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How To Walk Across The Room Successfully

How To Walk Across The Room Successfully

Silvia Hartmann writes; "When we work with positive energy, we experience a personalised, positive healing journey every time - and we can never choose the wrong positives. All positives are aspects of love. It is simple, profound and immensely practical - but also, exciting, stimulating, fun and very, very inspiring."

Read on for the full article...

Energy EFT Tests Strong

Recently, a GoE member demonstrated Energy EFT to a select group of advanced Classic EFT practitioners.

These were very dubious about using, especially Positive EFT, which does not involve any trauma work at all. A test person who had a significant and current problem was found, and the GoE member did in total four rounds of Energy EFT, with four positives of the person's own choice.

The person changed their long held belief, was very excited, and had a solution for a problem as well, to report after this 15 minute treatment.

They were then muscle tested, and tested strong; the people in the room had also noticed the powerful energy shifts and cognitive shifts that occurred.

So how is that possible?

Surely, THE ONE AND ONLY WAY to deal with any problem or trauma is to "go back to the roots..."?

Well, that is A way. ONE way. A long way, but most certainly, going back to traumas is one way.

Indeed, and of course I am known to be radical on the topic, I say that unless a person experiences symptoms that present past trauma in consciousness, such as direct memory flashbacks in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic attacks triggered by very particular occurrences in the environment, or dreaming about a past memory, it is not necessary to go back to any roots at all.

Why not?

This is a good question, and I can only answer this metaphorically by simile and example.

What Affects The Energy Body?

Firstly, Energy EFT treats the ENERGY BODY - not the physical body, not the brain.

Disturbances held in the energy body can be affected by anything that affects the energy body.

This includes, but is by no means limited to...

  • EFT Tapping

  • Acupuncture & Acupressure

  • Massage, Hands On Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing

  • Energetic remedies such as Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

  • Energetic environments such as going on holiday, swimming with dolphins, interacting with people

Essentially anything at all that has a noticeable effect on the energy body can play a part in energy body healing and energy body evolution.

This also includes "talking to people about the problem" such as in holy confession, talking to friends and loved ones, and in support groups and therapy.

Energy body healing and energy nutrition includes contact with other living beings such as pets and other humans. A hug at the right moment can "do the trick", and set a process of energy body healing in motion - as can a simple handshake with an energist.

Essentially, energy body healing is vast in its potential, scope and the many ways you can do this.

These days, there are powerful vested interests, who hold that there is only one way - via "root digging" (plus the requisite medication, of course).

This is blatantly silly and simply propaganda for the masses, who do not know any better.

The Ultimate Energy Stream

Now, let's talk about something which has been said by many, and for quite some time - namely, that love is the ultimate healing power.

Let us imagine for a moment that this is actually true.

That we are talking about a powerful energy stream that exists quite separately from any one human being, and that this energy stream has extremely powerful positive, beneficial effects on a person's energy body.

We could imagine a poor bedraggled cat that was tortured by some teenagers who were never taught any better, with all sorts of symptoms from anxiety attacks to paranoia, phobias, eating disorders, self mutilation and trance inducing behaviours. We could imagine that this cat was taken home by an old lady who fell in love with it, who cares for it, feeds it - and loves it. We could imagine that the cat gets better over time.

Indeed, we could contact all the cat protection associations worldwide, and ask them for a huge global study on what happens when a "crazy cat" is adopted by an old lady who is nice to it, who loves it.

What we would find is that without any digging for any roots (for cats don't speak) the cats are getting better in a most predictable way over time.

We can plot the severity and frequency of the problems on a graph, and it would provide a simple, straightforward path over time from mental illness, to being able to function once more in the world.

So that's cats, and old ladies.

Simple, natural interaction that is based on only one thing - a person in the mix who wants to help the creature and make it be happier, make it be better.

If we were to add more targeted energy body approaches into the mix, we would find that the generally quite slow process of recovery and healing speeds up.

Cats in a control group that were regularly treated with Reiki healed faster.

So did the cats in another control group whose owners were proxy tapping for their cats.

As did the cats in yet another control group who received homeopathic remedies.

I am making the point that regardless of what we have been fed all our lives long, you do not need to dig roots in order to heal emotional and mental disturbances. There are many ways...

Love is a powerful force.

I think of it as a flawless diamond; but it can manifest in many different guises, many different colours of healing.

These are the positives.

For example, kindness and compassion are aspects of love.

So are joy, glory and ecstasy.

Truth, clarity and logic - these too are aspects of love.

Using positives in ENERGY BODY healing is simple, profound and most of all, perfectly natural and right.

Washing Away The Old Sins

But how, you might ask, and I have been asked this many times, can a simple thing such as "love" heal a difficult past trauma that has made a person's life a living hell for years, for decades? For half a century or more?

How does that work, how is that possible?

Depending on the person who's asking this question, I have a number of answers and examples.

A very simple one goes like this: When you have a blockage in a hosepipe, what do you do to get it out? Do you try and find where it is located, and then try and cut it out? Or do you simply turn up the faucet and hope that the increased pressure of clear, flowing water will simply wash it away?

Now and to be sure, the energy system isn't a hosepipe. The idea however is something that many people have already felt in action. It's like a dam breaking and fresh water pours through the whole body, leaving it clear, sparkling, refreshed, rejuvenated. ALIVE.

At last.

So you could think of using positives, our aspects of love, to wash away blockages and dams in our energy systems, washing away old sins, you might even say. A river doesn't care who blocked it up, who built the dam, whose fault any of this is - it simply rushes forward to the sea, and natural ecology has been restored.

Some people ask, "But what about the mind? The problems of the mind? Don't we need to consciously know exactly what happened and when and why before we can heal? Like at school, where it wasn't enough to know the answers to the questions, you had to show how you got there, step by step, or else it was cheating?"

That brings us to the title of this article - "How to walk across a room successfully."

The Sparkling Healing Chalice

Let's say there is an inviting glass of a sparkling healing drink awaiting you on the other side of the room.

In order to get your hands on it and drink it, you need to cross that room.

How exactly are you going to do that?

Can you consciously instruct every muscle and every sinew in your body to do the right things in the right order and sequence to get you across the room?

Do try. It's a remarkable exercise. It can be harrowing in the wrong hands so don't try for longer than six hours or so, and be careful you don't hurt yourself in the process.

The way to cross the room to get your hands (and lips, and tongue...) on that sparkling drink of healing, is to consciously form the intention to go and cross the room - and then for the conscious mind to hold that intention, and otherwise, get completely out of the way so that the rest of you can manage this amazing feat of coordinating a million, a billion different living cells to get you across the room in safety.

That's just the physical body.

The energy system is quite a bit more complex than that.

The conscious mind cannot calculate the energy system, nor calculate how to get to any form of healing event in consciousness, no more than any of us can consciously do all the things that need to be done to get a person off the couch and across the room in physicality.

It is the role of the conscious mind to set the intention and hold the intention until the job is done.

There are other systems who run the show and do the heavy lifting for us.

When we focus consciously on a positive, that's the equivalent of the healing drink of sparkling magic across the room.

Our systems will get us there, easily, directly, without effort or thought - they just need to know the direction.

That is what the conscious mind provides.

Turn Towards The Light

In Energy EFT's Positive EFT applications, the conscious mind gets to choose the positive to tap on.

Even that cannot be consciously calculated.

It is fascinating to observe what positives people choose on a Energy EFT healing journey that only directs towards positive outcomes.

It is impossible, and I mean entirely impossible, to predict which positive a person will choose AFTER they tapped the round before.

Even choosing positives is a fascinating unfoldment.

How does a person know which positive to choose so they can then consciously set that direction and say, "Right, the first positive I need to overcome this problem is..."

  • Confidence

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Support

  • Hope

  • Faith

  • A Miracle!


The only way to know that is to consult with your feelings.

Which positive is attractive?

Which one is the most attractive?

This is a very basic system that at least all social mammals are blessed with, but most likely goes much further. The simplest single celled organisms already know where the light is, and will move towards the light.

We can tell the ripest berry from a bush covered in thousands of them. We are drawn to the best first.

We can show a man 24 glasses of water in descending order of muddiness, from dark brown to perfectly clear and this man will choose the bright clear sparkling fresh water right at the end of the line.

It's simple, it's obvious - we know what we need, each one of us.

This is simply feedback from our most basic systems. "I am hungry - but not for something sweet. I need something salty right now!"

Positive energy forms give people for once, unconditionally, simply and quickly exactly what they need.

What they need to...

  • solve a problem

  • face a challenge

  • take the first step on a healing journey

  • unlock resources that were out of reach

  • do the things they need to do

  • de-stress

  • energize

  • feel happier and stronger inside.

Deep down, each one of us knows exactly what they need to be(come) happier.

Sadly, it is deep down, because we have been entrained all our lives not to say what we want, not to want things for fear of disappointment, or that it is bad to be wanting, especially certain things that one should never want at all.

Beyond simple energy body healing, practising directing attention towards a positive in the future (in five minutes, when you have tapped your round of Energy EFT, but in the future, nonetheless) instead of towards something/anything negative in the past, is good practice for the conscious mind.

It really is not useful to constantly making those "Freudian back flips" as a knee jerk reaction to absolutely everything that life may throw at us.

Thinking about past trauma, especially artificially induced rather than naturally occurring, puts the energy system into reverse. That's the last thing we want to be doing, especially when we have to deal with trauma demons - we need all the strength we can possibly get BEFORE we go there.

* A Side Note About Energy Body Triage

As a side note, of course the positives in Energy EFT provide a triage function for many people who are simply too stressed, too worn out, to exhausted, too weak (now) to be facing anything at all.

A lot of people absolutely need a time of Sanctuary, of building up their strength first and before they go into major operations such as confronting PTSD memories head on.

This brings me to a very interesting observation from the past few years.

The Self-Healing Energy Body

Regular users of EMO Energy In Motion, and its descendant, Energy EFT with the Positive EFT function, found the following.

Being on average higher on the SUE Scale than before, spending more time on the positive side, seems to unlock the energy body's self healing functions.

This makes perfect sense.

Below zero, the energy body is in an emergency state and will shut down systems to preserve energy.

This is much like the digestive system shuts down under high stress and no longer functions properly; things are put on hold for now while we are dealing with the emergency.

It is only when the energy body is out of the emergency and has the resources available that the self healing function can kick into action.

People have reported the phenomenon of being simply somewhere and having a good time, and some old memory will flash up and out, spontaneously, without anything having been done or any therapy having been initiated.

I have had this experience too. I was outside on a beautiful fresh early autumn day, hanging out the washing, when an old memory I had not thought of in over fifty years bubbled up and out. It was a fascinating experience, gentle, organic, refreshing - very nice indeed.

I was amazed by it but in hindsight, it makes perfect sense that the energy body should absolutely have self healing functions. The only reason we are not experiencing these more often is because we spend too much time at lower energy states, where this function is switched off.

In an interesting way, it also explains the rise of psychotherapy in the "modern" world.

After the industrial revolution (18-19th century), stress levels became higher than ever before and people stopped simply being able to go about their daily work and life in such a way that natural energy body (emotional) healing would take place for the vast majority of the population.

The 1st and 2nd World Wars made it worse, adding more severely stressed and bereaved men and women to bring up their children in a dangerous world, leading to more and more emotional problems that were adding to the stress. With the self-healing function of the energy body now disabled, another solution was sought - and today, it seems that half the population is in permanent therapy of one kind or the other.

It all comes back to one simple thing in the end - we need to make people happier, put them on the right side of the SUE Scale so they average at least a +4 to a +5 over time.

This brings so many benefits, I would run out if I tried to list them all. Physical benefits in having healthier bodies; mental benefits in being able to think more clearly and more logically; spiritual benefits in the sparkling magic, joy and love that exists all around us and of which we become aware at the higher energy states.

Discovering that the energy body has a powerful self healing function that will kick into action above zero is the icing on the cake.

Now, positive evolution becomes quite inevitable - without the need for therapy for everyone who doesn't suffer from acute crises and true mental disorders.

The Key To The Future

The true key to our futures - individually and collectively - lies on the other side of zero, on the positive side of the SUE Scale.

How we get there is immaterial. There are a million ways to raise energy (as seen in Modern Stress Management). Once you know that raising energy is the answer to solving all problems, no matter what they are, because you cannot solve problems from low energy states, another beneficial effect kicks in.

We can become creative and think of more and new ways to raise energy in daily life. We can consciously get on board and understand how we use stimulants, food, music, sleep, sex, other people; we can gain control over how we manage our energy states from one moment to the next.

That is an extraordinary thing and the true paradigm shift that is the SUE Scale.

The Inspiring Summation

So, and to sum up.

When we work with Energy EFT, and especially with Positive EFT, which is a subset of Energy EFT that deals only with positives, we are literally invoking the power of love to (heal, change, grow, evolve).

It is impossible to consciously calculate the energy body; our job in consciousness is to hold the direction, hold the focus and let the rest of your totality sort it out.

We need to learn to pay attention to what we need and want. We can start with conscious desires and allow ourselves to be surprised which positive will come up after this round of Energy EFT.

We experience a personalised, positive healing journey every time - and we can never choose the wrong positives. All positives are aspects of love.

It is simple, profound and immensely practical - but also, exciting, stimulating, fun and very, very inspiring.

Inspiring... now that's a word!

So there we have it.

How to walk across a room successfully.

What do you need and want, right now?

Focus on it, tap a lively round of Energy EFT on it - and simply enjoy.

With best wishes,



Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy EFTPositive EFTProject SanctuaryThe Genius SymbolsEMO Energy In MotionEvents Psychology and Modern Stress Management.

In 1998, Silvia Hartmann co-founded The GoE, the world's first certifying body for modern energy work and wrote the world's first book on EFT "Adventures in EFT: The Essential Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques" (DragonRising, 1998), which remained the only available book on EFT until 2001, went through 8 editions and was finally replaced in 2010 by Energy EFT.

To this day, Silvia Hartmann continues to lead the GoE as chairperson and to evolve the Third Field of modern energy work. In 2011, Hartmann created the EFT Master Practitioner Training. In 2016, Hartmann created the Energy EFT Foundation Course.

Find out more about Silvia's work by heading to her website: SilviaHartmann.com


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