it, but it's there all the time."


Article: Is The Counselling Chair You Sit On Anchoring Your Negative Feelings? by John Blosse

Anchoring Negative Feelings

This interesting article comes from EFT and EMO practitioner John Blosse. Here he asks 'Is The Counselling Chair You Sit On Anchoring Your Negative Feelings?'

John writes: The counselling chair can become an anchor for negative emotions image. When you go to see a counsellor, and let's face it everyone does these days, you get the chance to tell someone about the problems you have in your life. Initially, counselling can be a wonderful way to relieve the burden and stress you feel, but how about the long term effects?

I've heard so many people who have received counselling tell me that after the initial high of feeling listened to they seemed to relive the same problem over and over again. In fact, when you talk about your problems over time they get worse. The counselling chair you sit on becomes an anchor the very sight of which may remind you of your problems.

You can't solve your problems just by talking about them.


Article: Evolving Your Relationship with the Entity by Julie Fink

Evolving Your Relationship

As part of Julie Fink's EFT Master Practitioner course (Distant Learning) she was asked: Write a short report on your personal experience with evolving your relationship with an entity!

Julie writes: The person I have never met at all was my grandpa on my mom's side.  He died in World War II.  I see him in front of me, a bit far away on a hill and a bit to my right side.  I experience sadness and a familiarity in relation to him.  I sense he has been with me in spirit throughout my life.


News: EFT Books by Helen Vella

Helen Vella's EFT Books

AMT member Helen Vella has written four books on EFT. Helen Vella specializes in Holistic Health and Wellness using techniques that help each individual overcome challenges, find their purpose, realize their potential, nurture their inner strength and reach their personal goals, to live their best life.


News: BBC Midlands Interviews Professor Tony Stewart about EFT – Update

Prof Tony Stewart EFT Interview

Professor Tony Stewart

of Staffordshire University gave an interview to the BBC about his and Dr. Liz Boath's work introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the NHS in Sandwell.

This was broadcast to approx half-a-million viewers in the BBC Midlands area on the 14th January 2014 and thanks to being shared and reposted on social networks the story reached an estimated 400,000 extra people with 400 comments being made, 90% of which were positive.

Remember, you can watch the entire BBC feature here as well as reading a transcript in English, German and French on The GoE website.


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this month's bumper issue of The Energist. It's great to see so  much happening in the world of energy. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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