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The Third Field: The Future of Modern Energy

The Third Field: The Future of Modern Energy

Read the full text of Silvia Hartmann's foundational keynote speech "The Third Field: The Future of Energy" from the GoE Energy Conference 2011 at the Europa Gatwick Hotel, UK.

Read on for the full article...

The Third Field:

The Future of Modern Energy

by Silvia Hartmann

In any comprehensive and inclusive approach to human health, happiness and endeavour, we talk of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Two of these fields, psychology and physiology are deemed to be scientific; the Third Field has been left in darkness, ignored, denigrated and left as a last resource when all else fails.

Yet it is in the Third Field that the answers can be found which have perplexed the other two fields for as long as they have existed; and if we want to make good on the promise to the citizen that these fields exist in the first place to help people lead happier and healthier lives, we can go on no longer without the knowledge, expertise and practice of the energy modalities.

Energy is the missing X Factor in every equation that involves human beings on any level whatsoever.

Without energy, without the Third Field, the world doesn't make sense, and human beings don't make sense.

When we add that missing component to reality absolute, we step into a whole new territory.

Here, change becomes possible.

Here, solutions become apparent that seemed so unavailable before.

Here, we find clarity and logic where before there was stress riddled, medieval thinking, feeling and doing.

Energy work is a science in its own right, with its own presuppositions, with its own methodologies, with its own specific codes of conduct in research as well as in practice.

We are here, at the emergence of this new science of energy.

We are the Third Field.

Silvia Hartmann

GoE Chairperson, Author of: Energy EFT 2012, The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification ProgramEMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love


On March 2nd, 2004, the Second Chamber of the First Senate of the German Constitutional High Court unanimously decided that a spiritual healer does not require education in anatomy, medical diagnosis, physiology, pathology, prescription or therapy in order to obtain a license to practice spiritual healing as such knowledge is irrelevant to the practice of healing the soul by laying on of hands.

The three Constitutional Judges decided unanimously that to force someone who works with soul issues and without the aid of medical machinery or prescription drugs to study these subjects which are irrelevant to the methodology of energy work, contravenes the constitutionally guaranteed right to choose one's profession freely.

In so doing, the German Constitutional High Court set the precedence and acknowledged the existence of the Third Field - a healing practice that is not based on, or even directly related to, physiology and medicine.

What does this mean for us?

Firstly, it clarifies that in any healing or helping capacity, anyone, from any field, is there to serve the citizen.

This is a fundamental concept, an organisational principle from which all further detailed codes of conduct and methodology flows.

Theoretically, this fundamental principle, that of offering service to the citizen, is the only purpose and function of all fields of science and including medical science.

It often seems that we of the Third Field are at war with psychology and with medicine; that they think we will take away their citizens and that we think we need to take their citizens away to treat them right.

This however resolves when we simply take our place as a rightful Third Field in serving the citizen; for then we stand shoulder to shoulder with the other two fields, and all of us make the wellbeing of the citizen our one and only objective.

Clearly, the citizen isn't just an energy body.

Clearly, the citizen has a physical body and a mind of their own, and we might lack the educational requirements, expertise and experience to diagnose or treat those.

Taking complete responsibility for the well being of the citizen is really too much to ask when we are dealing with mind, body and spirit.

When we take our rightful place as the Third Field and give the citizen the ADDITIONAL benefit of our expertise, we are doing the right thing and providing a service bar none, a service that cannot be provided by the other two fields.

I would also put forth the proposition that the overwhelming majority of practitioners and even law makers in the other two fields would heave a huge sigh of relief if they had a reliable channel for referrals of cases where they well know they can help no further with their own specialities.

Medical doctors really do not want to sit with a patient who suffers from a broken heart and listen to them cry for any length of time; and counsellors and psychologists really do not want to be sitting with patients who, for all their hard work and best intention, seem to be pressing a "re-set button" the minute they leave the office and present with the same old problem over, and over, and over again, for years upon years ...

I believe that in spite of everything, the care of the citizen is the one place where we can all get together, do our best work according to our specialities, do not get into each other's way, do not waste time on arguing and fighting amongst ourselves, do not get involved in breaking any laws of the land, and thus work effectively together with all the other methods, offices, structures designed to protect the citizen, and care for the citizen.

Our Third Field comes into the arena with a lot of baggage.

We have our own versions of past disasters, just as the other two fields have. Good medical doctors used to drill holes into people's heads to relieve the pressure of headaches; when X-Rays first were invented, they were used in super-high dosage to X-Ray young people's heads to combat teenage acne. The early psychologists and psychiatrists used to put crazy people into ice cold baths and give them electric shocks to snap them out of it. Pharmacologists gave drugs to pregnant women which directly caused defects to the babies.

In our field, there were people going around promising all sorts of things to the desperate, taking their money and delivering very little.

As I said, we all have our crosses to bear. All the fields of human endeavour have their experiments, their disasters, and at the end of the day, we need to turn to the future and do our best to do better than that.

And here, we once more turn to the care of the citizen.

The German Constitutional High Court was particularly concerned with the concept of potential damage done to a citizen by delaying the onset of other treatments.

Or in other words, by offering spiritual healing as an alternative to medical healing, to put it in its place, to re-place it, as the term suggests.

Let's be quite clear here - energy work and the Third Field is not an alternative treatment or an alternative approach.

You are not supposed to alternate between the three fields of mind, body and spirit.

They all need to be consulted and bring their own expertise to the problem at hand.

We have the other term of "complementary treatment."

This is interesting because this pre-supposes a hierarchy with medical treatment first, psychological treatment second, and to complement those, we work with energy.

This is wrong.

In reality, there is no hierarchy in mind, body and spirit.

Each one of those has the power to bring a human being to death.

A physical problem can give you a heart attack, a psychological problem can cause a person to jump off a bridge; a spiritual problem can cause a person to lay down and die.

All three fields are of the essence to serve the citizen, each one has enormous power, but each one is only a third of the story and that is something all of us who work in the three fields in any capacity has to get their minds, bodies and spirits around!

When the medical people forget that they are only a third of the whole, when the psychologist forget that they are only a third of the whole, and when the energists forget that they too are only a third of the whole, that is when the care for the citizen takes a turn for the worse and they are no longer served as well as they deserve to be.

That is also the situation where we come into contact with the laws of the land, designed to protect its citizens, and the huge topic of claim of cure.

One of the worst sins of the practitioners of our fields in the past has been claim of cure.

These are the proverbial snake oil salesmen who will promise that this bottle will cure your baldness, your infertility, your chronic back pain, your loneliness, your cancer, your life.

If we are honest and logical, we of the Third Field must put our hands up and say that we cannot promise to cure anyone of anything.

It doesn't matter if you have "cured" a thousand blind people who all started to see again within seconds of your magical EFT treatment; you cannot know that there isn't one amongst the many other blind out there for whom this treatment would not work, for whatever reason.

We know very little about the energy body per se; and even less about the interplay between all three fields that produce whatever sickness, whatever problem, whatever challenge a client may present.

When we add the practitioner themselves into the mix, the variables go through such a threshold that I for one would no longer dare to try and calculate them to produce a predictable result.

The Third Field is amazing; and often the changes that we can bring about really do seem "miraculous," in the way that flicking on a light switch and the lights come on seems miraculous to a tribesman from New Guinea.

However, our changes are not light switches. They're not as simple as that. And we are only one third of the mind, body, spirit triad, and that in and of itself may well not be the whole story yet, by a long shot.

So let me put this together clearly.

  1. We are the Third Field, and as such, stand shoulder to shoulder with the other two fields as all of us attempt to serve the citizen as best we can.
  2. We do not have it in our power to offer an alternative treatment to the other two fields; we work in our field which is neither any better, nor any worse, than the other two.
  3. We take our rightful place as one of three and make sure that the citizen understands that they need to address all three fields of mind, body and spirit for a truly holistic and comprehensive set of treatments. This is paraphrased in the term of, "Not delaying the onset of (other) essential treatments."
  4. We do not serve the field, the citizen or ourselves by making claims of cure which cannot ever be reasonably made in any one individual case. By not making claims of cure we fall in line with the laws of the land which are designed to protect the citizen from criminals.
  5. By considering ourselves to be not "on the outside" of services to the citizen, either in mind, body, spirit or the laws of the land, but a functional part of the structures designed to protect and serve the citizen, we take up our rightful place as the Third Field, which in time will evolve to be an equal to the other sciences designed to further and aid humanity.

This final and fifth point is extremely important.

It may be so that those outside of our own field judge us by what has been going on so far, much as those inside our field judge medicine and psychology harshly by what went on in theirs.

That, however, is not important.

We can engage in endless battles with "the powers that be" and spend all our precious energies trying to fight the system, bemoaning how unfair it all is, and wishing it was different.

I find this energetically extremely unsound and counter productive, especially in the long run.

Therefore, I suggest we focus our energies on serving the citizen through our speciality as best as we can.

This includes very much our own conduct and how we present ourselves as representatives of the Third Field.

Every one who works actively in the Third Field has a responsibility to all who work in the Third Field.

Every advertisement, every website, every article, every interview and every session with a client or a friend or a family member is the representation of the Third Field as it is evolving TODAY.

We cannot atone or make up for the actions of individuals in the past, present or future.

We can only each one of us seek to conduct ourselves honourably, honestly and with our best intention to serve the citizen through the practices of our field, in whatever guise they may appear to you.

When we stick to these simple and basic principles, there is a clear path forward to developing our wonderful and precious Third Field; to learn and grow, to find out many new things and have amazing experiences in the process.

We also have the power to assist the citizen in a whole new way.

Energy work by itself is truly wonderful; but when you put it together with the other three fields on an individual basis, that's when the true magic happens.

A fully actualised human being explores and evolves mind, body and spirit, together and all at the same time.

We are the "spirit specialists" and we have much to offer in that context; who we are is the missing piece and the X-Factor that catalyses the entire mind, body, spirit system so that the three become more than the sum of their parts.

This is the aim, the long term goal; it is not just to make the Third Field take its rightful place, that is only a first step in the right direction.

But this is where it starts.

There is a Third Field.

It is in the process of defining itself for the first time in the history of humanity precisely and scientifically.

This Third Field is discovering its own methodology, based on the ruling principles of the Third Field which are inherently and structurally different from the other two fields, who have their own presuppositions, principles and methodologies based on what they are dealing with.

The contributions of the Third Field will eventually also lead to changes in the other two fields as all three begin to emerge to stand side by side.

You, here and now, are a part of this emergence.

You are a part of the Third Field, and the Third Field is a necessary part of human evolution.

And all of that is held together by one thing, and one thing alone; the one thing that goes across the borders of the fields, the borders of science, the borders of discourse and disagreement, the one thing that can guide you always to do the right thing, the one thing at the heart of everything we do here:

To care for the citizen.


The Third Field - Modern Energy

Article by Silvia Hartmann

Author - Energy EFT, EMO Energy In Motion, Events Psychology & Infinite Creativity

Chair, The GoE

November 2011

Ref: Bundesverfassungsgericht 1 BvR 784/03 - 2. März 2004

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