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Modern Energy And Mental Health

Modern Energy And Mental Health

Defining the relationship between Modern Energy in the Third Field and "mental health" by GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

Modern Energy & "Mental Health" - An Overview | Stress & Mental Health | Modern Energy & Prescription Medication | Modern Energy & Mental Health - In Conclusion

Modern Energy & "Mental Health" - An Overview

As always, we begin with the premise that Modern Energy concerns itself with the energy body and the energy dimensions; Modern Energy is The Third Field1 in the "Mind, Body, Spirit (Energy Body!)" triad.

Therefore, Modern Energy approaches to mental health are not alternative or complimentary treatments, but instead primary treatments for the energy body which the other two fields, physiology and psychology, can not and do not provide.

  • Modern Energy claims no cure for true mental illness.

However, Modern Energy does seek to define different definitions for what mental illness is, and in so doing, opens new lines of research and treatment.


Stress & Mental Health

Modern Energy uses The Energy Chart2 to map energy body functioning.

Under stress, and in low energy conditions, there is a direct, measurable decline of performance across the board in mind, body and energy body.

In positive energy states, there is a direct and measurable increase in performance instead.

Under high stress, everyone will manifest all the signs usually associated wtih mental illness.

This is a normal and natural process which is structural not just to human beings, but to at least all social mammals.

Modern Energy holds that it possible that normal, healthy individuals become highly stressed for a variety of reasons and visit existing healthcare providers from the 1st and 2nd Field, presenting with all the symptoms of mental illness *at that time.*

At this point, a highly stressed person may be falsely diagnosed as suffering from a particular mental disorder or mental illness. This may well be a mis-diagnosis and the treatment paths which follow on from there may be ineffective or cause even further stress.

  • Modern Energy suggests to attempt to de-stress people who are clearly exceptionally stressed first. If the symptoms of mental illness disappear, that person was not mentally ill, but only suffering from high stress.

If the symptoms remain constant and show no change, the person is really mentally ill and appropriate treatments should be sought with speed.


Modern Energy, Mental Health & Emotions

Neither the 1st or the 2nd Field have any workable definition of "emotion," nor do they have any useful form of treatment in order to change emotions.

  • The Third Field, Modern Energy, deals directly with emotions, which are the feedback system from the energy body, in the same way as physical pain and pleasure is the feedback system from the physical body.

Modern Energy works directly with the energy body and has many techniques and methods to change energy body states. This directly affects emotions, and releases emotional stress.

Modern Stress Management (MSM)3 which deals with emotional stress exclusively is the key for teaching emotional control and day to day emotional state management via the energy body.


Modern Energy & Prescription Medication

Modern Energy does not deal with physical prescriptions. Modern Energy does not advocate a drug free policy or encourage any person to stop taking their prescription medication. Modern Energy educates about the missing X-Factor in the human equation, which is the reality of the living energy body, the causes and effects of energy body stress, and how to change emotions.

The energy body has received no attention at all from the 1st and 2nd Field, where its very existence is questioned or entirely denied. Modern Energy holds that improvements in the energy body cannot help but reflect in physical and psychological changes. However, this is not the brief of Modern Energy which concerns itself strictly and only with energy body health.

A basic understanding of energy body stress, its effects on the personal level and a basic tool set to deal with emotions in the self and in other people is a life skill with many benefits.

Modern Energy based methods can be usefully applied by people who are taking prescription medication, or who are self medicating. If a person is capable of reading and understanding the leaflets that come with their prescription medication, they can certainly understand the simple principles of dealing with energy body stress more successfully.

  • Modern Energy claims no cure but instead a new direction and many additional new opportunities to bring movement into stressed, entrenched systems that have never received either attention or treatment at all.


Modern Energy & Mental Health - In Conclusion

The understanding of energy body stress is paramount in trying to decide who is mentally ill, and who is only temporarily severely stressed.

We may expect any person living a full life to encounter many challenges in their lifetime, including bereavement, abandonment, mistreatment, accident, incident, injury and much more beside. We are also living in a high stress world which entirely disregards the very real needs of the living energy body, making modern people far more vulnerable to extreme emotional challenges.

Under high stress, any "normal" person will show all the signs of mental illness. This does not mean that they are mentally ill, but simply that they are highly stressed and their energy body is in need of attention.

  • Modern Energy recommends to de-stress people before giving them a mental illness diagnosis.

This would conceivably remove a percentage of people from the mental health register, relieving strain on resources and allowing those who are really mentally ill to find better focused and more successful treatments.

The knowledge base in Modern Energy concerning day to day active Modern Stress Management is further of the essence to have people become less stressed, and less liable to show the symptoms of severe energy body stress, which are indistinguishable from true mental illness.



1 - The Third Field

2 - The Energy Body Chart

3 - Modern Stress Management





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