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What Is EFT?

What Is EFT?

Back before the turn of the century, the question, "What is EFT?" led to an explanation of tapping on meridian points as a change technique. In 2015, the question means, "With all these different versions of EFT around, what is now really EFT?" 

Here is an explanation by Silvia Hartmann how to assess whether a technique is still EFT - or not.

First posted to the EFT Group on Facebook.

Silvia Hartmann writes:

We love EFT! But what is EFT now? There are people who are saying that only they have "the right EFT" and that is confusing to the newbies. Some descendants of Classic EFT (which is still being used by many, though not by its originator, Gary Craig, who has evolved the original EFT as well by now) have more points, some have less. Some use additional points and additional components to the protocol.

If you evolve something for long enough, is it still EFT?

To answer that question, I have made a diagram.

if this is the treatment flow, then we have a form of EFT.

This allows people to look around and find a form of EFT that suits them best.

Classic EFT was felt by many back in the day to be too technical, too heartless on the one hand, and too spooky and too esoteric on the other.

Different developers developed the original Classic EFT into different directions to answer these problems.

I personally went in the direction of EFT being absolutely an ENERGY based technique, and that this is its unique selling proposition and makes it so different from the general personal development/psychology approaches who "don't believe in energy" and go about dealing with human beings as though it didn't exist.

Other people have gone into other directions.

It doesn't matter.

As long as the treatment flow as outlined below is followed in some shape or form, whatever it is, it is clearly EFT - even if the developer called it something else altogether.

Tapping is magical. It's completely different from "talking therapy" and has helped by now MILLIONS.

There are literally oceans of tears which have remained uncried because of EFT in all its variants.

Nobody "owns" EFT now, we all own it.

Everyone who takes ANY EFT protocol, practises it, makes it their own, finds their own shortcuts or additions, their own way of USING EFT to make themselves feel better, is a developer too - and that is to be encouraged.

I always say to my trainers to tell their students this, in our Energy EFT based trainings which are often attended by people who have been tapping their own versions or stuck to Classic EFT for ages:

"The protocol we are using here, the Energy EFT protocol, is a base protocol so we can all tap together here at this training.

"What you do when you get home is entirely up to you."

I encourage not only the development of EFT, but also the sharing of experiences across the ranges of the various EFT systems that are available now.

As far as I am concerned, EFT belongs to everyone who sees any protocol for the first time, tries it out for themselves and has an amazing experience - as we all did.

EFT is not a cult or a church. There is no pope who hands down edicts as to what everyone has to say, think, feel. It's up to us - me, you, everyone.

EFT is a marvellous thing. Totally fascinating way beyond just using it to tap negative emotions away. Although that is a revelation and a revolution in and of itself.

Let's encourage more people to engage with EFT, to learn it in their own way, experiment with different protocols and approaches, find something you really LOVE - and that's the way to go to true emotional freedom in the long run.

Happy tapping to all!

Silvia Hartmann,
Author, Energy EFT
Trainings Director & Chair, The GoE (The Guild of Energists)


What is EFT? EFT Flow Chart 2015 by Silvia Hartmann


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